“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

Yep. Trivia love was spread all over a couple of neighboring states this evening. Tonight happened my friends and it happened BIG! 6 fantasitc trivia contests went down in Maryland and Virginia and we now can all say with confidence that a “Billabong” is not something that will get you locked up.homer simpson saying doh

Champion Billiards

The billiard hall was a’poppin tonight! 15 teams hung out and slung some answers around for a bit; and slung some good ole fashion smack talk too from what I heard. Thanx for playing everyone and thanx to some new trivia crews for coming out to the Thursday-ness in Westview as well. We had a great game.

The Top 3 looked like this:

1st Place: Master Debaters (a stellar 1 wager, veteran move won it for them. GG MD)

2nd Place: Cunning Linguists (Master Debater’s spin off and rival tonight)

3rd Place: Psychos – good to see you back in action Psychos :)

And shouts to 4th and 5th: Momentary Lapse of Reason and Brain Freeze as well. Enjoy your weekend everyone. Next Thursday we  begin with “British Royalty.” 

british royalty trivia

Shooter McGees

Whip cream and glitter bombs capped off the finale of tonight ‘s game at Shooter McGee. Happy Birthday Shannon! Fire Ants pulled the final answer to leap into 1st  for our game, with Movin’ On Up happy with 2nd! Defenestrators made a good showing tonight, finishing in 3rd. Your first category for next week is “video game series”. ~ Ronnie 


There was nothing itsy bitsy about our scores at Bunkers tonight! You had teams playing at the precipice of perfection tonight- way to ride that line! In 3rd was our Fish and Chips who had lead all game but second guessed themselves on the final and gave way to Thundercats who took 2nd and Minivan Mafia who sailed clear over them all and took a 1st. Great game- lots of fun to watch! I will see you next week for Colorful Songs as our first category. ~Samantha 



hippo in bikini


We had nearly all of our regular teams at Quincy’s in Gaithersburg, and every single one of them were within striking distance of first place when we finished round four.  And what a finish it was, as we had just one team come up with the correct answe, and that was Blue Collar who took down the win!  Depends had snuck into the lead just before the final question, but had to settle for second.  The Sneaky Geckos held on for third place.  Next week begins with a question on submarines.  ~ Matt

Bar Trivia Gaithersburg

Main Street Oyster House


What a game! We had some crazy rounds tonight at Guido’s, complete with a twist! In third place were the winner’s circle regulars Stink Floyd, bested by a one-man rambo jumping FOUR SPOTS being one of the only ones to ACE the final: FERRET FINGER TAKES SECOND! Up top tonight was one of the only other teams to best the final question: Col. Angus @clownpenis.fart! First category next week: TRIPLE 50/50 Stifler’s Mom or Whistler’s Mom

stifler's mom triviawhistler's mom trivia

Fish Market

The place was ragin’ as we had our inaugural night at the Fish Market in Alexandria. 3rd place went to the Fish Market Schooners, followed by our 2nd place finishers: Jackie Treehorn’s Sketchpad. Winning the game, the first EVER game at the Fish Market, was the team we called Put It on Seabass’s Tab! Congrats to our top finishers; we hope to see everyone back again next Thursday night at 8 pm where our first category will be 80′s One Hit Wonders… Until next time :) – Bill P

80s one hit wonder trivia.