Easter Weekend Knowledge Hunt!

We managed to get some good games in between our ham dinners and egg hunts, see how they played out there!

Belles’ in Frederick, Md

We had ten teams battle it out in our “Night Before Easter” trivia game here at Belles. The fourth round really told the story of this game as it had a direct effect on the teams that seemed to be walking away with the win. Here are the results:

Multiple Scoregasms in 1st

Wiser But Still Dead in 2nd

Feagyvillians in 3rd

Our first category for next week is “Bro Chemistry” ~ Ronnie

Pizza and Pretzel Creations in Hagerstown, Md

It’s been just aroreund a month since our first game of trivia at the NEW, Pretzel and Pizza Creations in Hagerstown began, and one of our regular teams is making a STRONG case for that house champion “free”pass to the World Series game! After the final question, Phat Kids finished in 3rd, Backstreet Boys finished in 2rd, and adding another week to their current win streak with 1st place again was Danny Glover!! Their choice for next Saturdays winners category is one after my own heart, “1980’s Bill Murray Comedy films”! You can’t go wrong with that, so study up, and come check out the fun game AND the amazing menu at Pretzel & Pizza Creations next week!!   ~  Jon J

1. Danny Glover
2. Backstreet Boys
3. Phat Kids
4. Mansion Chic


The Beacon in Frederick, Md

I hope everyone had a happy Easter with their family and friends, and thank the teams that were tired of those family and friends and came to The Beacon for trivia! There were a lot of ups and downs for all the teams so it was unclear who might come out on top, but once the wagers were made and the final question was answered, this is how it ended. In 3rd we had Smarty Pants, playing solo but still taking 2nd was John Lithgow’s Fan Club and taking 1st for the first time in a while was The Vitrifiers!! They chose the “Washington (the state)” for next Sundays winners choice category, so study up, and join us next week for some trivia fun at The Beacon!!   ~  Jon J

1. Vitrifiers
2. John Lithgow’s Fan Club
3. Smarty Pants
4. We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity