Everybody’s working for the weekend! Pour House Live Trivia weekend recap!

Pour House pub trivia had a heck of a weekend this weekend
Did you come out for some Game of Thrones Trivia? That was a doozy of a game, but it wasn’t our only games!
We also brought you live trivia on Saturday and Sunday nights at three bars – check those out below!

Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

Well it took a tie-breaker to settle first and second tonight in our first Summer Fling trivia session here at Belles Sports Bar!

It was Buns of Anarchy that came out on top, with W taking second place!

STDB was right there in the pack at the end, and finished in third.

Join me again next week, where our first category will be Italian Cuisine.

~ Ronnie

Italian Cuisine Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD​​

 1st Place: Fisted Sister
2nd Place: Innebriati
3rd Place: Erin Go Braghless

We had a lovely game of Pour House Trivia: Father’s Day edition at Captain Bender’s last night!  We had some notable song requests and an appropriately themed puzzle page to make the evening memorable.  Our leader board had some poppas populating it, and the scores looked like this:  Erin Go Braghless took third place after a commendable family-style effort.  In second place was The Innebriati, whose knowledge was unsurpassed by anyone…. except for FISTED SISTER, our first place winners after a strategic final wager!  Well done, one and all. Their choice of first category next week?

Triple 50/50: Union or Confederate (The American Civil War)! See you next week!
Civil War Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

The Raw Bar – Frederick, MD

We had some fun live trivia at The Raw Bar & Grill for our opening night of the Summer Fling tonight! Dave (the owner of the place) wants to spice up things here for trivia, so from now on, he’s picking two questions randomly from my list every Sunday, whoever has the the most points on those 2 questions wins $25 CASH!
It was pretty exciting to see who the first cash prize winner was going to be!! The game was good all the the way through, but this is how it ended tonight… finishing third tonight was Optimus Prime Rib!
In second was the Vitrifiers! And winning the first week of the Summer Fling was Silent Titty, Deadly Bang!
They chose “The Walking Dead” for next weeks winners choice category, just so you know, but now the fun part!! Dave picked question three from rounds two and four for the random $25 cash prize, and after adding up the wagers for those two questions for everyone, the cash winner tonight was Optimus Prime Rib!
He’s planning on running this random cash prize every week for the entire “Fling”, so get your team down to the Raw Bar & Grill where ANY team has a shot to win $25 in cash, as WELL as the top three discount cards!!!
See you next Sunday!!  ~ Jon J
[th_youtube id=’R1v0uFms68U’ name=’The Walking Dead Pour House Trivia’]