Fat Tuesday brought a night of extra special partying to Pour House Pub Trivia – it even included costumes! Check out the full recap!

Fat Tuesday is a day for feasting, drinking and revelry…so it’s pretty similar to a standard Tuesday night of Pour House pub trivia!

Tonight we covered P90X, which will probably be useful after this feasting, found out about the impostors trying to steal the throne of the Rubik’s Cube and the name you’ll want to give your kid if you’re hoping for NBA or NFL success!

Hope you had a lovely Fat Tuesday – anybody got any Kinklings left?

Let’s see how the games shaped up!

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

It may have been Fat Tuesday but the only thing fat about Champions tonight was the scores! You all were on point tonight, great game!

It has been a long time since had one tie, let alone two ties for the top three.

After a nifty tiebreaker breakdown on who was going home with the prizes (easier said than done apparently) it was Wiseacres who snuck in to the third place spot, second went to Thundercats and first was those strong Jungle Fever folks, who took a first tonight and never looked back. They batted people off all night!

For next week you are going to want to study up on your National Parks.See you then!


National Parks Pub Trivia Category Maryland

Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

Beads and beer, what could be better for some Fat Tuesday action than a little PHT at Cugini’s in Poolesville!?
The Murphs returned to the top slot for our game with a strong comeback in the second half.
The End is Beer was bested by only one point in a stellar performance and finished second.
Neverlands is a strong team as well, and took down third.
Join me again next week, where our first category is Harry Potter.
~ Ronnie
 Harry Potter pub trivia pour house

Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

The game was neck and neck from round one through round four, with just one point separating the two top teams until the final question decided the victor!
Freedom took the top slot with 153, leaving If We Only Had a Brain in second place with 152, and new comers Triviasaurus Rex in third with 140.
Next week Freedom wants to talk about Canadian Studies…..whatever that means!
Canadian Studies Pub trivia category Maryland

Jekyll & Hyde Tavern – Frederick, MD

 It was an intense finish at Jekyll & Hyde tonight, and almost every team was in first place at some point during the night – our top slots weren’t secured until the final question.
Taking third place tonight were the Know Nothings!  
Second place went to Brownie Points, and first place tonight went to You, Me and the Ringer!!  Great game everyone!
Next week’s first category is The Big Bang Theory, so try and catch some reruns and we’ll see you next week!
– Brad
Big Bang Theory Pub Trivia Category Maryland

Monkey La La – Frederick, MD


What a bash tonight at Monkey La La! Costumes, cookies, cupcakes, jambalaya, Hurricane cocktails, tequila…excellent time tonight everyone!
Id like to congratulate the fine folks at 3rd Quarter Nosedive on a 2-fer win tonight! Not only did they stay strong during the trivia contest but they also managed to win the love of the judges in our costume contest as well! And they had some killer cupcakes and cookies that they whipped up for everyone. Good night all around for 3QND!  🙂
3QND Pour House Pub Trivia
Congrats as well to Master Debaters, who stayed tough throughout a set to earn the 2nd Place spot just ahead of Army of Dorkness who snatched up 3rd. Good game everyone.
And a final Congrats as well to our costume contest runners up: Bourbon St Brawlers (who got out before I could photograph them) and the Phlitches honorable mention on their own unique spin on Pancake Day – tee shirts and all! 🙂  
Phlitches Pour House Pub Trivia team
See you next Tuesday everyone. 3QND have asked us to brush up on some 1980s Music Videos! (I may have had a crush on Martha Quinn back in the day…just sayin ;))
See ya soon. dg 🙂
80s Music Videos Pub Trivia Category MD

Ramparts Tavern – Alexandria, VA

The usual suspects rolled into Ramparts for some low-key Mardi Gras fun!  We had a very close game throughout the night, as Fat, Drunk, and Stupid had a nice lead after three rounds, but ran into a speed bump or two in the final round and fell a few points behind Tired of Getting Plowed, who also hit the final question to take home their first win of the season.  We’re Not Porn stars Anymore finished second, their FIFTH STRAIGHT week in he top two, with Fat, Drunk, and Stupid taking third.  Next week starts with a question on wine.  ~ Matt