Cuz I got one hand in my pocket, and the other one is…

alanis morisette  …frozen cuz I parked so far away…

Brrrr…the cold was a biting tonight. And I brought my heavy speakers like a newb bar trivia host! There is something spiritual that happens when you carry two 50lb speakers to your car (which again I parked extra farther away tonight) after a night’s fun and games. I think I cussed, loud…and I think an elf heard me (I mean…I think it was an elf). I am so on the naughty list!

Barefoot Bernies

But I digress. 

I’m back – Bernies! Barefoot Bernies! My WaCo friends were out for blood tonight! And we had a nice handful of new teams there to get in on the fun as well. Competitive evening! We even had what I would say is easily the biggest impromptu game of quarters that has broken out in a bar…EVER! Im not sure who won but it was not the guy who face checked the service bar Im thinking – yah…ouch!

Slapsgiving brought it tonight and went to coast to coast FTW, just over Obi Wanna Blow Me who snapped up a very respectable 2nd Place tonight. And 3rd Place went to Phlitches, playing a bit short handed tonight. GG All!

Let’s talk about next WEDNESDAY – white elephant gift exchange after trivia. $15 max on your gift. And our 1st category is “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”  See you next WED :) dg

Cellar Door

Caaa-yyyyennnnneee, cayenne!

cayenne pepper

I got it! Cellar, you were packed tonight! Such a fun night, you guys really are just a blast. Make my week, gotta tell you. I can’t wait to see what happens next week when I fill you full of cookies ;) We had a steady leaderboard tonight, the surprises were in the banter. It was Trivia Boobs in 3rd again, with I like Big Butts coming in 2nd after fighting the good fight but Witioits proved themselves yet again to be tough competitors! We will get back together next week for christmas cheers and a first category of Gilligan’s Island. ~Samantha

Valley Grill

Oh! Baby it’s cold outside, but hot inside the Valley Grill Sports Bar. It was a real close contest tonight but Southpaw Fish managed to prevail for 1st! Brain Freeze had them worried and took down 2nd, and FNQ secured 3rd with a very strategic wager. Next week’s category is The Beatles. ~ Ronnie

the beatles and muhammed ali

Fast Eddie’s Bar and Grill

Traffic be damned, we had a white-hot game of trivia at Fast Eddie’s tonight! Fake Block came through with an impressive win tonight!! They were UNTOUCHABLE going into the final!! In second was Mess & Jeg, the ONLY TEAM to correctly answer the final question!! Rounding out the winner’s circle was No Brainz at the Bar who spited their team name to take home a prize! First category next week: ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT! See you next Wednesday! ~Torie

Atlantic Grille

Real nail-biter down to the end at Atlantic Grille in Urbana tonight! Regulars Alcoholics Unanimous had a depleted team and slid down to 3rd. Newcomers Pirate Hookers and Mom’s Night Out were neck and neck all night until strategic wagering in the finale earned them second and first place respectively. This will be a good week to study up on the boss. No, not YOUR boss (that’s creepy) – THE Boss! Winner’s Choice category is Bruce Springsteen!

– Eric :D

 bruce springstein

T. J. Stone’s

 Another Standing Room Only crowd packed T.J. Stone’s in Alexandria on Wednesday, and we welcomed a few teams that had taken some time off, but in were still in mid-season form.  We managed to squeeze in a few questions that referencefd the Redskins, which is always good for a chorus of Boo’s.  Anyway, the top of the leaderboard was just as crowded as the bar, but only a few teams were able to secure the correct final answer, and it allowed That’s What She Said to take down the win, foolowed Dirty Mike and the Boys and the B-58s.  Next week, we’ll start with a question about La belle province“…. Quebec!  See you then!  ~ Matt

Quebec Pour House Trivia