Everybody Loves Wednesday Night Trivia!

Another night of Pour House Trivia, and another new venue!  Tonight, it was Gentleman Jim’s in Gaithersburg, which officially becomes PHT venue #51!  We had another $50 in cash to give out to another first-time winner, in addition to 13 other games rolling along on Wednesday night.  Just like last night, the two highest-scoring teams were playing at the same venue.  Which one was it?  Check out the details:

WEDNESDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (97 teams across 14 venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Contribution (Woodside Deli) with 177

–> Highest Score after Round 4: Contribution with 165

–> Highest First Half Score: Sexual Chocolate (Memories) with 92

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): Contribution, High Water Mark (Woodside Deli), Satan’s School for Girls (Memories)

–> The toughest question of the night was not our final, but a Round 3 question on Disney Films.  Only 20% of our teams arrived at the correct answer, and with Disney Films being a very popular bonus category, it certainly shaped the rest of the game at most of our venues:

  • Based on a collection of short stories first published in an 1894 book of the same name, what was the last film produced by Walt Disney personally, as he passed away shortly before its 1967 release?  (read on to find the answer…)

–> Our halftime page featured pictures of TV game shows, as well as a matching section on college basketball conferences.  The average score hit 16.9, with eight teams snagging a perfect 20 points.

–> The 6-4-2 question played slightly easier, with about 22% of our teams knowing that most Broadway theaters omit the letter ‘I’ when assigning letters to their rows of seats.

TONIGHT’S FINAL QUESTION (47.6% success rate):

–>  On TV Guide’s list of the 50 Greatest TV Moms of All-Time, the characters ranked at #11 and #12 appeared on the same series.  Name this show which debuted during the 1990s.  (you’ll find the answer later in this blog)


Whole Foods Market in Vienna, VA

What up people?  Whole Foods Market in Vienna is always a good time (unless we are learning that “Chess” is a musical, in that way everyone seemed to be confused).  With our regulars and some new teams coming out to compete for some great prizes, we had one competitive game tonight!  It was close until the very end, with first place decided by only one point.  Here are your top three finishers tonight:

First Place:  Shiggles

Second Place:  Moving on Up

Third Place:  Betty White’s Grim Reaper

We’re back on March 29th, with an opening category of CHEESE!  (one of my all time favorites)

See you then!

~ Zach

Cheese Trivia


Valley Grill in Middletown, MD

Wow!  Fifteen teams INVADED Valley Grill here in Middletown for a standing room only edition of Wednesday night Pour House Trivia.  Thanks again to you all for joining me here tonight!  We asked about a classic John Hughes film for first category tonight, following that up with some U.S. state slogans and popular breakfast drink brands.

Round two dipped over into some foreign language covers of some classic American rock, a Biblical animal with a memorable case of indigestion, and the feature film debut of actor Robert Duvall.  Yes, his first film came in this Oscar winner seen here:

To Kill a Mockingbird Trivia

The third round had all the “bare necessities” to make for an epic round, though we had a hiccup on the international airport question, and that aforementioned Disney film:

The Jungle Book Trivia

Tonight’s final round featured a rather eclectic set of subjects as well, ranging from science, to Presidents, to a certain brand of bubble gum:

Bazooka Joe Trivia

Thanks again to you all for making it a great game, here are your results:

First Place:  Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap

Second Place:  Fast Forward not Available

Third Place:  Hoboken Squat Cobbler

Next week’s first category:  The Periodic Table

~ Ronnie

Periodic Table Trivia


The Tavern in Olney, MD

Wednesdays game at The Tavern was a good one!  The fight for the top three spots was rather heated, as there was some good turnover between a few teams going up and down throughout the game.  Once we reached the final question, this was how we looked…

Finishing in 3rd was Olney the Lonely, 2nd went to Moving Forward and holding on to 1st place for the win was the Spring Training Fan Club!!  Not surprisingly, they picked Grapefruit League Spring Training Stadiums as next weeks winners choice, so study up and I’ll see everyone next Wednesday at The Tavern!!

~ Jon J




Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick, MD

At Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick, every team was cruising through the first half of the game… until that third round though!  Belles’, you took a bit of a beating mid-game.  Some of you grabbed a hold of your *ahem* bootstraps and hustled through the final round for a rally, while some of you just ordered more beer…  Have we mentioned the great beer selection here at Belles?  Just don’t order the margarita!  Go with a shot of tequila… a happy bartender is a good bartender!  We love you Rick, and will absolutely not be celebrating National Margarita Day.  He’s OK with National Wine Day… turns out it’s always shot time…  Which is convenient when a set drives you to drink!

Speaking of being driven to drink – our winners tonight were the stoic Kobe Buffalo Meat!  They were excited… just deep down.  The former whales are complex creatures.  Second place tonight went to the not so stoic Flight Level Awesome, while in third place, we had the gentlemen of Comfortably Dum!  This season is shaping up well at Belles!

Next week, we will start with a first question of X-Men named Wolverine.  Ha.

~ Sam

Wolverine Trivia


Bennigan’s in Frederick, MD

Subbing for your regular host Ian, who was laid low with illness, I filled-in and subbed on short notice.  I hope it wasn’t evident!  There was definitely a full house here at Bennigan’s in Frederick, with some serious competition. Unusually, it really did come down to the final, final, final final question (as I like to say).  All being said and done, it was a real honor to host for the Bennigan’s crowd. Furthermore, I’ve never been more thankful for such a helpful staff — hope you read this! Addie behind the bar and Kim on the floor were life-savers. You have my most sincere gratitude.

I’ll cut this short so you can get back to Ian, your proper host.  Your finishers tonight:

First Place:  BTF

Second Place:  Momentary Lapse of Reason

Third Place:  Literally Anything

Next week’s first category next week: Harry Potter Books

Fair Winds and Following Seas, and until we meet again,

~ Chief

Harry Potter Trivia


Woodside Deli in Germantown, MD

Our fourth week of Season XV at Woodside Deli saw Contribution and High Water Mark battling it out for first and second place all night.  Contribution won from pillar to post to break High Water Mark’s two-game winning streak.

Despite putting up an amazing score of 173, High Water Mark had to settle for second, while The Fellowship finished in third.

Next week’s first category: Astronomy

~ Scott

Astronomy Trivia


Nido’s Ristorante in Frederick, MD

At Nido’s Ristorante in downtown Frederick, we kicked things off tonight with a question about “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, asking about the character Chuckles whose death is the focus of one of the episodes in the sixth season.  We asked teams what his job is, and most deduced that with a name like Chuckles, he was most likely a clown!  The audio question of the day was amusing, asking about foreign language cover songs, with the songs being ‘Baby Love’, ‘Paint it Black’, and ‘Hallelujah’.  The halftime page asked teams to identify different TV game shows and match college basketball teams to their respective conferences.

Scores were rather high after two rounds, but things definitely got tougher in the third round, between the Disney Films question and an unusually tough Three Clues / One Word question.  The Disney question asked about the last film that was produced by Walt Disney himself before he died, which was based on a collection of 1894 short stories.  Only one team got to the answer of “The Jungle Book”.  The three clues question ended up being really tough, trying to get teams to get to the word Chess; turns out there’s a Broadway show named for that.  The final question of the night was about TV Sitcoms, and also proved to a tough one as well.  Only a few teams got “Everybody Loves Raymond”, and this added a bit of a shakeup in the end.

Third place tonight went to Dalek Dance Party, and second went to The Queens, who were one of two teams to get the final right (honorable mention to Much More Deeper as the other team to get it).  This wasn’t enough to take the lead however, and the win went to Pop Vultures!  Nice work!  Next week we start out with an AUDIO question about Boy Bands, so study up!  I’ll see you all then!

Until next time,

~ Chad

Boy Bands Trivia


Gentleman Jim’s in Gaithersburg, MD

Tonight was a great opening night at Gentleman Jim’s in Gaithersburg.  It was every man for himself, confident and ready to showcase their individual wealth of knowledge. Competing for the prizes were: John, Gary, J. K., and “Ignant”.  After a lot of laughter and repeated rule sharing, J.K. took down the first win here at Jim’s.  I can’t wait to be back here for Week 2 of Pour House Trivia!  Come join us next Wednesday with sign-up starting at 6:30pm.

Bring your friends!

~ Lindsay

Next week’s first category:  Boxing



Bennigan’s in Clarksburg, MD

Dusty Baker School of Management has won every game this season and they looked to continue that streak tonight! Might be tough against a field of all veterans, each team eager to dethrone the supposed “kings” of Bennigan’s!  It would take a lot of luck, a lot of knowledge, and a lot of determination, but there was a vast amount of potential among the crowd, I could feel it!

Well, it wasn’t looking good for the field after the first half.  Most teams getting a lot of things right but just wasn’t enough to keep up with Dusty Baker.  DBSoM led by two points at the half, not a terribly large gap between first and second BUT the second half was always tougher and Dusty Baker never seems to get phased by the increase in difficulty…  We’d see how the two-point lead would grow over the next five questions….  Well, it turns out, dramatically.

Dusty Baker now led by double digits after a kind third round (to them, apparently not the field).  A good fourth round gave them a 16-point lead going into the final, and that was all she wrote!  A low wager on the final (that they actually MISSED) would secure another win for Dusty Baker!

Interestingly enough, Adam from DBSoM mentioned they almost went on the six-point clue and would’ve had it WRONG.  That puts them up by 12 instead of 16, they’d have wagered the 1 point to cover the 12-point bet on second, and their MISS on the final would’ve ended their streak.  Would’ve been a wacky finish!  I guess that’s why these guys are the best.  Good decisions, good gets, good win!  Back next week!

Next week’s first category:  “Star Wars”

Star Wars Trivia


Memories in Mount Airy, MD

This week’s game at Memories Charcoal House in Mount Airy certainly had a Pour House Trivia first!  While a few of our hosts have appeared on game shows, it’s not often that a team looks down at the puzzle page and sees a relative looking back, but that happened to FOWL tonight, as former “Tic-Tac-Dough” contestant Thom McKee was featured on our “Game Shows” puzzle page.  He’s a game show legend (once holding the all-time record for most money won on ANY American game show).  He’s played at Memories several times, and never said a word about it!

Inline image 1

That excitement aside, we still had a great game to finish! Teams were close going into halftime, but that second half tore them apart. That provided some much needed separation, and set up our final podium.

First Place: Satan’s School for Girls

Second Place: FOWL

Third Place: Sexual Chocolate

Next week’s first category:  Hitchcock Movies That Aren’t “Psycho”

Study up, and I’ll see you back here next week!

~ Nick

Hitchcock Trivia


Furnace Bar and Grill in Thurmont, MD

Tonight at the Furnace Bar and Grill in Thurmont, we had a very close game as we celebrated two birthdays: Jeannie from Victor Doctor, and Jacob from Member Berries.  Thanks for spending your birthday playing Pour House Trivia!

Once again, it came down to wagering to decide our teams’ fates for the final question.  Member Berries wagered zero, so they could ensure to take home second place, while Breakfast for Dinner wagered eight to put them out of reach of all other teams pending a correct answer.  BFD was able to convert on the final question, leading them to victory.  Member Berries took home second place, and Victor Doctor took home third place.

Next week’s first category:  National Hockey League

~ Devan

NHL Trivia


Barefoot Bernie’s in Hagerstown, MD

It was a great game tonight at Barefoot Bernie’s in Hagerstown!  Four veteran teams duked it out with a crowd of newcomers watching.  Welcome River Benders and Hub Hotties!

In honor of President’s Day, Alternative Answers has changed their name to #NotMyTriviaHost.  Their timely new team name didn’t help them land the final.  They took third place, while Pen Island grabbed the second spot.  The Sad Fat Dragons knew their 1990’s sitcom moms and took home first place.

Next week’s first category:  “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys”

~ Sean

Hercules TV Trivia


Applebee’s in Waynesboro, PA

What a great showing we had tonight at Applebee’s in Waynesboro!  In total, we had 11 teams fighting it out to the very end, so thank you all for coming out and making this such a great time.  Bees? held the lead through most of the game, but thanks to a perfect Round 4 (including a well-timed presidential question – their specialty), but after the final question was answered, JuJu and Friends were able to overtake the lead and hold on for the victory.  There was some interesting betting going on there at the end, but it didn’t matter because JuJu and Friends continued their streak and nailed the final.  Here are your top three teams:

First Place:  JuJu and Friends

Second Place:  Bees?

Third Place:  Alternative Facts

Next week’s first category:  John Deere Two-Cylinder Tractors

~ Kyle

John Deere


Clover Theater in Cloverdale, CA

Twelve teams came out for trivia at Clover Theater tonight.  The Brainy Yaks had an excellent showing in the very tough third round to jump from sixth place all the way to the lead.  They were also only one of two teams to correctly answer the final question.  As a result, they successfully held on for their second win of the season. Oddly, the toughest question all night was in the Disney Films category.  No team came up with “The Jungle Book.”.  Here are your top teams:

First Place:  Brainy Yaks

Second Place:  Let’s Get Quizzical

Third Place: Southern Comfort / The Struggle Continues (tie)

Next week’s first category:  Irish History

~ Ryan

Irish History Trivia