Dear Tuesday Night Trivia teams, if i may quote the great David Cassidy…”I Think I Love You.”

There was indeed a lot of love in the air at our pub trivia venues Tuesday night. We had some great games around the horn as teams are gearing up for our Season 8 post season craziness starting this weekend. 

david cassidy trivia

Monkey La La – Frederick, Maryland

Eleven question answering crews stomped into La La tonight ready to strut their trivia stuff on what turned out to be a stellar Tuesday pub trivia night at Monkey La La in Frederick, MD. And our friends over at Stink Floyd are no strangers to throwing out a little trivial swagger. They maintained a nice striking distance and then near the 6-4-2 just made some  leaps and turned that momentum into a nice crisp W for the night! Great game Stink Floyd! Our 2nd Place winners tonight went to the ladies and gents over at TBH – they’ve been popping their head in here lately; we hope to see more of them in Season 9. And rounding out the La La Top 3 tonight were the fine folks of 3rd Quarter Nosedive, who informed me that the Pour House trivia “lil meantimers” are looked forward to and that they regrettably missed theirs today. And I vow here to never miss sending out one again :) Incidentallly, todays was “What fad of the 90s revolved around a players collection of small discs and a game piece called a slammer” ? Gnaw on it a bit..lemme know if ya want the answer…Good luck to all my La La friends in the playoffs and trivia Pub Crawl this weekend. I will see you there :)

And I will see you NEXT TUESDAY NIGHT at La La when we will begin with a question in the category of “Bass Guitar.” – dg :)

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Champions, I missed you so! It is true what they say- absence makes the heart grow fonder ;) Was nice to be back with my tuesday night crews though, even had some new faces tonight to round out a good size pack. And a pack it was, everyone was hunting for a top finish- was a tight game all night. After some (supposedly) strategic wagering it was W kicking themselves and falling out of the money after taking the lead earlier in the game. 3rd ended up going to Thundercats who were down a few players but will be ready to slug it out at World Series on the 25th. 2nd was a surprise- Doomed! You were not so doomed tonight! Nice job guys! And taking the win by one point was a 3 man team of Wiseacres. Good snipe! I will see you next week for a first question of Bonsai trees, bring your garden shears ;) ~Samantha

bonsai tree trivia question

Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

Gimme Shelter is giving the Hollywood teams a run for their money. End the Game was close with team Freedom almost losing the top slot to the newcomers. But house Champs maintained their  hold on the first place slot with 145. If we only had a brain took second place with a well placed bet on the last question clearing 131. Gimme me Shelter took the third place slot with 130. We will be looking at “Simpsons” Characters for our first category next week! Stay tuned.

Griffs Landing – Frederick, MD

Strong night at Griff’s by the Know Nothings, who led for most of the evening.
You and I took second place, and Beer is Good went home with the third place prize. Join us next Tuesday when our first question will be in “The Sound of Music” (original). And good luck in the playoffs this weekend everyone! – Tripp

Jekyll and Hydes – Frederick, MD

We had a crazy game tonight at Jekyll & Hyde!  Great game everyone!  Sux Not 2B Us took third tonight, Empty Nesters took second by winning the tie breaker, and Brownie Points took first place tonight!  Great job!  Next week’s first category is True Crime Dramas, so study up and we’ll see you next week! Good luck to my teams going into the playoffs this weekend! – Brad

crime drama tv trivia

Cugini’s – Poolesville, Maryland

Ten teams battled it out in only our 2nd night of Pour House Trivia here at Cugini’s! Give it up to Murphs, who pulled ahead early on and never looked back! 2nd place went out to The Neverlands, who came from an early deficit to take down a prize. MoMo brought in the necessary back-up tonight to aide her already strong trivia skills and finished in 3rd. Hey folks, I hope to see a couple of the teams compete in this weekend’s Pub Crawl. Take care, and I’ll see you next week for our first category, “I Love the 80′s!” ` Ronnie

1980s pop culture trivia


 Ramparts – Alexandria, Virginia

 Another Standing Room Only crowd at Ramparts, as 15 teams piled in another Tuesday night of treivia.  We had a brand-new team join us, On Top Isn’t Always the best, and they put up some stiff competition for our regulars.  They were tied for first after rounds two and three and pulled into the lead after the fourth round.  But they could not snag the final question, and so Is This Your Homework, Larry? seized the opportunity to take down their third win a row.  Stamp Collectors jumped a few spots on the final to take second, while Valley Girls took third with a little help from Nigeria.  Next week begins with a question the U.S. Constitutional Conventions.  ~ Matt