Clouds might have blocked the Supermoon eclipse, but couldn’t block Pour House Pub Trivia’s weekend!

Pour House pub trivia celebrated the first weekend of fall with a trio of great games of live trivia!

Bummer about those clouds on the super moon, so here’s a picture of what we missed!


Check out the games!

I do love Saturday night live trivia at Belles, the people are always fun, answers are unpredictable and competition is tight!

There may have been some good-hearted groaning, swearing and celebration but it doesn’t compare to the throwdown that happened after our Disney final tonight!

Quizzaical therapy was leading the pack- looking strong and steady after a munchkin half time but they bobbled on the princess and fell out of the top three. That left it open for a three way (Scandal!) tie breaker for first, second and third! It all came down to one single date – once HP was reveled it was a lone wolf standing in 1st- yes, a solo win by none other than Dave from Wiser but Still dead who took down 10 other teams tonight for the win! Nice job! 2nd went to Uncle Jack who played a damn good game and it was the ladies of Smarty Pants who hung in there and grabbed the 3rd before anyone else got any ideas 😉

Fun game guys, let’s do it again next week! We will start out with Famous Alabamians. Yeah. Famous people from Alabama.


Famous Alabamans  Trivia pour house pub trivia maryland


Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD​​

We had a great game of live trivia tonight at Captain Bender’s in Sharpsburg as we awaited the Super Moon Eclipse!

Our family of regulars all showed up to duke it out for our top prizes tonight, and the scoreboard shook out like this:

In third place, we had the fierce COBRAS who came out in full-force tonight! Just ahead of them by a single point was our unstoppable duo, RICE RICE BABY!! But taking home the top prize tonight as the team to be reckoned with – FISTED SISTER!!

Their choice of first category next week? JERRY MAGUIRE! See you next Sunday everybody!

– Torie

Jerry Maguire Trivia pour house pub trivia maryland


Orioles’ Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

We had an impressive finish for Sunday nights trivia game at Orioles Nest #331. There was definitely a 4th round surge by a couple teams that changed the outcome of game, which in turn, has gotten me SCARED to come in for next weeks game!! (Wait till you see what I agreed to…) Making a nice move into 3rd after the 12 point final was Whatever Happened to the Dufrenes?! Having their chance for back to back wins stolen after round 4 to finish 2nd was the Vitrifiers!! Rocking round 4 and the final for the 1st place win was Smarty Pants!! I know I’m going to regret agreeing to their winners choice category for next week “Triple 50/50: Is Jon(that’s me ) singing Backstreet Boys or N’Sync”. If you need a good laugh, make sure to come out for trivia next Sunday at Orioles Nest #331!!   ~ Jon J