Down the Stretch They Come for Trivia Night!

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, we had one last Tuesday night trivia game chock full of interesting Thanksgiving Day facts.  How would our teams handle these questions?

TUESDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (77 teams across 12 venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Uncle Jack (Quincy’s South) with 178

–> Highest Score after Round 4: Milwaukee Beers (FireFlies) and Uncle Jack (Quincy’s South) with 167

–> Highest First Half Score: Uncle Jack (Quincy’s South) and Sofa King Smart (Quincy’s South) with 92

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): Capital Hillbillies (Capitol City Brewing), Capitol City Goofballs (Capitol City Brewing), We’re All Out of Bubblegum (Champion Billiards), Lightfoot (Cugini’s), Never Mind (Cugini’s), Axl’s Doughouse (Senor Tequila’s), Milwaukee Beers (FireFlies), Third Quarter Nose Dive (Monkey La La)

–> The halftime page played slightly easier than normal with an average of 18.5, but only 10% of our teams scored a perfect 20.

–> Down at FireFlies in Alexandria, Milwaukee Beers rolled through tonight’s set, running its winning streak to TEN GAMES!

TONIGHT’S FINAL QUESTION (74.6% success rate):

–> In 1950, George Kern invented a chocolate and walnut pie, commonly made with pecans, chocolate chips, and bourbon.  That pie is named for what annual event, from which it gets its name? (you’ll find the answer later in this blog)


Capitol City Brewing in Arlington, VA

Every Capital-area resident knows where to take family that come to visit: the Smithsonian, the Washington Monument, and of course trivia night at Cap City! It was another packed house Tuesday night, with a great turn-out for our regulars, newcomers, and some special guests: host Austin’s lovely wife Therese, along with much of her family.  They are definitely a sharp bunch, but were awed by the high standard of competition from NoVA’s most fearsome trivia squads: the Hillbillies, Goofballs, Show Me on the Doll and others crowded the top of the leaderboard throughout the night.


Comedy honors tonight went to Hillary Did Harambe, both for their trendy (and trending) team name – #NotMyTriviaHost – and wild swing at the final question: “WNBA Draft Pie”! Your top three teams:

First Place:  Grassy Knolls (a.k.a. Capital Hillbillies)

Second Place:  Capitol City Goofballs

Third Place:  Muck Fichigan (a.k.a. Valley Girls)


Next week’s first category:  Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories


Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD

We had a few new teams come out for trivia at Champion Billiards tonight, so a big thank you to them for coming out! We had a holiday themed puzzle page and all of the teams did very well on it so apparently they studied up on their Thanksgiving trivia.

We had a close game tonight, with All Out of Bubblegum squeaking out a one point win on the final. Here are your top three:

First Place:  And We’re All Out of Bubblegum

Second Place:  Comfortably Dum

Third Place:  Second Place

Next week’s first category:  Ventriloquism

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, and we’ll see you next week!

~ Kyle



Cugini’s Restaurant in Poolesville, MD

The folks really came out to play some trivia tonight here at Cugini’s as we had 9 teams, the most we’ve had in quite some time! Our players discovered that the well known Thanksgiving Day parade has been going on for longer than they thought, and a rare occurrence of the same word being used as an answer in back to back questions. We took a trip back to look at a little 80’s melodrama, and mentioned an American explorer with a highly uncommon first name. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Here are the results:

First Place:  Never Mind

Second Place:  Lightfoot

Third Place:  Five Must Get Beers

Next week’s first category:  Animated Christmas Specials

~ Ronnie

Animated TV Specials Trivia


Orioles Nest in Frederick, MD

Tonight was my last night before Thanksgiving, and it was a fun one!  Unfortunately we did start out with a question about the movie “Twilight”, which asked for the Western US Capital that Bella lived in before moving to Forks and meeting all her sparkly vampires, which was Phoenix, AZ.  We also had plenty of Thanksgiving references, including a question about the country of Turkey!

The final question for tonight was interesting, asking about a dessert which most teams did well on.  This led to third place going to His and Her Peas, second place going to We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity, and the win going to Black Steel!  Next week we start out with a question about the poetry of Robert Frost, so good luck!  I’ll see you all then!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time,

~ Chad

Next week’s first category:  Robert Frost



Tilted Kilt in Frederick, MD

We made our way through a Thanksgiving-themed game this week with relative ease, as teams banked more crucial House Champion points as we build towards World Series.  In the end, it was all Poovey Farms, who played defensively and took home another win.

First Place:  Poovey Farms

Second Place:  Book Club Babes

Third Place:  We Framed Roger

Next week’s first category:  “Westworld” (a popular choice this season, binge it over the holiday and I’ll see you next week!)

~ Nick

Westworld TV Trivia


Senor Tequila’s in Germantown, MD

Thanksgiving always brings people together, and they certainly came together tonight for Pour House Trivia here at Senor Tequilas! The house was packed with new teams and old, all vieing for those top spots!

Highlights of the Night:

In “The-Great-Splintering”: What once was one was now four, as members of Axl’s Doghouse spread out tonight into four different, but universally large independent teams! The smack talk started early and flew thick and fast across the bar, among the Doghousers; would any of them break into the top spots?

In “3rd-Quarter-Nosedive”: A number of teams got hit with bad cases of the Back Half Blues, with 3rd Round nosedives starting early and hitting hard! I’d be more sympathetic, but when I heard rumblings of “easy questions” in the front half, you all know you jinxed yourself right? You only brought this on yourselves!

In “Deceptive-Words”: For the life of me I have no idea if I’m pronouncing pone correctly. it doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult, but I’ve got three different pronunciations in my brain and I can decide which one sounds the most right. Ugh…

Honorable Mention tonight goes to Beer Pressure, for having the high score of the night, but as they used far too many team members to do it, they only get the honorable mention.

In third place tonight, Send Us Booze! Send me some while you’re at it!

In second place tonight, Axl’s Doghouse!

In first place tonight, the Fan Club!

Great game everyone! Next week, once you guys have slept off all the Tryptophan from Thursday, we’ll kick things off with a lovely category about kittens! Study up, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

~ Ian

Kittens Trivia


FireFlies in Alexandria, VA

Some folks might be headed home for the holidays, but we still had a great turnout at Fireflies tonight, and lots of big fun!  Five teams toughed it out til the end, much knowledge was gained, and many guesses were taken. Round one went well, everyone knew Macy’s and their famous parade, however not a one got close to what year it started (1924). Harry Potter threw everyone for a loop, as many teams got a word or two wrong in the title of the movie.

Round 3, only one team could harken back to their high school days to name both the title and author of freshman required reading – Lord of the Flies. And our animated question stumped the whole room as nobody had seen the movie Free Birds, about a couple of dumb and dumber turkeys trying to go back in time to eliminate Thanksgiving. Milwaukee Beers took an early lead and held it to the end, leaving No Tears for Beers and The B58s to duke it out for the next top spots.  Apparently everyone is familiar with Derby Pie- I have never had it, but now I feel I must!  Winners were as follows:

First Place:  Milwaukee Beers

Second Place:  The B-58s

Third Place:  No Tears for Beers

Happy Turkey Day everyone!  Cheers!

Next week’s first category:  “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”

~ Kate



Quincy’s in Bethesda, MD

Another great night of live trivia at Quincy’s Bethesda! From the stuffing, to the turkey, all the way to dessert, we had a veritable cornucopia of Thanksgiving-related questions! All that was missing were mildly irritating relatives and a tryptophan coma 🙂

Team Name ran away with the lead with Team Black & Yellow in second and Low Expectations in third. Next week’s Winners’ Choice category is Superheroes – make sure to study hard, cuz that’s one of my favorite subjects!

See ya next week!

– Eric 🙂

Superheroes Trivia


Blue Parrott in St. Petersburg, FL

Most teams had a strong start during round one, cruising through questions about the knee and Rice Krispies. But the bonus for the first Thanksgiving-themed question tripped up our players. No one knew that the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade was in 1924. They rebounded with their turkey knowledge in round two when every team successfully answered tryptophan as the drowsy turkey culprit.

The holiday themed questions again separated the pack in the second half of the game. Some of our teams got tripped up on the name of male turkeys — gobbler or Tom.  And all of our teams drew a blank when asked about the 2013 animated film “Free Birds”.


Here are the final standings for the Thanksgiving week:

First Place:  The Quizknows

Second Place:  Hot Chicks

Third Place:  Fin-Addicts

Next week’s first category: How to Pacify a Millennial

~ Caitlin

Millenials Trivia


Monkey La La in Frederick, MD

Coming soon…

Next week’s first category: Pizza Toppings


Pizza Trivia


Quincy’s South in Rockville, MD

Well, what an interesting night. I learned three things.

1: Don’t underestimate 495.

2. I can set up my equipment in a record time

3. The teams and staff at Quincy’s are great. Seriously so gracious after my frantic scramble to beat rush hour traffic to get there.

And what a great game! I never knew those things about thanksgiving eh? What the hell is a Pemmican? Anyway…

First Place:  Uncle Jack

Second Place:  Sofa King Smart

Third Place:  Screaming Death Monkeys

Next week’s first category: “Futurama”

Don’t worry Bill will be back next week. 🙂

~ Zach

Futurama Trivia


Stone’s Cove in Bel Air, MD

Tonight at Stone’s Cove in Bel Air, we had a tight game going into the final round.  That round included the fan favorite question of the night: Adult male turkeys are referred to by one of two names: one is an an appropriate onomatopoeic name and the other is also a male human first name.  Those answers where ‘Gobbler’ and ‘Tom’!

A great way to prepare for the holiday! In first was if we only had a brain, second went to Backstreet Boyzzz, and third went to Boogie Friends!

Next week’s first category:  Celebrity Families!

Until next time

~ Devan