Forget Zack Snyder, let us direct The Justice League!

Seriously, how much different can directing an enormous action franchise be from hosting live nights of Pour House pub trivia?

I can’t imagine it’s that much different – you’ve got to make sure there’s always enough Frappuccino available, ensure that there’s enough Cake at the craft services table – and maybe on the jukebox! and lastly, ensure that you DON’T hire Adam Sandler to be in it.

Our Monday games included those references, and a NEW spot, with Dan’s Restaurant shifting to a Monday night game!

Did I miss anything?


Then let’s hit the recaps!

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Dan’s Restaurant – Boonsboro, MD

Our inaugural Monday night trivia game at Dan’s in Boonsboro picked up where we left off on Thursday, as all of our regular teams joined us for a very close game.  The entire field was separated by less than 10 points after the third round, but Army of Dorkness pulled away in the final round, and got the final as well to take home the win.  Second place was none other than Big Test Icicles, who maintained a solid lead in the overall standings, which means they have clinched the Season IX House Championship.  Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time for teams to qualify for the Maryland playoffs on May 31.  Slaphappy also hit the final question to round out the top three.  Next week starts with a question on Vitametavegamin.  See you then!  ~ Matt

I Love Lucy Trivia Maryland


Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Full house once again here at DRP in Alexandria, Va. for our Monday night edition of live Pour House Pub quiz!

Rubber Sheets Club jumped out to an early lead and took down first though they had several teams knocking on their back door all game!

Team Awesome were our 2nd place winners, and 4 Wheel Drive took down 3rd place.

Join me again next week for our first category, “80’s New Wave Music

~ Ronnie


Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

We had a great night of bar trivia tonight at the Greene Turtle, with a handful of new teams joining us, and a couple of old friends returning, too!

Our third place team was The Knights, who leapt a few spots to make the podium!

Second place was our new friends in the Go To Squad!

And your winners, for the THIRD WEEK IN A ROW, the team of The Inebriati! Great game all!

We also had some excellent wrong answers for our round of pub quiz questions:

  •  The Asian American tennis star? Jackie Chan – not sure he plays the game, but he’s really athletic, so he would probably be awesome at it.
  • Same question, I got the answer of “Prof. Charlse Xavier!”
  • The sci-fi book in the Time Quintet? Penthouse Forum! Not what we were looking for, but probably pretty popular among Young Adults, still.
  • The film that won young Justin Henry an Oscar nod? “Not Mrs. Doubtfire” True! But also not what we were searching for!

The Inebriati continue their run of bad movies with “Transformers: The Movie (1986)

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il Forno – Frederick, MD


“Standing Room Only” tonight at il Forno Pizzeria for live bar trivia! 17 teams piled in Monday night for a little pub quiz-a-licious…il Forno style! The game was too close to call pretty much all night. And a fun night it was…with some fun questions, IMHO 🙂 Some of my fav’s tonight were:
1. Bob Dole Pineapple — gets my taste buds all hot and bothered
Bob Dole Pub Quiz MD
2. A Wrinkle in Time – it brought back memories what can I say
3. Old Faithful – check out the live webcam of this 91 minute timekeeper!
We also had a good handful of folks we haven’t seen in a minute – like… Wiseacres, who decided to come on out and say hello, and took a nice 5th for their efforts! Our own PHT host Samantha played with Wiseacres tonight. We also welcomed a handful of first timers – hope it was good for you 🙂
After a couple of hours of good eats, cold beveragess, great company, and fun bar quiz-age our leader board finished up like  this:
1st place: Quick Pink and the Vine Gang – in a gritty tie-breaker over Crow. GG Gentlemen!
2nd Place: One Crow Short of a Murder – Excellent game tonight Crows 🙂 caw caw!
3rd Place: Much more Deeper – invited the competition in to play one with them and sniped a 3rd…nice job MMD!
4th and 5th shouts – Wrecking Ball and Wiseacres – 13 World Series Points for BOTH!
Thanks for braving the rain tonight everyone…remember April Showers bring May Flowers…and as Crow told us tonight…May Flowers bring Pilgrims… 🙂 Have a great week. Next Monday we have an interesting R1Q1 chosen for us by QP and the VG – “Denny Tells 2 Truths and One Lie.” LOL…hehe…I’m glad I have a full week to figure out what material I should lie about. Until then… ROCK!
dg 🙂
Truth and Lies Bar Trivia Maryland