Even when Duke wins, Pour House Trivia helps you cope! Monday Recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday was the unfortunate bearer of bad news: ANOTHER Duke championship.

But fear not, we played on and had some live trivia fun despite the sad evening in college basketball!

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Thanks again to everyone for taking a break from MLB Opening Day and Final Four action to play a little PHT with me here at DRP, it was great to see you all! Here are the results for tonight’s game:

Attila the Pun in 1st
High School Prom in 2nd
Ives Mansion in 3rd

Our first category for next week is the great state of Minnesota!

~ Ronnie

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Greene Turtle was off tonight, but next week we start out with the 2015 NHL Season, so be prepared for that!

Until next time,




il Forno – Frederick, MD

As the Duke Blue Devils won their 5th national title, there was a live trivia game going on that (for many) was much more exciting than another Duke victory. Tonight’s game was one of the most competitive games we’ve had in a while.

At halftime, only 10 points separated first and last place; essentially one question could swing the entire game! The second half definitely gave us something challenging to work with, including a 0% get question (the Bombay duck is actually a fish, who knew?).

The second half was truly decided by what team was able to screw up the least, rather than what team was able to do the best. We had many 9s missed, 5 point bonus chips dropped, anything you can think of, it happened.

I guess we owe a round of applause to I’m with Sarah, who held strong through the terror of the 2nd half and managed to run away with the victory, being up 15 points going into the final. 2nd place tonight went to Fries Before Guys, who made up a big chunk of ground in the second half to finish in the top 3. Third place goes to Latrilla who also play fairly mistake free in the back end of the game. We’re a bit over half way through our season and the fight for House Champ is very much something to think about.

The house champ gets an auto-invite to the World Series in June so just something for you all to think about. The standings are fairly close at the moment, let’s hope you guys keep coming out to try to get that 1st place finish! Be here next week to continue getting those WS points! Until then guys, I’ll see ya 😉

1st Place: I’m with Sarah
2nd Place: Fries Before Guys
3rd Place: Latrilla & the Mossy Banks

Next week’s category: Sixteen Candles

john hughes trivia Sixteen Candles Trivia Category Maryland

Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

The door to the Roast House stood open to let the wonderful spring evening in for tonight’s game of Pour House trivia! The teams enjoyed the beautiful weather as they battled hard.
Highlights of the Night:

In “Shameless-Bribery”: In honor of a teammate’s birthday, Two Fingers Worth brought cupcakes to tonight game. They may have offered me one. I may have eaten it. It definitely had no effect on the game, other than stopping for a minute to sing Happy Birthday!

In “Stink-Eye-Of-All-Stink-Eyes”: The geography question got repeated 5 times because people were confused, and in the end, only a few teams got it. The dirty looks I got. Yeesh! Guys, I don’t write ’em, I can only do so much!

In “Tough-Puzzlers”: The half time page saw most teams get a 16, and no higher. Everyone struggled, a rarity here!

The final proved to be irrelevant, as the only teas who got, all wagered 0!

In third place, Two Finger’s Worth! Happy birthday Dave, and good game!

In second place, Spring Break Frederick! Good job guys, way to hang tough!

In first place, holding the lead all night, Multiple Scorgasms! Congratulations guys, great game!

Next week’s round one category will be a movie called “A Soldier’s Story”. Never heard of it. Study up if you can, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

It was a bit of a letdown for some of your teams, as it was discovered that the Washington nationals now have the worst record in the major leagues.  Fortunately, there are still 161 games left…

There’s not quite that many weeks left in Season XI at Spider Kelly’s, but we’re certainly in the ‘swing’ of things!  An interesting fourth round separated the pack, and it was Unadjusted For Inflation who survived for another win!  There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand took second for their best finish of the season, while I Don’t Think It’s Contagious took third.  Next week, our first question will be 1990s R&B!  ~ Matt