Flour, Blindspot and the Tooth Fairy on Wednesday with Pour House Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday packed em’ in for some wicked live trivia.

We got some flour (time for holiday baking!), watched a little Blindspot and the Tooth Fairy (no, not that fun, children’s thing).

Check out the games, gang.

Applebees – Frederick, MD

After a week off due to Thanksgiving shenanigans, we were back at Applebee’s for live trivia again. The house was packed tonight with plenty of teams who I can only assume were super excited for another game of trivia after having the week off. The game started out with a Slayer audio question which was met with tons of groans when I announced the category. The rest of the first round ended up being pretty tough for a few teams as well, although the flour question ended up being pretty easy for most teams. The “Glad” question ended up being tougher than I expected, with the Everglades being tough for a few teams to figure out.

The second round opened up with an audio question about the closing notes of songs, which I thought was a clever spin on the usual audio question. Only a few teams were able to remember the name of that TV show “Blindspot” that came out recently and stars Jaimie Alexander, who is apparently in the Thor movies. The world borders question proved that a ton of people don’t know where North America ends and South America begins, with plenty of teams guessing Mexico as an answer for the land border between North and South America. The round ended with a question about Julie Andrews, and we learned that pretty much nobody saw the movie “The Tooth Fairy”, as nobody remembered she was in that film.

Halftime featured Samuel L. Jackson movies as well as matching the sports championship to the trophy that is given for it. The toughest one to recognize was “Do the Right Thing”, and the easiest one had to be him in any of the “Avengers” movies, which is like 10+ films at this point. The second half opened up with a question about the delicious sriracha burger that Burger King sells, and we learned that Sriracha is from Thailand. The toughest question of the night was easily about the Spike Lee Joint “He Got Game”, which only one team got, with nobody getting Denzel Washington and Ray Allen. I’ve also never heard of the term synovial when referring to the human body, but almost half the teams were able to get that one, which impressed me.

Tonight’s 6-4-2 question was about a five letter word which is also the last name of the best-selling author of all time among living authors, as well as being the title of a 1997 superhero film starring Shaquille O’Neal, the word being Steel. The final round asked about the victory song for all Cleveland sports, which was NOT the theme song for Seinfeld, as much as Korey wishes it was…. we were actually talking about the song “Cleveland Rocks” which ended up being the theme song for The Drew Carey Show. The International Organizations question asked about OPEC, which is somehow headquartered in Vienna, Austria, even though none of the member nations are in Europe. We even had a video game question, which asked about the Fallout games, talking specifically about Vault Boy, which is the name for the unofficial mascot for the games.

We ended the round with a Christmas Carols question, which I somehow completely butchered the pronunciation for when reading the categories. The question ended up asking about the song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, which asked for figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer, which I can only assume is a euphemism for alcohol. Heading into the final question thing were pretty close at the top, and tonight’s question ended up being about Olympic Sports. The question talked about the origin of the phrase “Olympic Triangle” which refers to sailing or yachting. Unfortunately nobody got the final correct, and things *almost* stayed the same. Third place tonight went to Carolina Reapers, and second place went to Suck it Trebek, losing the lead on the final. Winning tonight due to some crafty wagering, congrats to We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity on the win! Nice work! Next week we start with a question about the film “Airplane!” so surely I’ll see you all again next week!

Until next time,

Airplane Trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Trivia night at Barefoot Bernie was poppin’ Wednesday! A slew of teams came out and battled it out for a bit! We welcomed some new crews and even saw a duo come in for date night and took down a 3 spot – no easy feat at Bernies! I gotta say I was fond of our “Joint” round LOL. From Spike Lee joints to Geraldine Ferraro – it was a fun one!

Spike Lee trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Great night my friends! And congrats to our Top 3! BIF put the ole zero wager down on an Olympic Sports question and it worked out for them, earning them the W. Here’s how the leader board played out:

20151202_220354.1 20151202_220310.2 20151202_220242.3

Thanks for playing tonight everyone! Next week we kick it off with some Pink Floyd AUDIO! Until then, have a great weekend y’all! See you soon 🙂 DG

pink flooyd

Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

It really is a shame that you all don’t have more fun at Belles on these Wednesday nights 😉 I was in a good mood, you were all in a good mood, no one cheated so no one died.. it was almost magical really! You all rocked the first half like that oh so silly rock around the Christmas tree song, but when we got in to the 2nd half.. well.. that was a bit painful. Teams were cursing Algeria, Cleveland, Steel and Ray Allen to name a few, but at least it was a equal opportunity hate!

Had a good discussion on the likelihood of not loosing a stiletto in a prehistoric jungle, and how much we all like Africa’s Toto – it was a strange night. All part of our charm 😉 Was good to see some faces out tonight that I haven’t seen in quite awhile, welcome back to the family! You even got a Suck it!- that’s love right there. We have a slightly dysfunctional family. hehe.

Our top 3 tonight were flip flopping, sliding, shifting, hopscotching, and tick tack toeing all over the board. After a very tough final it became rather clear that there’s an Olympic discipline that very few of you watch. Killin me smalls took the win for knowing something about Sailing! They actually even chose that as next weeks category. Smart, banking on the fact that everyone has already shown their hands on that category. 2nd went to Wednesday who had a rather secretive (yelling across the bar) and strategic wager. while Constantly Changing Team Name slid on down to 3rd. Nice job all, see you next week!


Sailing trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Back from a short hiatus based on the holiday weekend, we had most of our regulars back ready for some crucial competition tonight! Not returning were our winners from 2 weeks back, Matt Williams School of Management, but their legacy was felt as we began the game with a Starsky & Hutch question, which about half of our teams opened the night getting points with.

We had a new team from out of town join us tonight and a returning team from last week in addition to our regular squad. Both of these teams held their own, making the game extremely competitive. Among the competition, one team shined throughout the night: Blue Steel. Blue Steel had over 90 at the half, the only team to have that high of a score, up by 6 going into the 3rd round.

Round 3 and 4 didn’t phase Blue Steel either, commanding everything that came their way, holding an 11 point lead going into the final question! As we know, 11 points isn’t QUITE a run-away but it is damn close! The final question would hold the fate of the game. Knock Knock, 11 points back, would have to get the final correct while Blue Steel misses, not a common occurrence at PHT.

The final question played hard tonight. Real hard. Only 2 teams getting it correct. One of those teams was Graham Top TJ Bottom, who jumped up a bit with their correct response, finishing in 3rd on the night! Knock Knock was the second team to get the final question correct meaning they would dethrone Blue Steel who had been leading ALL NIGHT! Wow what a finish! Blue Steel finishes in 2nd after missing a heartbreaker on the last question… So close! But I tell ya, they played one hell of a game and I would not expect anything less than a repeat performance next time! That’ll about do it, we’re back in a week to see who finishes up top again! Great job, Knock Knock! Thanks to everyone! See ya then!

1st Place: Knock Knock
2nd Place: Blue Steel
3rd Place: Graham Top TJ Bottom

Next week: Monty Python

monty python's holy grail trivia

We welcomed some new teams to Hard Times Cafe in Clarendon on Wednesday night, and it was one of those new teams that led the way over our regulars.

Planned bachelorhood led the entire way, and was one of just three teams to correctly answer the final question, and took down the win in their debut game!  Alice Alice played it safe to lock up second place, while Trivia Newton John jumped several spots on the final question to take third.

Next week, we’ll begin with a question on Sacha Baron Cohen!


~ Matt


Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

We were back in action tonight at Memories Charcoal House after our week off! Our regulars piled in for the game along with a few newbies in the mix. Our first half brought out the fight in you guys, leading up to a Samuel L. Jackson themed curveball at halftime.

Despite seeming tough, you guys did pretty well! A special shoutout goes to Team Dum Dums who despite being newer to the game, held on to the first place spot after the first half! The second half separated the ranks and got your brains working overtime for sure. When it came down to the final question, it was the crucial strategic wagering that determined our winners. In third place after a hard-fought game was See What Had Happened Was. In second, back from their hiatus, were the Hobgoblins with an impressive showing. BUT, STEALING THE FIRST PLACE SPOT with their excellent wagering strategy were our Men & Pausers!

Their choice of first category for next week? A Christmas Story (the movie) See you all next week!

– Torie

Christmas Story trivia pour house pub trivia live trivia maryland

The Overwood – Alexandria, VA

Anne’s Birthday Gun takes down first again, thanks to their deep knowledge of everything Jim Brown. Join us next week, as our first category will be, “AC/DC Albums!”



The Tavern – Olney, MD

We had a really competitive game at the Tavern last night! And just when I thought I knew how the top 3 were going to play out, the final question completely changed everything!! Making a move from 6th to 3rd place after the final was Olney the Lonely! Unfortunately dropping back into 2nd was John Lithgow’s Fan Club and moving up to the top spot after the final for the win was Twigs and Berries!!

They decided on “Shakespeare” for next Wednesdays winners choice, and I hope everyone will make it back for another slugfest next week at The Tavern!!

~ Jon J


After a short hiatus we were back in action tonight at the Revolution Bar. We had a quick and dirty game of Pour House Trivia to shake off the rust!

Highlights of the Night:

In “No-I-Didn’t-See-It-Either”: Everyone went with one of the two Princess Diaries movies as Julie Andrews’ most recent live action role. Clearly no one decided to subject themselves to the awfulness that was the Tooth Fairy.

In “Why-Does-Everyone-Love-Sriracha?”: Seriously I don’t get it, and my teams had difficulty with the question tonight, both with the Fast Food restaurant and the country of origin. But seriously, why the fascination?

In “Does-That-Even-Count-As-A-Sport?”: Olympic sailing? That’s a thing? I mean equestrian sports are one thing; the horse does most of the work but the riders still have to control them. But sailing? It’s not rowing where the boats are being propelled by the athletes. The wind and the boat is doing everything, the “athlete” just steers! Come on now!
The final was a total whiff tonight, so the podium was pretty much set.

In third place tonight, Green Machine!

In second place tonight, GT80 Sauce!

In first place tonight, E=MC Hammer!
Great game tonight guys! Next week we’re gonna kick things off with 90s Sports Movies! Get watching and study up, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

Sandler Trivia Waterboy Trivia Boucher Trivia Football pour house pub trivia

Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

It was nice to see you all again back here at Valley Grill after our hiatus last week, I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday!

Tonight’s game was close at the end of the final, but rounds 3 & 4 really added some separation to the pack.

Here are the results of the game:
Southpaw Fish in 1st
Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap in 2nd
Richard Tickler in 3rd

You will have a guest host next week as I will be on vacation so please give Eric a warm welcome! Your first category for next week is NON-ACRONYM abbreviations.

~ Ronnie

Wolfie’s – Smyrna, DE

Tonight was an interesting night. Lately we have been getting poor weather and the cold/flu is hitting the Delaware area. We had three new teams join us, who did not know Trivia was being held, but we rounded them up. We also had a team return. The new teams continue to impress me with their skills every week. Round two, I was able to stump all the teams! After the puzzle ended, our new teams had to leave due to not knowing about Trivia and the hours. Next week I should have at least two of the new teams returning with their friends.

First Place: Team Awesome
Second Place: Melt Me Hard
Third Place: Wolverines

Team Awesome chose the category: Star Wars Characters

Star Wars Trivia Gaithersburg