Dr. Claw on Thursday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

​​Pour House pub trivia’s Thursday featured a hall of fame cartoon villain, the evil Dr. Claw!

Dr. Claw

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The Blue Parrott – St. Petersburg Beach, Florida

Coming soon!

Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

Another great game of pub quiz here at Bunker Sports Cafe in Leesburg. Here are the results of tonight’s action:
Your Mom in 1st
Cake or Death in 2nd
Thoroughly Screwed in 3rd

Our first category for next week is Gilligan’s Island!

~ Ronnie

Gilligan's Island Trivia pour house pub trivia

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

“Wowsers!” Go Go Gadget Trivia game!

Inspector Gadget Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Awesome night at Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD tonight for our pub trivia Thursday style! Filled up the dining room with 14 teams this evening; dukin’ it out for a few hours over things like Matryoshka Dolls, Dormouse, and The Full Monty Python (the latter of which I am really thinking should become a real thing – movie night anyone?)!

Tough Thursday night teams mean business! And it was business time all the way through tonight. The scores going into the final were very close all the way through the scoreboard! A very tough final tongiht, however, left the game up to the wagering. And here is how it looked:

20150806_212704.1 20150806_212625.2 20150806_212731.3

Congrats y’all! That was a tough set! Great work 🙂

We have a few weeks left in Summer Fling. And next week we kick off at 6:30pm at Champions! Stay in touch with us through Facebook and you can also sign up for our newsletter HERE (tripp can you link the home page there).

Until then, have a great weekend! And get ready for this one. It is certainly a PHT first. Next week’s category #1 will be Tennessee Valley Authority. Have fun brushing up on that 🙂 See you soon… DG

tennessee valley authority

Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

Tonight I got to take over at the Fish Market for Bill who is in Las Vegas doing some awesome trivia-related stuff. Overall, the place is great, with a fun atmosphere and a solid setup; also the food is amazing but I didn’t get to eat much this time around. I had a great time with you guys, and hopefully we can do it again sometime, and I even had the pleasure of introducing several new teams to the game. We had people visiting from California, Kentucky, and Tennessee all randomly stop in and get to learn how to play some awesome live trivia (shout-out to The Warriors and Stick It In!). The game featured at least one team celebrating correct answers by dancing in the middle of the floor between questions, and a team that couldn’t think of a team name, so they let ME pick their team name (I went with Sorry, Wrong Closet)

Starting out the game we talked about some famous Lauras, with some teams guessing before the question even started that Laura Bush would come up in the question. However, my favorite question of the round had to be about Inspector Gadget, with some teams remembering his arch-nemesis, Doctor Claw! I did have a few teams put “The Claw” and although I did accept it, I wasn’t happy about it; he went to evil medical school for a reason! I was impressed by how many teams got the audio question, knowing that Lou Reed performed Walk On the Wild Side, although nobody knew that it was a commercial for Honda (they made scooters…?). I liked the question about Leslie Nielsen, especially with the “surely, you can’t be serious” reference at the beginning of the question (Don’t Call Me Shirley!), although nobody remembered that he was in Stan Helsing shortly before he died, which is understandable, as it wasn’t really anything notable.

On the halftime page a few teams did really well on the flags of the world, although some forgot that the flags were in alphabetical order, and that they all started with the letter “C”. On the bottom half, naming the teams that are named after birds was a bit tougher, with some teams not realizing that the Red Wings and the Blackhawks are not named after birds, with Blackhawk being the name of an Indian chief, and the Red Wings being named for something to do with the auto industry, although I don’t know what.

Round three brought me one of the sillier answers after the question about the word Mode, with Depeche Mode being one of the clues. The next question was ancient history, asking about a road called Appian Way or Via Appia in Italian, but some of the teams that didn’t know it had some goofy and funny wrong answers. One team in particular, Marlboro Lights, came up with “Depeche Road” as their answer as well as coming up with Abbey Road, which was just great. Another team had Highway to Hell, which was appropriately fitting as well. The final round brought us a question about Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Baby Got Back, with several teams knowing all three car brands/models that are referenced. When I read the answer, teams asked me where he says “corvette” so of course I had to sing a little bit of it which led to some silly and fun stuff. I was surprised how many teams guessed the Cheshire Cat was at the tea party with Alice, but everybody forgets about the Dormouse, who is fast asleep.

Today’s final question was definitely an exciting finish, with only one team getting the final answer correctly. Third place went to The Nation of Quizzlam, who made their first appearance and almost took the victory, but went with the wrong answer that they were 50/50 between, St. Joseph’s and St. Ives. Second place went to Welcome to You’re “Doom” who held a solid lead throughout the game, but unfortunately missed the final. Winning tonight’s game, however, was the only team to get St. Joseph’s as the correct response. Congrats going out to You’re Killing Me Smalls, nice work! Next week we start out with a question in the category of Fonts of US National Parks, which might be one of the more absurd categories I’ve heard in awhile. So next week you will have your regular host back, the honorable BP himself. It was real fun Fish Market, and hopefully I will see you all again sometime. So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Until next time,

national parks Trivia Pour House Live Trivia Maryland

Guido’s – Frederick, MD

It’s always a good time at Guido’s Speakeasy for trivia on Thursdays! Although I was having a laptop issue in the fourth round that was really getting me frustrated and a tad short tempered, but I digress.

Two of our top three teams in the game last night were some old regulars I used to see every week but also have been gone for a while, so it was nice to see them out!

It also seemed like they never skipped a beat with the show of excellence they put on, because finishing 3rd, welcome back Level 3 Booksellers!! 2nd place was taken by T.N.C.! And we haven’t seen them in a LONG time, but they still came, saw and conquered, 1st place was Boner of a Lonely Fart!!

They decided on Dicks on T.V. for next Thursday’s winner’s choice, so study up and come by and see us sometime at Guido’s Speakeasy!!

~ Jon J

Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

It was a packed house at Main Street Oyster House last night. A lot of new teams and fun times were had. With 13 teams there was tough competition, it was a very close game through out the entire night.

Team Steve K took 3rd place, 2nd place went to Team CFE, and 1st place went to Panera Mac N Cheese. Huge should out to Team I wanted a pickle damnit who played just for fun with 10 members. They had the highest score with a 20 point lead. However they did not qualify for prizes due to too many players. Next weeks winners choice is 90s Grunge Music. Thank you so much for having me. Natalie should be back next week!

~ Amanda

matt dillon  trivia

Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

For the second time this week I was taking a walk in another host’s
shoes; tonight I joined the rowdy bunch at Quincy’s for Pour House

It was a wild night with lead changes at every turn. that culminated
in a tough final question. But neither technical difficulties nor a
doozy of a final could keep the teams down.

In third place tonight, John Lithgow Fan Club!

In second place tonight, Lowered Expectations!

In first place tonight, Suck it Frosty!
Make sure you give the Vegas boy hell when he comes back! Next week’s
winner’s choice category will be Capitals of the United States. That’s
CapitalS plural; as in not just Washington DC, but all capitals of the
US. Have fun Frosty!

Until next time,

US State capitals Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland