Friendly Faces on Thursday Night!

Thursday Night got interesting quickly! Chills, thrills and spills off (And on!) to our leader board tonight. We can’t wait to see how our Summer Fling Finales end up going this weekend when you’re all playing like this.


Quincy’s in Gaithersburg, MD

With four new teams and all of our regulars, we had an absolutely packed house tonight at Quincy’s!  It was a tight finish, but Lowered Expectations put some mustard on their final answer to bring home the title.  The Colin Crampton Fan Club absolutely nailed a tiebreaker to edge out Blue Collar for 2nd place.

Shout out to Unemployed Hand Models, S&M, Ask Me if I’m a Truck and Team Bobo for joining me for the first time!  I’d like to mention that a gentleman on Ask Me if I’m a Truck asked “when are the hard questions?” during the 6-4-2, and then his team promptly missed the next 4 questions.  Next time you come, I’ll put you in as Team Hubris.

Lowered Expectations misheard tonight’s final category as Food Mysteries, which is certainly way more interesting than Food History – so that’ll be next week’s winner’s choice category!  See you then!
food trivia


Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD

Ties! Everywhere you looked tonight there were ties! I have no idea how we had that many ties through the game and yet we didn’t have a tie after the final question. Surprises, upon surprises! Almost as surprising as our impromptu furniture rearrangement. hehe. Thank you for joining me for our Thursday night throw-down and good luck to all my teams who are completing this weekend. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

In 3rd tonight it was Vitrifiers! Back in the house, and back on the board! 2nd went to our esteemed Power Vac, and 1st went to the feel good crew of Serenity Now! Next week we will start with a last words, first words 80’s music audio. That should be fun. hehe.

1980s music trivia


Bunker Sports Cafe in Leesburg, VA

Boy it was a nice break in the weather today, a nice cool drive down to Leesburg, and a nice cool game inside at Bunker. These teams are stellar, but they didn’t have on their “magic shoes” for one of our 3rd round questions tonight. Better luck next time. If you are going to Summer Fling then I’ll see you there. Otherwise you have a guest host next week, and I’ll see you in two. Here are the results:

Indians in 1st
Thundercats in 2nd
Your Mom in 3rd

Your first category for next week is the hit TV series “Everybody Loves Raymond” ~ Ronnie

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Lake Linganore Association in New Market, MD

A beautiful night to do trivia as the regular teams at the lake came out to have a good time-and the trash talking went flying as it always does! Faking Bad dominated the evening-not even needing the final question! Grats guys!

1st Place: Faking Bad
2nd Place: Rock Lobsters
3rd Place: Sloppy Seconds
First category next week will be The Civil War…..Have fun with Ian next week!


civil war trivia


Fish Market in Alexandria, VA

Start of the 14th Season of Pour House Trivia, we saw the return of some of our usual suspects tonight! Coming out and joining us were such notable teams as Clinton’s Humidor (formerly Biggus Dickus, 3 Clues 1 Cup, That’s Not My Leg, Suck Zone, etc.), Ant Farm Keyboard, Drinking While Thinking, house champion and regular attendee You’re Killing Me Smalls. We had a big crew tonight, and a great match!
The game tonight seemed to be a face-to-face game with our 2 dynamic duo teams: Ant Farm Keyboard and out-of-towners Hyper Realistic Novel. Both teams missed very few questions and seemed ahead of the crowd with this particular set. It was HR Novel who led at the half but not by much. Hard questions all over the 2nd half that had some teams falling back further and further. Round 4 saw a US Presidents question which played at about 20% overall. Just a rough half indeed for the majority.

The 2 point bonus questions in Round 3 and 4 let AFK sneak into the lead just before the final question. Sitting at 155, AFK bet 10 on the final with HR Novel only back by 3 points at 152. The next high score was somewhere in the 130’s, so HR Novel was able to bet small enough to win the game in many scenarios, essentially just hoping for an AFK miss.

They DID get what they needed and AFK falls to 2nd place to give the game to Hyper Realistic Novel! In defense of the 1st place team, HR Novel DID get the final correct, so the loss can’t feel too bad. AFK walks away with the second place prize while Drinking While Thinking was able to get the final and move into a money spot! Great open to the season, we’re back in 1 week! Until then!
1st Place:     Hyper Realistic Novel
2nd Place:    Ant Farm Keyboard
3rd Place:    Drinking While Thinking
Next week:     Minimalist Composers
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Guido’s in Frederick, MD

We had an awesome surprise ending to the first week of season 14 at Guido’s Speakeasy!  I was kinda scared when we got to the final question because I had a 2 way tie for 1st AND a 2 way tie for 3rd!  Thank goodness because of wagering and who got it right or wrong kept me from needing to use a tie-breaker.  Dropping to 3rd was Unathletico Madrid, finishing 2nd was Friends of Dick Johnson, and making the jump up to 1st was Felicia!!  They picked “Black and White Film Best Picture Winners” for next weeks winners choice, so study up and I’ll see you next Thursday at Guido’s!!

~ Jon