Disney and SciFi on Pour House Pub Trivia’s weekend, oh my!

Pour House pub trivia‘s weekend mixed in a little Disney, a little science fiction and a whole bunch more with our live trivia in Maryland over the weekend!

Check it.

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome back to Belles for a little Saturday night live trivia, you are all the best! We had a real close game tonight as a number of teams jockeyed around for the top three!

Here are the results after the dust settled:
Uncle Jack in 1st
Dingoes Ate My Baby in 2nd
Blind Rocket Squirrels in 3rd

I’ll be back next week, and our first category will be American Horror Story.

~ Ronnie

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Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD​​

We started off with a packed house tonight at Captain Bender’s in Sharpsburg!

Our first round had us all over the place in categories, from John Wayne to Disney Films, but that didn’t phase you guys—you slayed round one without blinking! Naturally, I had to try and throw you a curveball to start round 2 with our audio question, hoping that the SciFi twist might throw you off, but alas, 75% of you nailed it, but the bonus proved to be tricky!

The halftime puzzles were quick, dirty, full of ampersands and acronyms, leading into round three where I challenged you with everything from fast food to biology, and you definitely didn’t disappoint.

And alas, the final round, definitely shifted the scoreboard around a bit, causing some strategic wagers to be thrown in for the final question of the night – AND WHAT A FINAL IT WAS.

The scoreboard was completely flipped on its head, and the prizes shook out like this: in 3rd place was the furious Fisted Sister! In second were our dedicated Boh’s & Hoes, but in first, making an INCREDIBLE COMEBACK JUMP were the COBRAS!

Their choice of first category next week? V for Vendetta! See you next Sunday!

– Torie


Orioles’ Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

Last night at the Orioles Nest, I experienced something for the first time in all my years as a host for Pour House! First of all, it was a REALLY close game (By the final, only 6 points separated 1st and last place).

What was crazy, was the 3-way tie for 1st going into the final question! What was even CRAZIER than that, was when all three teams went 12, then all three teams got it correct!!! Now I had to use a tie breaker for that 3-way tie in first (At this point, I was kinda scared that these teams would all put the same number for their answer! lol), and this is how the order for the top 3 worked:

In 3rd after the tie break was Ollie Monsters, 2nd was Smarty Pants and only 12 episodes off of the actual number for the tie question was our 1st place winners, the Witiots!!

They picked “The 1968 U.S. Presidential election” for next week’s winner’s choice, so study up and come check out the excitement on Sundays at the Orioles Nest #331!!!

~ Jon J