Fuzzy Wuzzy Wednesday Pour House Pub Trivia!

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, but Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday night was a little fuzzy as well!

We had eight games of packed houses for live trivia action, so pour yourself a black and tan, avoid getting too close to uranium and beware the Cloverfield monster!

Check out the games!


Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

Well the storm-that-wasn’t may was a bit of a downer, but we had a knock-down, drag-out, winner-take-all, berseker fight for the top spot with pub trivia here at the Atlantic Grille in Urbana!
Strangers Have the Best Candy and Men & Pausers duked it out all night but in the end, it was Strangers who took the top prize!
We’re totally gonna throw you a frickin’ bone here – next week’s winners’ choice category is Eric is Dr. Evil! Trust me, I’ve got a whole bag of “SHH!” with your name on it!
See ya next week!
– Eric
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I’ve always wanted to play Jai-alai. I read somewhere that the ball speeds in Jai-alai are some of the fastest in the world – up there with golf balls being hit off the tee…but in Jai-alai they have to catch the ball! Sounds intense…so my sports bucket list is officially amended tonight – luge, curling, and jai alai I would like to try someday. 
Ja Alai Trivia Pub Quiz MD
Great game of trivia tonight at Bernies in Hagerstown, MD. Nine teams tangoed a bit for some pub trivia booty! It was “Who the Hell is JFK” for most of the game, but that 6-4-2 swapped things around and allowed “Aaron Hernandez is No Longer a Tight End,” to sneak into first and knock it own home FTW on the Fuzzy Wuzzy final! Nice work y’all! Props to Who the Hell is JFK for their 2nd Place win. And GG to Slapsgiving for rounding out our Top 3. 
Third Pub Trivia Maryland
Second Pub Trivia Maryland
First Pub Trivia Maryland
Have a good weekend everyone. Next Wed. we kick off our game with “College Team Mascots” for our 1st category. Until then, send happy thoughts to poor Fuzzy Wuzzy  🙂 dg
Fuzzy Wuzzy trivia bar trivia maryland


Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland

Tonight’s game of live trivia featured mostly veteran teams fighting for the win. Tonight’s winners were Murder on the Polar Express as a duo! Grats guys. 2nd place went to Trivial Pursuers who sniped the final answer and jumped up quite a bit! 3rd place went Hanging with Anderson Cooper! Thanks a lot guys, until next week!
1st Place: Murder on the Polar Express
2nd Place: Trivial Pursuers
3rd Place: Hanging with Anderson Cooper
Next week’s category: “Godzilla” (anything but the Matthew Broderick film)
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The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

I have yet another question for you – how many teams can you fit in to Cellar Door for live trivia? No one knows, we keep pushing the record! 19 teams in the underground tonight – crazy talk!

You all know how to make a girl feel loved 😉 Major props to the teams who played by writing on their knees… that was impressive. Also impressive was the three-way tie we had for 3rd!

After a tasty tiebreaker it was TNC in 3rd, and Grab a straw took 2nd after flip plopping the top spots all night with One Crow short of a Murder who took 1st tonight. Great game! And I’ll be damned if we didn’t finish on time 😉

I’ll see you next week for a first category of Con Bro Chill. They tell me it’s a band. Or something. Good luck. Google is your friend.


[th_youtube id=’0NfsDLRT46M’ name=’Con Bro Chill Trivia Pub Quiz Maryland’]


The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

Lots of fun, lots of returning faces for tonights round of pub quiz at the Tavern!

We had some good fun wrong answers from this lively crowd as well!

  • Wheaties – They are great! (Not QUITE the slogan we were looking for!)
  • Vanilla Ice Man for our last words, first words! Not quite there, but I like the effort!

After some ups and downs, a couple of zigs, a handful of zags and some twists, this is what heppened on the leaderboard:

In third, G team! Great game!

In second, Only the Lonely!

And your winners, Quiz in my Pants!

First category is New York Yankees Potpourri!

See you then 🙂

Yankees Live Trivia Maryland


Revolution Bar– Fairfax, Virginia

The Revolution Bar was ready and raring to go for live trivia last night! Several full teams packed into the tables for some fierce competition!

Highlights of the night:

It was universally agreed that Iggy Azalea is the most well known female Australian hip hop artist, because she’s the ONLY female Australian hip hop artist, or at least the only one anyone outside of Sydney has ever heard of.

When the word “Modern” didn’t show up in the title of our winner’s choice category, I almost had an uprising from last week’s winner’s, Movin on Up! Thankfully, the question was recent enough that they were quickly placated.

And as always, Movin’ on Up’s little one may in fact be the most adorable trivia player in Pour House history. 

I made the executive decision that when I gave the answer to the Law and Order question, it had to be accompanied by sound effects. The teams agreed.

It was a pretty steady night, but a close one all night.

In third place, we had returning team, Team Awesome! You guys are a fun bunch and it’s great to have you back; hope to see you next week – good game!

In second place, no strangers to the Podium came Mess and Jegg! Great game guys, well played.

And taking it down AGAIN, was Movin’ on Up! Dominant all night, you guys are a force to be reckoned with. Congratulations guys, well-earned win!

Movin on Up, clearly inspired by my absolutely perfect rendition of the Law and Order intro music and “DUN DUN” sound, have chosen Law and Order, the original series, as their first round category for next week! Study up my friends, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,


[th_youtube id=’yVL0GBunw0A’ name=’Law and Order Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia MD’]

It was a fine performance for Wee Baby Seamus at T. J. Stone’s in Alexadria – they even got both of the sports questions!  They were also the only team to snag the bonus on the “Cloverfield” question, as they led wire-to-wire, got the final, and took home their third win in the last five weeks.  They will be a strong squad for our summer finals in a few weeks.  The B-58s recovered from a small fourth round blunder to take second, with Trivia Newton John in third.  Next week begins with a question on master thespian Pauly Shore.  ~ Matt


Pauly Shore Trivia Alexandria


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Well the rain tonight moved us indoors, the nice thing is I get to see all your smiling faces! It was a tight round of live trivia at the Valley Grill Sports Bar, and Dufregne Party of 4 showed up to play!

The Sidney Crosbys gathered to full strength in the 2nd half and pulled a remarkable comeback for 2nd, while FNQ nailed the final and sent heads spinning as they took the back door into 3rd.

Our first category for next week is the very first Rocky film. C’ya then!

~ Ronnie

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