Don’t skip leg day, work those quads! Pour House Pub Trivia Wednesday recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday night was PACKED with trivia!

We had eight venues in play, and did a little acapella singing!

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We also had a little famous offspring action, a bit of video games, and finally, some Oscar trivia!

Check out the games!


Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

Between one of my favorite redheads randomly showing up and repeated references in the question set, it was clear pub trivia at Atlantic Grille in Urbana was celebrating Lucille Ball’s 103rd birthday in style!
Tonight we discussed creepy grandpas listening to Milli Vanilli, Batman playing basketball with Air Bud, and Nero donating his quadriceps to UNICEF! House champions Strangers Have the Best Candy took back their title after being bested last week while Momzilla and Team Kelly took second and third, respectively.
Next week’s winners’ choice category is 90 Second Boolean Algebra! Yeah…. I don’t know either 😛 But hey – come on out, stretch your brain cells and have some fun at trivia next week. I won’t be here, but I’ll be back the following week!
– Eric 😀
 We were in good company at tonigh’t pub trivia contest in Hagerstown! New crews, veterans and some “haven’t seen you in a minute” teams popped in to throw down for a bit! And the game was up and down like Tony Little’s Gazelle…
workout trivia company
But after sweating” out this close match for a bit and a “shake it all up” final question…we got our Top 3. Congrats to…
Good times tonight my friends. Have a great week and I will see you next Wednesday night for our next game. And we will kick off with “PINK FLOYD AUDIIO” for our opening question, courtesy of tonight’s winning trivia team “Who the Hell is JFK?” – Til then…be well 🙂 dg

Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland

Tonight’s game of live trivia saw Uncle Jack holding the lead going into the final question. With a defensive wager, Uncle Jack dropped to 2nd place after the final and Hot Dog Stigmata took the victory tonight! Grats! 3rd place was a come from behind snag by Team Janet who managed a correct answer on the final question. Trivia night, same time, same place, next week! Hope to see you all there!
1st Place:Hot Dog Stigmata
2nd Place:Uncle Jack
3rd Place: Team Janet
Next week’s category: Animorphs
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The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

Oh Cellar, you have become so sought after! Tables reserved all over the place, and they even brought in new tables to make more room for teams! I love it, so very much.

I also love our library team of Dewey Decimators for fixing my computer tonight! Too many players, but all super helpful 😉

They would have taken first tonight if they didn’t have too many players on the field so it was Grab a Straw who managed to grab ahold of 1st tonight.. 2nd went to Donner party and 3rd was Team Wednesday! Nice job on the sports questions tonight guys 😉

I will see you next week for a first category of They Might Be Giants!


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The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

 Oh, my friends at the Olney Tavern, you never cease to provide a fun night of live trivia!

The Hammerjacks had a rough night, what with their multiple millions of points deducted, but they were able to battle back and climb into the leaderboard by the time it was final question time!

The final question provided a little shakeup, which is something you’ve always got to be wary of with Pour House Trivia!

Misses on the final question dropped Hammerjacks to third place and I Just Quizzed in My Pants to second.

The only team to nail the final were Les Quizerables, and rode the correct answer to a first place finish!

They want to keep the video game action coming, so they’ve decided that the first category is World of Warcraft! Fire it up and I’ll see you next week!


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Revolution Bar– Fairfax, Virginia

It was a spirited night at the Revolution Bar! A house of veteran teams battled it out for the top spots!

Highlight’s of the night:
Movin on Up claims my singing woke the baby at one point, but I sang all night and never heard a peep. What are you trying to say about my singing, huh?!
Team Cap went after the field solo, after the rest of his team didn’t show! Would he prevail?
I got groans from the field when the Closest to the Pin category was announced. But when all was said and done, EVERYONE got it correct, and 2 teams got it on the nose! 
When all was said and done, Cap put up a valiant effort but could stretch past third place. Congrats on a well-played game though Cap!
In second, Mess and Jegg! It was a hard fought match, but with a correct answer on the final they sealed their spot on the podium. 
The team in first didn’t need to bet 12 but that didn’t stop them from doing so, and then getting the question correct! Congrats to Movin on Up for another well earned victory!
Movin on Up has chosen American Ninja Warrior as their first round category for next week! If you’ve never watched it, you should! Study up and we’ll see you on Wednesday! 
Until then,
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As usual, our top teams at T. J. Stone’s were jammed at the top of the leaderboard all night, with two-point bonuses making a big difference throughout the night.  It was the B-58s that managed to sneak into the lead after round four, and held on to the win with the correct final answer.  Those 20 standings points will be key as hit the homestretch for the Summer Fling season.  Gone Squtchin’ put in a great effort as well for second, with Wee Baby Seamus taking third.  Next week, we’ll begin with a question on “Buckaroo Bonzai Acrossthe 8th Dimension”.  ~ Matt

Buckaroo Bonzai Trivia Virginia


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Another great game of pub quiz in the books here at the Valley Grill Sports Bar, and we had fun on the patio!

Southpaw Fish were our winners tonight, with Mountain Misfits cracking into their first top tier finish of 2nd. Buns of Anarchy held on and thanks to a correct final answer took 3rd.

Our first category for next week’s game is The Princess Bride. INCONCEIVABLE!

~ Ronnie

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