Cryogenics and much more on Pour House Pub Trivia’s Thursday!

​​Pour House pub trivia’s Thursday got a little frigid with cryogenics, plus a whole bunch more with live trivia in Virginia, Maryland and Florida!

Check the games, gang.

The Blue Parrott – St. Petersburg Beach, Florida

On a rainy day in Florida, what do you do? Come down to the Blue Parrott of course and play some General Knowledge Trivia! Tonight’s teams fought fiercely for the prizes at hand!

At half time, the new team, The Hot Chicks and the Geezers fought tooth and nail with last week’s champs, the Quizknows, only trailing by 4 points. Sadly the second round caught up with the Hot chicks and the geezers, but they were excited to be the only team to get the final question, placing them in third over all. The Quizknows though have won once again.

The category in two weeks (Happy Thanksgiving Y’all) will be about the Star Trek Borg.


Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

We had a full house for live trivia tonight here at Bunkers in Leesburg, it was great to see almost all of our regular teams make it out!

Three birthdays marked the occasion, so we had a little extra kicked into the “party” side of PHT. Congrats to the top team for being the ONLY team to nail the final!

Here are the results:

The Indians in 1st
Cranius Maximus in 2nd
Washington Foreskins in 3rd

Remember we are off for Thanksgiving next Thursday, so I’ll see you in two weeks, where our first category will be Thanksgiving Football.

~ Ronnie

Thanksgiving Football trivia pour house live trivia virginia

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

I didn’t sing tonight at Champions, nor did I have to spell anything… you know that just means that there was going to be a flub somewhere. Ha. And, oh man. It was Denny to the rescue as we had a bit of a puzzle page snafu. I think it threw the teams for a bit of a loop, I know we all had some restructuring pains- we’re all creatures of habit!

The schedule of the game wasn’t the only thing that threw my teams tonight- all things soviet left big ol’ zeros on the spreadsheet! The William’s were also rough on you tonight, you may love the princess bride but most of you seemed surprised to find out that it was a book! 😉 We als had a bit of confusion about the Jewish New year and the day of Atonement… I know one of them you eat apples and honey! Pretty sure that’s Rosh Hashanah.

The final certainly shook some things up and we had some teams moving on our scoreboard like whirling dervishes (Not russian, but still cool) once everyone stopped spinning from the big reveal that Comrade was incorrect, it was Power Vac in the money at 3rd, an appearance by FnQ in 2nd! and yes, the happy hands of Vitrifiers in 1st yet again! The lemondrops had nothing to do with it 😉
We are OFF for thanksgiving obviously, but have a wonderful holiday full of happiness and good food with your loved ones, and we will start our game in two weeks with Bernie Sanders.


Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

Last game of the week for me, last game until Thanksgiving for our Fish Market goers; glad to see the people who decided to come out and get their fix before the holidays! For those we missed, I hope your holiday is a great one and hope to have you back, well rested, and in full pub trivia form in 2 weeks!

Though we were missing some of them, we did have a good chunk of the regulars come out tonight to play, and even had a few familiar faces that frequent another one of our games. Leading the game after the first half was Welcome to You’re Doom followed by RTC and 2 Birds One Stone. The game seemed close at the half but it got a bit out of hand come the 2nd half.

Our question of the night snuck its evil head in during the second half as we had most of our teams missed Cryogenics. Cryogenics coming from the Greek to describe the study of matter at low temperatures, I got a LOT of “thermodynamics” answers which, if my memory is serving correctly, therm = heat and dynamic = movement. Not QUITE what we were looking for here but you certainly were not alone if you put that one.

After round 4, our teams were so far spread out that the final question essentially didn’t have any impact on the game. Doom was up by 18 on 2 Birds who were up 15 on RTC who were up 14 on the 4th place team so everyone’s zero wager would lock them into their spot. RTC took no such safety, betting the whole 12 and risking their top 3 finish. They did end up missing the final BUT most teams did too, meaning no harm no foul. 3rd place tonight RTC, 2nd place 2 Birds One Stone, and winning tonight, the only team to get the final answer correct, was Welcome to You’re Doom! Great game! Have a good holiday everybody I’ll see you back in 2 weeks!

1st Place: Welcome to You’re Doom
2nd Place: 2 Birds One Stone
3rd Place: RTC

Next week: The Crusades

crusades trivia pour house live trivia virginia

Guido’s – Frederick, MD

We had a great team turnout last night at Guido’s Speakeasy. There was actually a few new teams in last night that gave the regulars a run for their money!

The top 3 list finished out like this:In 3rd place was a “kinda” new team, they played their first game ever just two weeks ago! Nice job to Blue House! 2nd place went to the always dangerous T.N.C., and our winner last night WAS a first timer team that I hope will be back again, 1st place went to Jalapeno Business!!

Now Guido’s will be CLOSED next Thursday for Thanksgiving, so their pick for winner’s choice when we reconvene in 2 weeks will be “The Vampire Diaries” so have a fantastic turkey day kiddies, and I’ll see everyone back at Guido’s in 2 weeks!!!

~ Jon J



Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

Tonight we laughed, we sang, we had cake!

In Boca came in first place with 150 points even – followed closely by Clever Team Name with 147, and not to far behind was last week’s champs Black Dogs, at 126.

When we return from the holiday break we will starting off with a question about Friends- the tv show!


Friends Trivia Category Maryland

Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

To say that it was crowded at Quincy’s in Gaithersburg on Thursday night would be a bit of an understatement.  We had 13 teams at our weekly trivia throwdown, and it seemed like every team had their full allotment of players (or more).  Tonight’s game still proves the fact that no matter how big your team is, you have to have right personnel to persevere.  Tonight, it was Blue Collar who did just that, as they were the ONLY team to pick up a correct response on the final question, so of course they won tonight’s game.  They are now in the overall Season XII lead!  Breadsticks took second in a tiebreaker over Suck It Frosty who took third.  Don’t forget that there is NO TRIVIA next week (Happy Thanksgiving!), so we’ll begin our next game Dec. 2 with a question on Ludwig van Beethoven.  ~ Matt