“Finding” the Correct Answers at Monday Trivia!

Monday’s game of Pour House Trivia welcomed 88 teams across ten venues.


After opening Monday’s game with a look at Australian islands, we continued with a literary-themed Three Clues question:

CLUE 1: In “A Christmas Carol”, this is the name of Scrooge’s beloved sister, who dies after giving birth to Fred.

CLUE 2: In a play by Oscar Wilde, Lord Windermere gives this to his wife as a birthday present.

Eight teams came away with two bonus points thanks to the correct answer of ‘fan’.  Later, our teams faced a surprisingly difficult question on the topic of chess notation, as over half the field forgot that the ‘K’ stands for ‘King’, while the ‘N’ stands for ‘Knight’.  After concluding the first round with a discussion of the Cy Young Award, we saw four teams post a perfect score of 36 points: Unsavories (DRP), Killer Snails (Hershey’s), Kitten Mittens (Cheesetique), and Power Vacuum (Bushwaller’s).


Monday’s audio question was certainly more difficult than usual, as we asked our teams to identify songs whose titles mention notable figures from the past.  We listened to “Roll Over Beethoven” by The Beatles, “Einstein on the Beach” by Counting Crows, and “Just Like Jesse James” by Cher.  Only 27% of the field earned wagering points, while just seven teams scored bonus points by knowing all three songs.  Other second round topics included actor Rami Malek, Dutch painters, and this Emmy-winning TV series:

As a result of the difficult audio question, the second round did not yield any perfect scores.


After a challenging second round, Monday’s halftime page fell on the easier side of the spectrum, as the field faced few problems with the topics of journalists and film title quotations.  Exactly one-fourth of the field earned a perfect 20 points, while the average score landed at 17.9 points.  These were your highest scoring first half teams from Monday’s game:


As usual, the difficulty level rose significantly after halftime, as the third round featured a slew of tough questions.  Most notably, these two questions each yielded a success rate of 18%:

–> The First Law of Electrolysis was formulated in the 1830s by which British scientist who lends his name to a unit of measurement for electrical capacitance?

–> A man who has served time in prison, while awaiting his loved one’s decision to keep him or send him away, is the synopsis of what chart-topping 1973 hit with a nine-word title?

The correct answers were Michael Faraday and “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree” by Tony Orlando and Dawn.  The third round concluded with a question asking our teams to name the national capital cities that lie along this river:

Some familiar team names found their way onto the list of perfect third round scores: Unsavories (DRP), Killer Snails (Hershey’s), and Kitten Mittens (Cheesetique).


After a trip to Joplin, Missouri in the 6-4-2 question, we discussed some noteworthy events of 1994 and this series of commercials:

The dreaded classical music question reared its ugly head in the final round, as only 13% of the field knew that the “Father of the Symphony” was Joseph Haydn.  Kitten Mittens (Cheesetique) completed a dominating second half by being the only team to sweep Monday’s fourth round.  These were your highest scoring teams heading into Monday’s final question:

  • Kitten Mittens (Cheesetique):  166
  • Unsavories (DRP):  163
  • Killer Snails (Hershey’s):  158
  • Worst Case Ontario (DRP):  151
  • George Washington’s Camel (DRP):  148

MONDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (22.2% success rate):

–> Earning more than both “Captain Marvel” and “Wonder Woman”, which 2016 film is the highest-grossing movie at the domestic box office with a female character’s name in the title?

Just under one-fourth of our teams responded correctly with “Finding Dory”.  Congratulations goes out to both Killer Snails (Hershey’s) and Kitten Mittens (Cheesetique), who each ran the table to Monday night to post the Perfect 21.  Here is Monday’s final overall leaderboard:


DRP in Alexandria, VA:  Unsavories   (Next week’s first category: “Seinfeld”)

Greene Turtle in Hagerstown, MD:  That’s So Clavin   (Next week’s first category: Deceased WWE Wrestlers)

Morgan Inn in Woodbine, MD:  Great Heathen Army   (Next week’s first category: Dog Breeds)

Hershey’s in Gaithersburg, MD:  Killer Snails   (Next week’s first category: New York State Sports Teams)

Uno Pizzeria in Frederick, MD:  This is How We Go Down   (Next week’s first category: 2019 NFL Draft)

Cheesetique in Arlington, VA:  Kitten Mittens   (Next week’s first category: “Game of Thrones”)

Bushwaller’s in Frederick, MD:  Power Vacuum   (Next week’s first category: 19th Century Physicians)

Rockwell Brewery in Frederick, MD:  Magnificent Seven   (Next week’s first category: “Lonesome Dove” – novel)

Mark’s Pub in Falls Church, VA:  NO GAME THIS WEEK   (Next week’s first category: Anime)

Flanagan’s Harp and Fiddle in Bethesda, MD:  Chum Conspiracy   (Next week’s first category: Pink Floyd)

Il Forno in Frederick, MD:  Notch Eight   (Next week’s first category: Loanword Origins)