‘Dat 81 Team Bar Trivia Battle Extravaganza called World Series of Trivia 13



Leading up to the World Series of Trivia 13 was a powerful couple of weekends. Teams in 4 states played some Pour House Trivia, earned points, got their teams together and planned a few weekends worth of pub trivia – PHT style! The weekend prior we watched almost 100 teams grapple at 5 different bars in VA and Maryland with some trivia questions from topics all over the proverbial spectrum. We crowned a Pub Crawl 2016 champ: Wiser but Still Dead. We invited about 94 teams total to the finals and we set the stage for what turned out to be one of the most exciting to watch bar trivia events in PHT history! 80+ teams took to some fun questions. They ate. They drank. They put up with my Sunday afternoon sense of humor. They drank more (probably due to my Sunday afternoon sense of humor). And we gave out a bunch of COOL STUFF! It was a stellar day for bar trivia for sure.

Round 1:

As a little inside info. we do a lot of analytics on our question writing, the answers, the categories, etc. We take pride in providing the best pub trivia experience possible to our players! That said, we witnessed an interesting phenomenon at this event. The Round 1 questions were the toughest of the set! Bada BOOM -whooda thunk? Of course, we don’t know this going in but it turned out that the Round 1 questions had the biggest (and sharpest) teeth! We kicked off with board games which seemed innocent enough. But the monsters were New Zealand


and the idea that G rated movies earned the most loot on a per movie basis! Interestingly, they don’t make as many G rated films these days. Even stuff like Zootopia gets the PG stamp. It’s a different time! I digress, though. Many teams got bit early so there was some work to do in Round 2…

Round 2:

Cue Johny Mac please!

It was an AUDIO Sporty trio of questions to open up Round 2. And this tough one paved the way for the likes of the Macarena and of course our Dark Horse Comics trivia surprise! With all the Marvel and DC hoopla we felt that Dark Horse needed some love! And they got it! And good thing, as we ended the round with a very tough statistics question regarding one of our own questions!!! Who does that? IKR?!?!? Oh yeah…at PHT it’s all fair game! This round meant business.

And then…the Half-time Puzzle hit…

bar trivia questions md DC VA

Love me some of that DURAN DURAN question. And who could hate a puzzle where WILLOW, Wu-Tang Clan and The Illuminati all pop up together? This thing here set the stage for a dynamic 2nd half. It was still anyone’s game…

Round 3:

Honestly, I practiced for a while in preparation for this event on words I have not used and pronouncing them accurately. But the one that beat me…yup, the word “OF!!!” Or “OFF” apparently 🙂 The ole’ Great Wave Off Kanagawa moment! That happened this round. Fun times though. Round 3 was a fun one. Pepperidge Farms kicked us off but it was Dr. Seuss that stole this round! The question was to name the only word with more than one syllable in Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs & Ham.” Let’s just say after 60 minutes of beer and pub trivia this word is not easily accessible. Fun yes – but sometimes the tip of the tongue stays strong and does not give up the goods. This was definitely one of the tough ones of the round!

And after a fun round 3 and a 6-4-2 that had a bite in its own right, we moved to our final round of trivia…

Round 4:

Good ole’ Pearl Slaghoople made a cameo to begin Round 4. And while many did decode the Fred Flintstone reference it was only a few that dropped the Joan Collins/ Elizabeth Taylor 2pt. bonus! And we all know the 2pt bonuses can rack up and mean the difference between some $$$LOOT$$$ and lotsa $$$LOOT$$$  – especially in round 4 of this event.

We also got to do some constitutional law and even had a 400 person “flip us off” pic occur! Oh ya gotta love the ole “Gimme the Bird” category! Passenger Pigeons for days let’s just say 😉


And our final regular question was a cool fact about Credence. If you have not seen Twilight Zone the Movie, just go watch it. You’ll get a new appreciation for “Midnight Special.”


We had ourselves a game ladies and gents! The stage was full of $$$, swag, trophies, photographers and a whole lotta love to be given out! All that was to do now was wrestle off a tough “Notable Nicknames” question. We gave the year. We gave the birth name. We gave some geographic hints. And we left it to the teams. After a solid 2 or 3 minutes the teams had handed in their last answers of the WS13 Season and left it to the judges. It was “WENDY” for the win! We did our tabulations and had a record year of NO TIES!!!

Before I give you the final scores and props…On behalf of all of us here at Pour House Trivia, I would like THANK ALL OF YOU for playing our game. We so very much appreciate the opportunity you give us to have some fun and create a game and an environment to enjoy yourself in. To have some fun and share some good times with friends is what it is all about! I truly hope you enjoyed this day. We will definitely do it again soon. Lotsa Love… DG 🙂

The Results:

We had the opportunity to catch up with our TOP 10 and snap some shots of their smiley mugs. And some even had Top 5 Mugs to go along with 🙂 Congratulations y’all. Great game and well played. It is certainly no easy feat to Top 10 a field full of bar trivia teams from MD, Va, DE and DC. So mucho props to you all!

A NOTE: High School Prom – for some reason unknown to us your image with your trophy and $$$ got attacked by a camera SNAFU virus (I don’t think that’s the official name) so we posted some a shot of your team during play in lieu of this distorted image. Apologies.


The overall scores are posted here as well for you:

1 Dusty Baker School of Management 176
2 High Schoool Prom 175
3 Blue Collar 173
4 Stink Floyd 172
5 The A Team 171
T-6 Breadsticks 169
T-6 Wiser But Still Dead 169
8 Tokyo Sex Whale 166
9 Uncle Jack 164
10 Power Vacuum 162
T-11 Slapsgiving 161
T-11 PC Principles 161
T-11 Dewey Cheatum & Howe 161
T-14 Comfortably Dum 159
T-14 Fisted Sister 159
T-16 Stupid Sexy Flanders 158
T-16 Roaming Gnomes 158
18 Give Us Your Beer Money 156
19 Sad Fat Dragons 154
20 Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap 152
21 Kitten Mittens 150
22 Cher’s Zombie Army 149
T-23 John Lithgow Fan Club 148
T-23 Scared Money Don’t Make Money 148
T-25 Charlie and the Vodka Factory 147
T-25 Biff Please 147
27 Poovey Farms 144
28 Third Quarter Nose Dive 142
T-29 Vitrifiers 141
T-29 Fractured But Whole 141
T-29 Minivan Mafia 141
T-32 Blind Rocket Squirrel Surgeons 140
T-32 Just Good Enough 140
34 Rice Rice Baby 139
35 Rock the Cash Bar 138
T-36 Danny Glover 137
T-36 HR Puffnstuff 137
T-38 Dirty Dirty Kitten 135
T-38 Up For Anything 135
40 Roosevelt’s Polio Throw 130
T-41 Big Ole Balls 129
T-41 Uranus 129
43 Axis of Ignorance 128
44 FnQ 125
45 Lowered Expectations 124
T-46 B-58s 122
T-46 Stephen Hawkings Karaoke Machine 122
T-46 Suck it Frosty 122
49 Vandalay Industries 121
50 Quiz in My Pants 120
T-51 Sanford and Son 119
T-51 Suck it Trebek 119
53 Multiple Scorgasms 118
54 Flight Level Awesome 117
T-55 BTF 114
T-55 Quiz Quincy’s 114
T-57 We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity 113
T-57 Taco Tuesday 113
T-57 Unemployed Hand Models Seeking Hand Jobs 113
60 Axl’s Doghouse 112
T-61 Cobras 111
T-61 Fubar 111
63 Just the Tip 110
64 If We Lose the Terrorists Win 105
65 That’s a Niner 104
T-66 Screaming Death Monkey 102
T-66 Downtown Dinkytown 102
68 TBD 99
69 It Came on Me 97
70 LOWL 94
T-71 Beer Pressure 92
T-71 Flip Flop 92
73 MC 91
74 Beasts of Bourbon 90
75 Useless Gnawledge 81
76 Boo Boo Kitty 75
77 Smarty Pants 74
78 Thinkers and Dreamers 72
79 In Boca al Lupo 59
80 Alpha Sigma Sigma 51
81 Bored of Education 46




And that my friends is how it went down. It was a great day of pub trivia at its finest! I’d like to thank all of our sponsors – Barefoot Bernies, DuClaw Beer, Peggy Patschak of Coldwell Banker and Ronald Reagan of State Farm Insurance. I’d also, again, like to thank you…for playing our game. Feel free to CONTACT US any time with ideas, thoughts, suggestions, criticisms or just to say hello. Until we meet again, I wish you and your team a wonderful summer…and good luck at the SUMMER FLING.