Closing in on that WORLD SERIES! Pour House Trivia Tuesday recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday brings us ever-closer to World Series X!

Just 25 days until the big day, and teams are coming out for their tuneups. Check out the recaps.

Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

After a stellar performance last week came up just short, Uncle Jack came back from Maryland to redeem themselves, and they did just that, as they were the ONLY team to come up with the correct response on the final question, and landed themselves in first place at Capitol City Brewing!  Tom Brady’s Spirit Animal is the Cheetah (aka Capital Hillbillies) played nearly flawlessly, but had to settle for second place, while Eric’ Illegitimate Kids took third.  Next week, we begin with a question on actress Rebel Wilson!  ~ Matt


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Oh my my, oh hell yes!

Thundercats know it’s the end of the season and they are officially done messing around! Good lord. They took the lead and ran with it tonight, even missing the final question couldn’t knock them out of the top spot. 2nd went to a very excited Pulpit Fiction – they were the only team to nail the final, but I think they were just excited that they beat Crystal Methodists who rounded out the top 3. Sorry, Jesus isn’t always the answer 😉

I can’t wait to watch you all at playoffs and the series, I think we’ve got some pretty damn good competition shaping up in the Pour House Nation. Next week you should break out your paint by numbers for a Triple 50/50 – Monet vs Manet. That should be fun 😉


Manet Monet trivia pour house pub trivia maryland


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

We had a brief pause so folks could exodus to their vehicles tonight, that sky looked absolutely wicked here in Poolesville!

It seems like it always rains when I am here, but thankfully this one blew right on by. Anyway, it was a great game of live trivia nonetheless, with a final that I thought was quite tough.

Here are the results:

How I Met Ronnie in 1st

Quizzed My Pants in 2nd

Drunk N Disorderly in 3rd

Our first category for next week is Mel Brooks films.

~ Ronnie

Blazing Saddles Pub Quiz Maryland

Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

We’re getting closer and closer to someone winning those Nationals Tickets from the Celebrity Bar and Grill! Let’s see who is that much closer to the prize after this week… Finishing 3rd was Just us! I’d like to welcome back the 2nd place team from last night, (they’ve been gone the last two weeks on vacation) Creswells Fairies!! I’m pretty sure that this win is at least their third in a row, another nice win for American Outlaws!!! They picked “Newtons Third Law” for next weeks winners choice, so get your study on, and I hope to see everyone back at Celebrity Bar & Grill next Tuesday!! ~ Jon J

Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

We didn’t even need the “I hardly know her” platitudes tonight – this set of trivia questions was chock full o’wackiness! Between the nutty puzzle and all the Albert Pujols/ Uranus connections, it was definitely a delicious PG-13 event at the La La Licious this evening! And I’ve said it before, my inner 7th grader just loves to go out and frolic in this kinda craziness!

Great game tonight everyone! And wow what a beautiful evening as well. Thanks a ton for coming out and hangin’! It was a fun set; a challenging set, and and a informational set for sure! And that is what any trivia host wants in a game. Those 3 items make for a fun night of team trivia – (and some nice cold ones never hurt either 😉

duclaw trivia beer trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Congrats to our Top 3 tonight who grappled for a couple of hours for that top slot! Only one could take down the cheese though. And it was:

20150512_215644.1 20150512_220103.2 20150512_220326.3

Awesome game y’all! The final was an interesting one as even thought oxygen is likely not the most abundant by number, its atomic weight overcomes that and allows it to comprise 65% of the body’s mass. I like it!

So next week we are starting it off with Bees at La La! I think that’s a PHT first for winner’s choice. So put your apiary hats on and pop out next Tuesaday night for some fun and games! Until then, enjoy your week, and i will see you soon. DG 🙂


Orioles Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

So tonight we had a few questions that completely wiped out everybody. Turns out oxygen makes up like 60% of our mass? That sounds like there’s no way it can be right at first, but it actually makes sense, because oxygen is in pretty much everything. We also had a bit of trouble with the Greek Gods question, because I guess Uranus isn’t really well known, even though he IS Kronos’ daddy. The final question ended up being tough too, and because Bruce Springsteen was mentioned in the question, next week’s opening category is “Chad sings Bruce Springsteen” which should be interesting. I don’t know what I’m going to sing, but I’ll think of something for that. I also had a tiebreaker that needed to be done, with teams guessing how many solo top-40 hits Ricky Martin has had on the Latin Billboard charts. Turns out he has 45 of them!

On the losing end of the tiebreaker and ending up in third place was Black Steel, who got there with some strategic final wagering. Winning that tiebreaker and taking second place was The Three Stooges, who were slightly closer but still way off on Ricky’s tiebreaker. Either way nice job tonight! Our winners who put together a very solid complete effort, nice job to One Crow Short of a Murder, congrats! Like I said, next week we start with Chad Sings Bruce Springsteen, which is something you DEFINITELY do not want to miss! I’ll see you all next week!

Until next time,

Springsteen pub trivia company maryland

Tilted Kilt – Frederick, MD

It’s always an exciting game of live trivia at Tilted Kilt, and this week was no exception. 9 teams battled for the top prize, almost all of them first-time players. With some particularly tough rounds, teams were close the whole game, with nothing set in stone until the last answer was turned in.

We learned a lot about the knowledge bases of teams, including chemical elements, world capitals and the “Culture of Pop.” The second half included a few that stumped the whole crowd, keeping the scores tight as we headed to a final.

In what proved to be a difficult final, no one answered correctly, which left our leaderboard virtually the same when it came time to hand out prizes. In third place was Team Air Force (with help from a lovely TK girl), and in second was Team Watts, who had just arrived from out of town! Taking first this week was Team Pete, whose knowledge of 2000’s Chick Flicks might just have made the difference.

Team Pete chose, Bourbon as their first category for next week, so get here early and do some research with the girls. It’s for science!!

See you next week,


Whiskey Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Quincy’s South – Rockville, MD

Tonight’s game, brought to you by Duclaw, featured a battle of strong competitors waging war for the top spot at Quincy’s. The question of the night I am deeming the Greek God question. I had 1 team get it, though the confidence level was low, betting a 1 on it. Question played a bit tougher than anticipated but I did like it nonetheless. Greek Myth questions tend to be fairly high get rates what with the Hercules and Icarus questions, it was nice to get one that was challenging. I accept.

We had a visit from one of our regulars at another bar tonight at Quincy’s. At full strength, Anderson Cooper? I Don’t Even Know Her showed up and put on a clinic! They led most of the game and took down the victory! D+M took 2nd, The Big Fact Hunt took 3rd; all 3 teams had scores above 150 going into the final question. I’m excited to see if this good play translates to the post-season. Just a couple weeks away, let’s see what happens! We’re back next week for some more post-season prep games, and the house championship will be decided soon! Okay guys, I’m out, I’ll see you in one week!

1st Place: Anderson Cooper? I Hardly Know Her
2nd Place: D+M
3rd Place: The Big Fact Hunt

Next week’s category: Triple 50/50 (Bill’s Choice!)