Did You Accept the Offer of Tuesday Trivia?

alt textTuesday’s game of Pour House Trivia welcomed 93 teams across ten venues.


Opening round topics from Tuesday night began with a three-part question on dog breeds where are teams were given a hybrid dog breed and they had to name the two breeds they were a cross between, the dogs in question were a Pomsky, Chug, and Peek-a-Poo. The respective answers were Pomeranian and Husky, Chihuahua and Pug, and Pekingese and Poodle. Other topics in Round One included Maid Marian, Red Lobster, and the tv sitcom that debuted 47 years ago today, The Jeffersons.

Six teams posted a perfect first round score on Tuesday night.


In Tuesday’s audio question, the field dealt with songs whose titles began and ended with the same letter, those answers were “America,” “Pop” and “Roar.” Subsequent topics included the Boston Bruins, the Van Pelt children from Peanuts, Linus, Lucy, and Rerun  Endeavour, and we changed a letter to make the answers to circus and cirrus.

Only one team Quiz in My Pants (Dudley’s Sport and Aleearned a perfect Sound Round score.


Brand mascots and tv show settings.  The overall average reached 17.4 points with 28 teams earning a perfect score.  Here is Tuesday’s halftime leaderboard:


Tuesday’s Third Round went fairly smooth for the majority of our teams. We discussed the topics of the Frost/Nixon interviewsthe acronym NIMBY, which stands for Not in My Back Yard, a three-part question about sporting nicknames where the answers were “Doc,” “Goose” and “Iceman,” and the animated Land Before Time franchise. Round Three also included the most difficult question of the night on the topic of medical maladies.

  • This short-term medical condition is scientifically known as ‘epistaxis .’An urban legend exists that this malady was the cause of Attila the Hun’s death. What is that condition?

A little under 25% of our teams were able to come up with the correct answer of nosebleed.

Despite an easier third round only one team, Drunken Birds of Steele (Dudley’s Sport and Aleearned a perfect third round score on Tuesday night.


After our nightly 6-4-2 question took up to Arkansas we began Round Four. In a unique occurrence Round Four featured two bonuses where only two teams earned their bonus points. After we asked a question about the film Postcards from the Edge we asked our teams to name either one of the first names of the two main characters a mother and daughter. Your Realtors (Epiq Food Hall) picked up two points by saying either Suzanne or Doris. 

We also asked a question about owl where only one team, Wiseacres (Distilled) earned a bonus by knowing the tallest owl in the world is the Great Grey Owl.

Other topics in the round included Henny Penny, The Beatles White Album, and we finished up the night with a three-clues question about the word Juno.

Quiz in My Pants (Dudley’s Sport and Ale) was the only team to have earned a perfect score in Tuesday’s fourth round.  Heading into the final question, these were your highest scoring Tuesday teams:

FINAL QUESTION (21.5% success rate):

  • The numerical figure of $3,418,416.01 is associated with which TV show that debuted in the United States in 2005?

Just a little over 20% of Tuesday’s field responded correctly by figuring out that number is the total of sum of 26 suitcases used in the show Deal or No Deal.  One team Quiz in My Pants (Dudley’s Sport and Ale) posted the Perfect 21 on Tuesday night by correctly answering all 21 wagering questions.  Here is Tuesday’s final overall leaderboard:


Upper Deck in Mount Airy, MD: Dumber than We Look  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Barry Woods – MEME)

Olney Winery in Olney, MD: Killer Snails  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: NFL Kickers)

Dudley’s Sport and Ale in Arlington, VA: Quiz in My Pants  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: 1990s Contemporary Christian Music)

Ramparts Tavern & Grill in Arlington, VA: Stamp Collectors  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: The Boys – AMAZON SERIES)

Solace Outpost in Falls Church, VA: Off in the Park  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Casino Games)

Smoketown Creekside in Frederick, MD: Shipwrecked  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Collective Nouns)

Distilled in Frederick, MD: Wiseacres (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Historical Plays)

Antietam Brewery in Hagerstown, MD: Loose Lannisters  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Sci-Fi Authors)

Gentleman Jim’s in Gaithersburg, MD: Cosigpod  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Marvel Films)

Epiq Food Hall in Woodbridge, VA: My Bitches (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: 1970s/1980s Electronics)