Fall is here, and so is Pour House Pub Trivia!

​​Pour House pub trivia’s Thursday paired up live trivia in Maryland, Virginia and Florida with a little Washington Football action!

Sadly, not a great night for DC, but a superb night for Pour House Pub Trivia!

The Blue Parrott – St. Petersburg Beach, Florida


Well it was an interesting night for sure as nine teams showed up to try and knock the wonks off of their pedestal.  The questions were tougher and the stakes were higher but it seems that the Wonks team wasn’t fazed. Each of the teams braved the questions and tried their best-all the while having a blast in the process. In the end, the wonks team stood victorious but the bandits put up a brave fight.
wonks winning category: History


Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

Man we was a movin’ and shakin’ as we hustled on through tonight’s game of Virginia live trivia here at Bunker’s in Leesburg!

Just in time for kickoff here for these Redskins fans. The final certainly brought a lot of cheers so kudos again to the writing team.

Here is how the game went down:

Cranius Maximus in 1st

Your Mom in 2nd

Thundercats in 3rd

Our first category for next week is “Ronnie sings Barry Manilow.”

~ Ronnie

barry manilow

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

It was the first night of Season 12 here on the thursday night Champions and it shows how the rest of the season is going to go- it’s Fast!

This whole football deadline thing takes some getting used to, glad you all knew what was going on 😉 I knew exactly what type of crew we had in here after you absolutely rocked the physiological disorder and punishment questions. Hmmm.

We had a bit of a deliverance throw back in round three but no one had to get nervous since it wasn’t the audio question- paddle faster! Round four left everyone hungry for the final and it was a big one! 54 tons! That’s somewhere around 108,000 lbs, for a quilt!

FNQ cuddled right up with 3rd place and were happy there, 2nd found Vitrifiers having a nightcap and Charlie Wonka and the Vodka factory certainly weren’t napping tonight- they managed to snag 1st. Nice game all! Next week you will start with a much loved but not often seen category- Collective nouns for animal groups. An army of frogs, a murder of crows, a blessing of unicorns! Yup, that’s a thing!


Dog Bath Pour House Pub Quiz Maryland

Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

Tonight I was competing with the struggling Washington Redskins as their game ran the same as mine, though I feel like I might’ve had the stronger fan base!

Though, I have to admit, it was pretty loud in here for the game, but we still had a huge chunk of fans coming out for the live trivia game, which is all that I really care about (though a Skins win would been great, too).

Despite the clash of interest, we still had a great time and a great game tonight! Going into the final we had You’re Killing ME Smalls leading the way with Welcome to You’re Doom not far behind! However, the final question would decide the outcome of this game.

Here’s what the standings looked like after all was said and done: After a miss on the final, 3rd place goes to You’re Killing Me Smalls! A bit of a jump into 2nd place for Frankenwheat, their first time here! And your winners tonight, with a correct response, are Welcome to You’re Doom! Great game! We’ll be back next week, keep coming out and racking up those WS points! Until next week guys, have a good weekend 🙂

1st Place: Welcome to You’re Doom
2nd Place: Frankenwheat
3rd Place: You’re Killing Me Smalls

Next Week: 80s One Hit Wonders

1980s hits

Guido’s – Frederick, MD

Another great game of trivia went down at Guido’s Speakeasy on Thursday, and by the final question it was a competitive one! Not one team went the strategic route with their wager and instead, everyone went balls to the walls with the full 12 option. After the answers were all in, I had a feeling that a couple teams wished they wouldn’t have gone in all 12… And with that said, moving from 5th to 3rd place was Super Happy Fun Time! Moving up to 2nd was T.N.C.!! Our game winners didn’t move into 1st until the end of round 4, then rocked the final to take their second win a row, nice job Bongo Sluts!!! Their pick for next weeks winners choice question…? Leave the kids at home for “Cuckholding” next Thursdaynight!! So study up and stop by our fun, little  game of trivia every Thursday right here at Guido’s Speakeasy!!!   ~  Jon J

Lake Linganore Association – New Market, MD

I love when you get to know your crowd well enough to trade some insult comedy back and forth and everybody goes home happy! Special shout-out to Sloppy Seconds for being good sports and bringing a smile to everyone’s face 😀

It was a real nail-biter going into the finale tonight, but Faking Bad walked away with the top spot by just one measly point. They narrowly edged out Frontline who came in second (with a perfect score on a difficult puzzle page), and Moose & Squirrel rounded out third. I’m sure everyone will have a great time studying for next week’s game – the winners’ choice category is BEER! I am not responsible for any shenanigans related to your studying 😛

See ya next week!

– Eric 🙂

P.S. – OH YEAH!! 😛

German Beer Trivia Pour house pub trivia maryland

Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

Tonight was a night to remember!

Cup Chicks for the first time ever came in first place with 141 points! It was really a great game. La Boca el Lupo took second place with 138, and Black dogs finished out with 109.

Next week we will talk about Pokémon – I choose you!



Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

With the impending kick-off of the Redskins game on the horizon, we tried to speed through tonight’s game at Quincy’s, I thought I would help matters by blurting out an answer.  Anyway, it was an historic night at Quincy’s as we had a four-way tie for first after the final question was asked!  A PHT first!  It was John Lithgow fan Club who came away with the win after hitting the tiebreaker ON THE NOSE!

We’ll start next week with a question on the film “Airplane!” ~ Matt