Dressed to the Nine Innings at Weekend Trivia!

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Easter weekend trivia was the offering on Friday and Saturday, and a total of 52 teams showed up to play some Pour House Trivia!


Topics in our weekend first rounds included Marilyn Monroe and her rendition of Happy Birthday to Mr. President John F. Kennedy, the city of San Francisco, and the prairie dog. The hardest wagering question in the first on Friday was on food namesakes:

  • A 18th century Russian count lent his name to what dish, made of pieces of beef often sautéed in mustard and Smetana sour cream?

That dish, beef stroganoff (or Stroganov if you want to be literal), was named by four-fifths of the field. Saturday’s trickiest first-round offering asked teams to name which two non-U.S. countries are the homelands of one of the top ten richest people in the world; while 58% named either France or India for their wager, nobody was able to name both for bonus points. Eight Friday teams were able to go perfect in the first round.


Friday’s audio question had our teams figure out the word in common in three different song titles, while Saturday’s asked everyone to identify Anne Hathaway‘s rendition of Queen‘s Somebody to Love from the film Ella Enchanted. The most difficult wagering question of each night in the second round came in the final question. On Friday, teams had to name the year (within two either way) from three different events, but we went to the late-night airwaves for Saturday’s toughest question of the first half:

  • Which comedienne was considered Johnny Carson’s permanent guest host of “The Tonight Show” before getting her own namesake show in 1986, where she lasted only one season?

Not only was The Joan Rivers Show the first late-night TV show primarily hosted by a woman, it was also the very first show ever aired on the FOX network! About 42% of teams named Rivers for their wager, but no teams were able to remember that Arsenio Hall‘s first late-night gig was as her replacement after she was removed one season in. Killer Snails (P. B. Dye) and True BS (Doc Waters) were both able to score a perfect 36 points in the second round.


Top halves of weekend halftime sheets involved matching authors’ photographs to a famous work they wrote, as well as television shows that (in a mystery theme for an extra point) were all adapted into feature films. Over the weekend games combined, the average score was 15.4, and four teams put in a full 20-point effort. Before the third round began, these were the top-scoring weekend squads:


Round three topics on Friday included the video game Elden Ring (which includes settings by author George R.R. Martin), 90s rock band The Cranberries, and the transcontinental country of Turkey. The round ended with the hardest wagering question of the weekend, as only 15% of teams could identify the 1980s reality show That’s Incredible! or its former NFL quarterback co-host Fran Tarkenton. Saturday’s third round had a couple of toughies on Motor Trend magazine’s Car of the Year award and golfer Bobby Jones, while other question topics involved Dunkin’ Donuts and U.N. member states with the letter Q in their name. No perfect scores were attained by any weekend team.


6-4-2 questions before round four dealt with the film It’s a Wonderful Life and the city of Pittsburgh. Friday’s group got fourth-round questions on ouzo, a liquor made in Greece with the anise plant, and the element oxygen before their toughest question, a three-parter on people with last names that are also military ranks. The Saturday fourth round opened with an interesting result:

  • Admitted one month apart in 1912, which two states are the most recent contiguous U.S. states to be admitted to the Union?

While only one of Arizona and New Mexico needed to be named to get wagering points, only five teams were able to do so; however, all five went ahead and named both for bonus points! Saturday’s round ended with topics like 90s one-hit wonder Hanson and the Alan Turing biopic The Imitation Game. Unfortunately, this was also a round with no perfect scores. Going into the final question, these were the highest-scoring teams:

FRIDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (5% success rate):

  • Featuring the lesser-known subtitle of “A Ballad of the Republic Sung in the Year 1888”, which poem’s list of characters includes men named Flynn, Jimmy, Christian, and Cooney?

SATURDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (0% success rate):

  • Similar to a muumuu, this Polynesian dress is described as a long, wide, loose-fitting gown with long sleeves and a high neck. Illustrations of a particular woman from nursery rhymes no doubt inspired what name given to this garment?

A couple of real stumpers ended the weekend games; that poem was Casey at the Bat, while the garment is known as a Mother Hubbard Dress. No teams were able to put together a Perfect 21 this past weekend by answering all 21 wagering questions correctly but there’s always next weekend! Here is your final weekend leaderboard:


Springfield Manor Winery in Thurmont, MD: NO GAME  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Philosophers)

P. B. Dye Golf Course in Ijamsville, MD: Killer Snails  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Peter Frampton (audio))

Dragon Distillery in Frederick, MD: Independent Panda  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: 1990s Rock)

Flying Ace Farm in Lovettsville, VA: Rebels With a Cause (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Poetry)

Doc Waters Cidery in Germantown. MD: Blue Banner Bombers  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Broadway Musicals)

Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick, MD: Biscuit Snatchers (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORYOrganic Chemistry)

Pretzel and Pizza Creations in Hagerstown, MD: Quality Guesswork  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORYThe Simpsons (seasons 1-3))

Mason Social in Alexandria, VA: NO GAME  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: War Films)