Do You Feel Lucky at Thursday Night Trivia?

Thursday night’s game gave us another chance to welcome a new venue to the Pour House Trivia rotation, as Belly Love Brewing in Purcellville kicked off its tenure of Pour House Trivia with an enthusiastic crowd.  Meanwhile, two of our World Series favorites showed off their trivia might, with one of those teams paying a visit to a new venue (for them).  Would they be able to best a field of more than a dozen teams?  Read on to find out:

THURSDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (91 teams across ten venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Breadsticks (Quincy’s) with 170

–> Highest Score after Round 4: PC Principals (Fish Market) with 166

–> Highest First Half Score: PC Principals with 90

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): PC Principals, Dusty Baker School of Management (Champion Billiards), Double Jeopardy (Rockland Farms)

–> Athletes from various sports were the focus of our halftime page, which played to an average of 16.8.  About 22% of our teams scores a perfect 20 points.

–> Our 6-4-2 question also dealt with sports, as 16% of our team earned six points by knowing that keirin and omonium are events in Olympic cycling.

TONIGHT’S FINAL QUESTION (65.9% success rate):

–> Who is the only person to produce, direct, and star in two Best Picture Oscar winners?  (you’ll find the answer later in this blog)


Quincy’s in Gaithersburg, MD

The storm raged outside Quincy’s, but inside the Thursday night game of Pour House Trivia was a wild one!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Y’all-Really-Don’t-Like-The-Muppets-Huh”: I’ll admit that first clip was hard to hear, but I was not expecting it to be one of the most missed questions of the night!  More than that, the barrage of comments!  Good lord, the animosity!  Nobody loves Muppet Treasure Island like I do huh?

In “When-The-Hits-Start-Comin”: The second round turned out to be brutal, with the Confederate Constitution being almost as hard a pull as the Muppets.  In addition, a tough Monopoly question kicking a few teams when they were down.  I’ve never seen so many teams thankful for the puzzle page to arrive!

In “Salty-Much?”: All I did was mention how I thought a marmalade sandwich was about the most British thing I could think of.  And the “Shut the hell ups” fly.  I can’t even…what, is there some subject of the queen in attendance that is the most upset by me commenting on the Britishness of a marmalade sandwich?  My Penguins are in a fight for their Stanley Cup hopes, I don’t need all this negativity!

The final was rough, but when all was said and done, it went down like this.

In third place tonight, Nasty Neutrons!

In second place tonight, Lowered Expectations!

In first place tonight, Breadsticks!

A tough but good game tonight guys; next week we’ll kick things off with a question on Arrested Development (the TV show, not the music group).  Study up, meet me at the Banana Stand, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

~ Ian

Arrested Development Pub Trivia MD


Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD

Coming soon…

Next week’s first category:  Investing





Bunker Sports Cafe in Leesburg, VA

It’s Thursday again at Bunker Sport Cafe in Leesburg, and I almost didn’t make it due to some flash flooding, that thunderstorm was a little nasty!  Some familiar faces returned to Bunker after their traditional break while school is in session, so welcome back and congrats in advance on the win!

We kicked this game off with a Guardians of the Galaxy winner’s choice and the benevolent interstellar hegemony known as the Nova Empire, which was kind of fitting as we hold our game in NoVa. Get it? Northern Virginia.

Men In Black

We went from Behar to Babar, to Mike Seaver’s friend Boner, and tried on some oversized pants with plentiful pockets, We celebrated with Germany…

FIFA World Cup Soccer

Then we slapped each other around a bit…

Three Stooges

For the second round we were reminded that the Articles of Confederation were created some ninety years prior to the U.S. Civil War, got all juiced up and ready to work out with a nice whey infusion, and had a small question about a Short Line.  We also heard some songs from The Muppets…


We then asked three clues for the word rooster, though we didn’t need this guy, who was the third clue.

Foghorn Leghorn Looney Tunes

The third round featured a unappetizing combination, as we went from McCain french fries to wriggly worms, and examined Picasso’s “Rose Period”, which some believe was his cure for personal depression.


The “bookends” for the round were rather polar in nature. We danced on the ceiling…

Lionel Richie 1980s

Then we ran in terror from being grabbed, cocooned to the ceiling, and implanted with a chest bursting alien.


Final round revealed some nasty Brazilian corruption, three different rivers running through three different world capitals, and a mash up combining these two stars:

Heather Graham Norton

Finally we ate some marmalade with Paddington bear…


Then we walked on the moon, but not with The Police.

Apollo NASA Space moon

The final category for the night gave pause to a couple of the teams, which after looking at the standings, and doing a little self reflecting, wagered zero.  This happenstance caused a tie to come from literally nowhere, which was settled with the total number of Grammys for “The Boss”.  Here are the results:

First Place:  Washington Foreskins

Second Place:  Your Mom

Third Place:  Indians

Make sure you attend next week for the House Championship game!  Your first category will be Meryl Streep Oscars.

~ Ronnie

Streep Pharrell happy


Lake Linganore in New Market, MD

Six teams began the night on a stormy evening of trivia.  The outdoor tent made for a wet and interesting evening but trivia did prevail here at Lake Linganore.  Most of the teams were able to easily navigate the first round, but the question that initially gave teams some problems was the Comedy question. “Over the years, there were actually six total members of this comedy troupe formed in the 1920s.  Between 1934 and 1946, the most iconic incarnation of this group produced over 90 short films for Columbia Pictures.  For your wager, name this comedy group”.   The answer is The Three Stooges but the second most common answer was the Marx brothers!

The second round also had a trouble question a brewin.   Also the third question of the round: “For your wager, what document adopted in March of 1861 was modeled after the U.S. Constitution?”  The Confederate Constitution was the correct answer and guessed by half, but there were a myriad of wrong answers as well.  At the end of the half Faking Bad held a 15-point lead over Nine Inch Males, with Thunderstruck holding third place.

There were no troubles with the third round question, but a pair of fourth round questions plagued the teams.  Unfortunately, the participants at LLA (and myself) are not familiar with Brazilian politics and whiffed on the following question: “For your wager, what Brazilian politician served as President of Brazil from 2011 until her impeachment and removal from office last year?” – the answer Dilma Rousseff!

The final question of the evening provided no challenge for the participants at LLA as five out of the teams teams nailed Clint Eastwood (as the answer).

The final standings were: Faking Bad in first place, followed by Steamboat Willies and Sloppy Seconds.  The final week of the season is next week for the LLA and three World Series seats are at stake!

Next week’s first category is: Lakes & Rivers

~ Scott

Ohio River


Smoketown Brewing in Brunswick, MD

A gross night outside, but a great night for Trivia.  First off, I want to say congrats to Vern and Christine from Barley Fields Forever on their 23rd wedding Anniversary, and a get well soon to Dave, the owner of Smoketown Brewing, who was injured today.

It was smooth sailing first round, as we started with a rocking first question and plenty of correct answers.  The tide turned in the second round, as the questions were not so rocking for a lot of teams.  Only one team knew all three film on our audio question tonight, which dealt with Muppet Movie Music.  Later, a question on the game Monopoly caused some issues, as most teams could not identify the Short Line as the only one of the four railroads in the game that was not actually a real-life railroad line.

On the halftime puzzle page, only one team was able to score a perfect score, as I Drink and I Know Things notched 20 points to secure second place at the break.  Not to be out done, the Scoundrels’ score of 19 points gave them a seven-point lead as we entered the second half.  The last two rounds gave us some easy questions, including as virtually every team earned 11 points on a question concerning the “Alien” film franchise.  But the World News question to begin the final round wiped out the whole bar!  I guess there are not a lot of Brazil fans here in Brunswick.

And I know how I said Danube… I know.

With a ten-point lead after round four, the Scoundrels only needed to wager three points, and with a correct response on the final, they increased their winning streak to eight games as we close Season XV.  Here are your top teams tonight:

First Place:  Scoundrels

Second Place:  I Drink and I Know Things

Third Place:  Beer Makes Smart

Next week’s first category:  Shakespearean Tragedies

~ Zach

Othello Shakespeare Trivia


Beef ‘O’ Brady’s in Frederick, MD

Team Incognido’s strident ringleader kept me on my toes last night, but not in a way I or anyone else here at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s might suspect – she wants her music, and she wants it now.  Well, I am nothing if not indulgent 😉 , so I capitulated for as long as I could tolerate really, really, really old people music. 🙂

God Meme

Aside from that, everyone was super excited to meet my new Hero Dog service dog, Molly Pitcher (find her on Instagram @HeroDogMolly).  Kids took particular interest and I and Molly both loved seeing their smiles.  Playoff invitations went out tonight, as Incognido’s, Master Haters, and Pugalicious all consented to throwing their hat into the ring. Good luck!

No particular questions stand out for me as memorable, but I will say this: you guys are not fans of Brazil or McCain french fries.  Master Haters pulled off the only perfect score on the halftime puzzle page, giving them a three-point lead over Pugalicious at the break.  But that lead was short-lived, as a miss on the Last Word / First Word question let our second place take over the top spot.  But that is where things got very interesting.  After the final question was asked and answered, it was a surprising come-from behind victory from Lord Nickens, I Presume!  What a finish!  All’s well in the neighborhood, folks.  Here are your top finishers:

First Place:  Lord Nickens, I Presume

Second Place:  Master Haters

Third Place:  Pugalicious

Next week’s first category: Cake (actual cake, not the band)

~ Chief



Rocklands Farm Winery in Poolesville, MD

First off, I’d like to thank Nick for filling in for me last week, as I participated in my graduation from Frederick Community College.  Tonight, at Rockland Farms Winery we had a tight game and a packed house, as eight teams came out to battle for the top spot!  We met a couple of newcomer teams in Double Jeopardy and Castrati each made their Pour House Trivia debuts.  In addition, we had seasoned vets preparing for the Season XV playoffs next weekend.

A competitive first half progressed smoothly with topics ranging from Muppet Movie Music to the Confederacy to Monopoly.  After the halftime puzzle page, our top three teams were separated by just three points, but it was Castriati was who leading at the break with 84 points.  The veterans were not going down without a fight as Bentley’s Buddies came back and took the lead going into the final round.  Going into the final question, the game got even tighter as the top six teams were separated by just 11 points!  After some strategic wagering, we asked our final question concerning the Academy Awards.  Answering correctly to cement a victory, newcomers Castrati prevailed and took home the win!  Taking second was We Suck Without Matt.  In third place, we had Bentley’s Buddies, but since they were playing “over the limit”, our third place prize went to Snikrah!

Until next time,

~ Devan

Next week’s first category:  Broadway

Musical Theater Trivia


Jerry’s Sports Bar in Hagerstown, MD

The rain didn’t keep away the fun times at Jerry’s in downtown Hagerstown on Thursday night!  This new venue is heating up with new teams as well as old ones braving the weather to play a great game of trivia.  I don’t think I’ve played a faster game; teams had their answers in 30 seconds or less sometimes!  The first round lulled our players into a false sense of security, and then we hit them with a second round rocked their socks.  There were a lot of missed answers here and after the halftime break, but it was only an eight-point spread from first to fourth.

The leads lengthened in the last half.  Only Give Us Your Beer Money was able to answer all ten questions correctly in the second half.  But would it be enough to regain first from the new comers, Accidental Curly?  This new couple was the only team to know that the Confederate Constitution was a different document than the Articles of the Confederation.  They controlled the board in the second half.

The final didn’t pack much of a punch, as it was a question all of our top teams answered correctly.  Good old Clint Eastwood; winning Oscars and talking to empty chairs.  Sanford and Son was able to peel away from Team Cool to get into third place.  Give Us Your Beer Money stayed in second place, while our newest team, Accidental Curly, took home the gold medal tonight!  Welcome guys!  Come back next week and see if you can pull off back to back wins.

~ Sean

Next week’s first category:  Celebrity Chefs

TV Chef


Belly Love Brewing in Purcellville, VA

While the rain may have scared off some, it couldn’t keep our teams at Belly Love Brewery down!  Opening night went off without a hitch, seeing some fierce competition throughout the night.  Starting the game strongly, of course a brewery gets our beer question right.  “From B to R” was a winner, but I would suggest watching more of The Three Stooges.  Seriously, borrow mine if you want, it’s fantastic!  Everyone knew about the most fashionable of clothing, cargo pants, and must be soccer fans.  Round one was taken by team WALC.

The second round started us off with some Muppets songs which were pretty hard to pen.  After that though, the teams picked it back up with some bodybuilding and monopoly questions.  With a cock-a-doodle-doo, team WALC extends their lead.

For round three, we got a late joiner that showed they could hang with the best.  The “Alien” franchise caught everyone’s attention which they followed up answering on frozen food and worms…  After a “rose period” we got the party dancing with some 80’s hits.  Team WALC kept dancing through Round 3.

Our final round saw the two top teams go blow for blow with their answers bringing the scores back to a close game. After a Clint Eastwood final question and some strategic wagering, team WALC came away with the first win at Belly Love Brewing.  Here are your top finishers tonight:

First Place:  WALC

Second Place:  Grandpa

Third Place:  L&S Guessing

~ Aaron

Next week’s first category:  History of Purcellville, VA

Purcellville Virginia


Right Around the Corner in St. Petersburg, FL

We hosted an intimate game of Thursday night trivia here at Right Around The Corner in St. Petersburg.  Our teams slayed four rounds of varying topics, but the final question shook up the standings.  Better Red Than Dead, Over 140, and Nick (and friend!) gathered to drink good beer, trade barbs, and test their trivia knowledge.  It was all very cordial, with the teams laughing and joking between questions and trying to sway others into maybe not-so-smart wagers.

All of our top teams were tied for first place at the end of the opening round, easily rolling through questions on cargo pants, the Three Stooges and the FIFA World Cup.  Round two was a little tougher, with none of our teams answering all five correctly.  Our entire field was tripped up by a question asking them to blend their knowledge of Monopoly and real life rail roads.  The halftime sheet further separated the pack, as teams were tested on their knowledge of famous athletes.  I was sad to see that none of our teams correctly identified Sidney Crosby as a hockey player (They probably weren’t all that excited, either, when Crosby and his team secured a spot in the Stanley Cup Finals later that night in double overtime).

Over 140 was leading thee pack going into Round 3.  I learned that all of our teams have strong brand loyalty to Ore-Ida potatoes.  So much so that they didn’t cue in to the part of the clue linking the correct potato brand to an Arizona Senator: McCain.  Better Red Than Dead regained the lead after Over 140 stumbled over a few questions.  But the redheads propensity to always wager big cost them in the end, as they missed the finale question on Clint Eastwood and fell to third place.  Congrats to all who came out last night! Brittany will see you next week.

First Place:  Over 140

Second Place:  Nick

Third Place:  Better Red Than Dead

Next week’s first category:  “The Fifth Element”

~ C.J.

Fifth Element Trivia


Fish Market in Alexandria, VA

A storm, holiday traffic, a broken windshield wiper — NOTHING was keeping me from making sure we got this game in as the 15th Season of Pour House Trivia comes to an exciting end!  We had a packed bar tonight ready to take it down, but with PC Principals here (our House Champions this season and a weekly favorite), it was gonna be hard for any team to make noise.  Looking for an upset but man would it be hard to come by!

There was a glimpse of hope because we did have some very strong veteran teams here tonight!  Atomic Dogs played very well, but Pour House Trivia has proven in the past that sometimes it’s too hard to hold your own against a seven-man team when it’s just two of ya.  The duo Atomic Dogs performed very well, but not enough to keep it close!

Poe Pouree was trailing just behind PC Principals all night, but a nearly perfect game from PC Principals propelled them into a huge lead, as they were up by 15 points going into the final question.  On top of that insurmountable lead, they correctly answered the final question, meaning the runaway victory wasn’t necessary as they’d have won with any lead going in.

With such a strong performance by PC Principals, they might be a favorite going into the post-season, which begins next Saturday with our first set of Playoff games!  It’s a good time of the year to be a competitive trivia player, I fully expect everyone to come out and join us in the fun.  You might win some big cash!!  Here’s to hoping!  Back at Fish again in a week, get in a last game before the playoffs on June 3rd.  You’ll need the prep.  It’s a fierce field out there! Until then guys, thanks a bunch!

~ Bill

Next week’s first category:  “Veronica Mars”

Veronica Mars Kristen Bell


Guido’s Speakeasy in Frederick, MD

I was happy to see some teams make it out to Guido’s Speakeasy for our Thursday night game of Pour House Trivia, even though the weather was kinda nasty.  Of the teams that made it out, there was one that kept moving farther out of reach from everyone else with each passing round for the top spot, and by the time we reached the final question they had a 31-point lead over the team in second place!  It was a spanking for sure, but whether it be 31 points or just one point, there is always a first, second and third place team to earn some nightly prizes.

Both teams picked up points on the final question by knowing that Clint Eastwood is the only person to produce, direct, and star in two different films that won the Academy Award for Best Picture.  And with that, your finals standings looked like this:  I Like To Play With Myself took home the third place prize, while Who Does Number Two Work For? took second place.  With a DOMINATING victory this week, we had Unathletico Madrid as our winners this evening! They are firing on all cylinders at just the right time, as we gear up for the Season XV Pour House Trivia playoffs in one week.  It will be a great day for trivia!

Also, it seems I won’t be escaping the task of singing for the winner’s choice category anytime soon, as Unathletico Madrid has chosen Jon Sings Hootie & The Blowfish for next week’d first category.  So study up, and hopefully we’ll have no thunderstorms next Thursday night for trivia at Guido’s Speakeasy!

~ Jon J

Hootie Trivia