Did You Find the Medal Stand at Wednesday Trivia?

Wednesday night witnessed the opening of the newest Pour House Trivia venue, as we welcomed eight teams to the inaugural game at Black Hoof Brewing in downtown Leesburg.  Overall, tonight’s game featured 107 teams across 14 venues:


Wednesday’s opening round topics included “The Wizard of Oz”, the flag of Japan, and the bodies of water which border New Orleans.  We closed the round with a three-part question on celebrity siblings, with the most difficult of the three clues referencing this family of models:


Only 31% of our teams recognized the first names of the Hadid models (Gigi, Bella, and Anwar) to pick up these final two bonus points.  Twelve teams posted a perfect first round score on Wednesday night.


TV sitcoms were the focus of Wednesday’s audio clue, which quizzed our teams on sound bites from “Mork & Mindy”, “Mad About You”, and this current series:

Good Place

The toughest bonus question of the first half was featured in a second round football question.  Most of our teams knew that former Denver Broncos star Terrell Davis remains the most recent running back to win the Super Bowl MVP Award, but only 19% of our teams knew that he played his college ball at the University of Georgia.  After closing the round with questions concerning monosodium glutamate and French literature, we saw just four teams run the table in the second stanza: Flight Level Awesome (Belles’),  My Black Hole Just Exploded (Quinn’s), Mom and Dad Save the World (Barefoot Bernie’s), and Dave Martinez School of Management (Bennigan’s – Clarksburg).


Wednesday’s halftime page was a boon to any multi-generational teams, as we asked our players to identify ten celebrities, all of whom either passed away or were born in the same year (1987).  This page yielded five perfect scores and an overall average of 15.9 points.  Here is Wednesday’s halftime leaderboard:


Wednesday’s second half began with questions regarding the hip-hopera “Carmen” (starring Beyonce) and scalene triangles.  We followed with the nightly Three Clues question, which involved a foreign country:

CLUE 1: Gaining independence in 1947, this country’s name was partially derived as an acronym.

CLUE 2: Its current Prime Minster is a former professional cricketer.

Only seven teams earned bonus points by knowing that the name ‘Pakistan’ is derived from the initials of the geographic regions of Punjab, Afghania, Kashmir, Iran, Sindh, Tukharistan, and Afghanistan.  Next up, we discussed this NHL logo, which is one of the few instances in which an animal represents the city name rather than the team name:

Buffalo Sabres

The Pakistani experts on Dave Martinez School of Management (Bennigan’s – Clarksburg) posted the only perfect score of the third round.


After wrestling with a 6-4-2 question that dealt with Princess Jasmine from “Aladdin”, our teams covered such diverse final round topics as the early political career of Lyndon Johnson, Canadian provinces, and Limburger cheese.  We closed the round with a question concerning this “Unsinkable” character from the film “Titanic”:

Molly Brown Titanic Bates

While Kathy Bates’ performance is likely more famous, seven teams tacked on the final two bonus points of the night by also knowing that Debbie Reynolds earned an Oscar nomination for portraying the “Unsinkable”  Molly Brown in a 1964 musical film of the same name.  Once again, Dave Martinez School of Management (Bennigan’s – Clarksburg) posted the only perfect score of the fourth round.  After sweeping each of the four rounds, this perennial powerhouse could have been riding a perfect score into the final question, but stalled out on the 6-4-2 question.  Nonetheless, the team easily topped the pre-final leaderboard on Wednesday night:

WEDNESDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (4.7% success rate):

–> What is the English translation for the trio that the ancient Greeks referred to as chrysos, argyros, and chalcos?

Etymology proved to be the nemesis of many teams on Wednesday night.  The root chrysos is the derivation of words such as chrysanthemum and chrysalis, both of which are named for their golden color.  The root argyros is the derivation of argent, the French word for money, as well as the chemical symbol Ag (for silver).  The root chalcos is certainly more obscure, but based upon the first two answers, it became clear to a few teams that it represented bronze.  Only five teams responded correctly on Wednesday’s final question, which meant that none of our teams earned the Perfect 21.  Here is your final Wednesday leaderboard:


Valley Grill in Middletown, MD:  Fat Kids Are Hard to Kidnap  (Next week’s first category: NHL Goalies)

The Tavern in Olney, MD:  Fan Club  (Next week’s first category: Billy Joel – AUDIO)

Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick, MD:  Tokyo Tentacle Storm  (Next week’s first category: “Beetlejuice”)

Bennigan’s in Frederick, MD:  Teachers  (Next week’s first category: Irish Civil War)

Nido’s Ristorante in Frederick, MD:  Witiots  (Next week’s first category: Three Clues / One Sandwich)

Barefoot Bernie’s in Hagerstown, MD:  Save the Clock Tower  (Next week’s first category: “The Good Place”)

Quinn’s on the Corner in Arlington, VA:  My Black Hole Just Exploded  (Next week’s first category: David Cronenberg Films)

Dragon Hops Brewing in Purcellville, VA:  Dangerous Business  (Next week’s first category: Power Tools)

Black Hoof Brewing in Leesburg, VA:  Bet Smart  (Next week’s first category: Broadway Musicals)

Clover Theater in Cloverdale, CA:  Nerdy By Nature  (Next week’s first category: “Broad City”)

Kildare’s Pub in Scranton, PA:  NO GAME THIS WEEK  (Next week’s first category: Stoic Philosophers)

Whole Foods Market in Vienna, VA:  NO GAME THIS WEEK  (First category on Oct. 31: Diseases of the Eye)

Bennigan’s in Clarksburg, MD:  Dave Martinez School of Management  (Next week’s first category: Disney Princesses)

Memories in Mount Airy, MD:  Sexual Chocolate  (Next week’s first category: Roller Coaster Manufacturers)

Furnace Bar and Grill in Thurmont, MD:  Shoes For Feet  (Next week’s first category: Dax Shepard Films)

Brookside Inn in Jefferson, MD:  Simple Minds  (Next week’s first category: Candy Bars)