Forget Candy Crush, how about candy trivia with Pour House Trivia? Monday recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday night had five games of live trivia, with the Wizard of Oz, Eat This, Not That and the Rubik’s Cube! I confess that despite watching dozens of tutorials, I cannot for the life of me, do a Rubik’s Cube! The secret continues to elude me. Anyone out there have a foolproof method? Check out the games!


Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

It was a tight game of live trivia tonight at DRP in Alexandria as the top three finishers fell into their slots with a one point apiece differential. Give it up to No Money No Problems for taking down the win, with Del Ray Dummies in 2nd, and High School Prom sliding into 3rd. Enjoy the cooler weather, and see you again next week where our first category will be Figure Skaters! ~ Ronnie

US Women's Skating Trivia Bar Trivia Maryland


Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

As we like to tell you, every game of Pour House Trivia is different, and sometimes…sometimes an ellipsis makes a big difference!
An ellipsis OR a bit of bold wagering on the final question, but we’ll get to that in a moment.
It was what I like to call a chutes and ladders game of trivia, with teams moving up and down the leaderboard, jockeying for position all night long.
As we headed to the final, things looked sealed up, but that question caused a few headaches tonight, and despite some cautious wagering, it was a bold wager that sealed the deal this evening.
In third place, the Gaza Strippers.
Ahead of them by just one point was Thinkers and Dreamers.
In first, thanks to their wager, Smartinis!
They’ve chosen The Eagles (the band) for next week’s first category! Pull out those LPs and let em spin!
[th_youtube id=’FhH3mRkKDX8′ name=’The Eagles Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland’]


il Forno – Frederick, MD

 Tonight’s game of pub quiz saw last week’s winners, That’s So Wes Craven, in the #1 spot for most of the night, putting on a dominating performance; the final question proved brutal though… (ellipsis, heh). Wes Craven missed the final, dropping to 3rd place and leaving the door open for I’m with Geoff to snatch their first win of the new season! Grats guys! 2nd place, with a correct response on the final, went to the Chicken McThuggets! Great game tonight, we’ll see you all next week, same time, same place!1st Place: I’m with Geoff 2nd Place: Chicken McThuggets 3rd Place: That’s So Wes Craven Next week’s category: 80’s New Wave Music
 New Wave Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

It was another wild night of live trivia at the Roast House! So business as usual for pub trivia! With veterans, newcomers, and rowdy bar patrons in abundance, it made for a fun, and close game! Highlights of the night: As much as I’d love for my mother to be a famous actress, she was unfortunately not the main character in The Bridge! No one knew Diane Kruger, which is a damn shame in my opinion! I am ashamed to say that I was unable to identify ALL of the Bill Murray movies. But since no one else did either, I think it’s forgivable. The puzzle page was a close one, with most teams within one or two points of one another. Despite much protest, Golf and Baseball are in fact considered sports, so asking to nullify questions for being misleading for that reason is not gonna fly! But I admire the creative protests! The third round would cause some wheels to fall off for most teams! Who would recover? In third place came Spring Break Frederick! Good game guys, way to hang tough! In second, getting a correct answer and crossing their fingers came Multiple Scorgasms! I know you were hunting first guys, but second is no slouch; good job! Their nemesis, wagering defensively but getting the correct answer anyway, came Dewey Cheatum and Howe! Congratulations guys! You’re quickly becoming the dynasty around here, well done! DCH has chosen to follow up this weeks “New School Comedy” category of Family Guy, with some “Old School Comedy”: Laurel and Hardy! They aren’t my favorite classic comedy group, but they’re pretty darn funny! Study up guys! Until then, Ian

Laurel and Hardy Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Thanks again to all the teams who joined us for Monday night Pour House Trivia at Spider Kelly’s.  Our usual gang of regulars was in the house, and it was Magic Grits that played a stellar game, picking up a number of two-point bonuses along the way and holding a commanding (but not insurmountable) lead heading into the final.  When they were unable to come up with the correct response on the final, it was She Left that took home their first win!  Magic Grits did take second, with Rocket Surgeons in third.  Next week begins with a question on the city of Nashville!  ~ Matt

Nashville Trivia