Christmas Eve Eve, Pour House Pub Trivia style!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday fought through a long day of rain to bring Christmas Eve Eve Trivia to you fine folks!

Check out how it all went down, gang.

Applebees – Frederick, MD

After a long day of pouring rain, it was nice to see it clear up just in time for trivia to start. Tonight’s game was chock full of Christmas themed questions, which was especially fitting since Christmas Eve is tomorrow! We even started with a Die Hard question for the second night in a row (for my venues at least). I was glad that the question was new at least, this time asking about Al Powell (AKA Carl Winslow) and his obsession with Twinkies. We followed up that question by doubling down on the Christmas movies, this time asking about the narrator of ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ who is actually a snowman named Sam.

We ended the first round asking about the only U.S. States that are pronounced using five syllables, which are North/South Carolina and Louisiana. We started the next round with an audio clue about Christmas Carols, on which most teams did pretty well. I thought the question about the College Bowl games was tough, asking about a few baseball teams who will be letting Bowl games be played in their stadiums for some reason. However a few teams managed to succeed using the “Guess the Yankees” strategy with a few others knowing that the Miami Marlins, Tampa Bay Rays, and Arizona Diamondbacks are also hosting Bowl games in their stadiums.

Halftime ended up being a bit tough for a few teams, with the top part asking teams to identify characters from Christmas movies. Since I actually wrote today’s page I made sure to include some characters from movies that aren’t conventionally considered Christmas movies, such as Gizmo from Gremlins and John McClane from Die Hard; even Jack Skellington from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ made an appearance! The other half had teams answering questions where the answers could be made using the letters found in the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’.

Heading into the second half things were pretty close between a few of the teams at the top, and there were still more Christmas questions to come. I liked the Christmas Movie Cliff Notes question even though most teams got all three movies, mostly because it asked about the movie “Jingle All the Way” which is a really fun movie. The next question asked about the legendary Jewish warrior that Hanukkah also celebrates named Judah Maccabee, whose name always seems to come up in trivia around this time of year. The NBA coaches question that came next stumped a few teams, although a few knew that Greg Popovich and George Karl are the only active coaches with 1000+ wins.

We started out the final round with a question about the biggest rodents in the world aside from the capybara; only a few teams even gave me rodents as guesses, which proves that identifying a rodent can be tough sometimes. However, the next biggest ones are beavers and porcupines. Shakespeare can be a tough category for a lot of teams, but I was impressed with how many teams knew that essentially the only Jewish character in any play is Shylock from The Merchant of Venice. We ended the final round with a question about Steve Harvey and his huge screw up at the Miss Universe pageant, where he accidentally named Miss Colombia as the winner when it was actually Miss Philippines that won it all.

Heading into the final question, we had one team holding a strong lead with a few teams within striking distance, and the final question was in the category of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The question was about the only member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame whose members are from mainland Europe, with the answer being ABBA. Taking third place tonight was Dalek Dance Party, who managed to get the final and jump at least one team. Second place went to the Carolina Reapers, who were very much not confident about their answer but managed to get it. Winning tonight, however, building a strong lead and getting the final correct almost immediately, congrats to Suck It Trebek on another big win! Next week we start with a question about South Park, so I’ll see you all then! Happy Holidays to you all!

Until next time,

South park

I got to spend my Xmas Eve Eve in Hagerstown, MD with my Bernies friends. We ate cookies, we played trivia, we opened presents, we smack talked, and we hugged! And those are the ingredients for one fantastic evening and why I do so very much love my job and am grateful for all of you.

Thanks so much for coming out to play last night everyone. The XMAS EVE EVE game was a good’n for sure. We managed to grapple with the likes of Frosty the Snowman, Sam the Snowman and even Turbo-Man remember that guy?

turbo man

Fun times y’all 🙂

New teams, veteran teams and some travelers popped out for a little Pour House Trivia at the ole Washington Co watering hole. And it was a game! Congrats to our Top 3, who rearrranged the leader board last minute to get in there 🙂

20151223_222034.1 20151223_222100.2 3rd place

Happy Holidays everyone. Next WED night we wrap up 2015 with a 80s One Hit Wonder Audio question to kick it off! Til then LOTSA LOVE 🙂

happy holidays

Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

So any game that starts out with a question like Santa’s dirty body parts, you know it’s going to be a good one. Tonight was our last game before christmas and as such, there were christmas cookies, caroling, and well.. bickering. lol. We’re a family here at Belles, through and through.

We has some new faces in here tonight, but the home teams were not about to give it up so easily and fought all the way. Once the final bell had been jingled, and santa flew up the chimney with his finger next to his nose (No, I dont know why he does that) it was a tie for third, it was Santa’s big red Sack (Ahem. Yup. That kinda night) and Constantly changing who battled for the first podium spot – Well battled once Constantly changing realized they should be doing something.

Both teams undershot but it was Santa’s sack that was closest and took home a coupon for their troubles. 2nd went to the birthday boy’s team of Colonel Angus, Happy birthday Jim and I hope you appreciated the Buffet! Thanks for the ridiculously good cake, you don’t look a day over 22 😉 1st was Team Wednesday, they defended the home teams honor and took home first prize! Next week we will start out with Cooking with Booze.

Always fun- sometimes I even put my wine in the food! Many thanks for Constantly changing team name for the bottle of kickback happiness, I can’t wait to try it tomorrow. Merry christmas everyone, and I will see you next week.


wine trivia pour house live trivia maryland

And tonight’s week concludes with a great game at Bennigan’s tonight! Thanks for coming out and joining us for the last trivia game before the holidays! Hope everyone’s week is going well and may the holiday be great for every and all people! Tonight had a chunk of our regulars come out to play but we also got a good number of Thursday night players come join us, as their venues are off for the holidays! As always, we welcome new competition with open arms!

Wyld Stallyns seemed to come in and give the regulars some tough competition, playing at Bennigan’s for the first time and playing a very solid game! They made up some ground by being the only team to snag a 2 point bonus on the “KIN” question from round 4, which took wager points AND five point bonus chips from A LOT of the teams! It was a very crucial question and Wyld Stallyns took advantage and let that momentum take them into 2nd place before the final question!

Though Wyld Stallyns were playing a great overall game, Chuck Rodent was at the top, a place they’d been for most of the night. These guys (and gal) played very well throughout and barely ever trailed throughout the run of the game. 3rd place going into the final was Cowpoke in the Hawkeye who started playing with us about a month ago and have been getting progressively better each and every week!

The final question knocked a few teams down so the final standings got moved a small bit. Here’s our ending top three!: 3rd place went to Knock Knock who bet 0 on the final and it paid off as they moved ahead of Cowpoke who missed the final question tonight! 2nd place went to Bennigan’s virgins Wyld Stallyns! The win tonight goes to Chuck Rodent who, with a correct response on the final, were able to cap off a very impressive performance.

Chuck Rodent riding a lot of momentum into the holiday weekend! Let’s hope they keep it up as we play again in 7 days! Until then guys, I’ll talk to you later. Happy holidays!!!

1st Place: Chuck Rodent
2nd Place: Wyld Stallyns
3rd Place: Knock Knock

Next week: North American Geography

Canadian Geography pub trivia category Maryland

One last night of trivia before the Christmas holiday kicks in, and we had a nice crew of regular teams along with some new faces make their way into Hard Times Cafe in Clarendon.  Taking home first place tonight once again was Two Girls and an Idiot, followed by Trivia Newton John in second and the Rocket Surgeons rounding out the top three.  Our last game of 2015 kicks off with a question on the film “Miracle”.  ~ Matt



Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

But taking home the grand prize with a hilarious first category for next week: See What Had Happened Was! Their choice of category? Famous Jewish Athletes (Other Than Sandy Koufax).

Have a wonderful holiday!

– Torie

The Overwood – Alexandria, VA


ABG has requested another round of The Big Lebowski trivia, so that will be next week’s first category!! See you next week!


The Big Lebowski Trivia Category Maryland

The Tavern – Olney, MD

It was kinda weird last night for live trivia at The Tavern. A bunch of my regular teams weren’t in for the game, I’ll have to assume for holiday related reasons, but there was a few new teams that played for the first time so it wasn’t that bad.

In the end, a newbie with the handle S.M.RT. took 3rd, another first timer, Twigs & Berries took 2nd, and pretty much dominating from the end of round 1 for 1st was John Lithgow’s Fan Club!!

They picked the TV show “Apre’s Ski”. Apparently it was a show on the Bravo Network? Anyway, have an AMAZING holiday, and I’ll see everyone next Wednesday at the Tavern!!

~ Jon J

Next week’s winner’s choice category will be Rankin/Bass Christmas Movies.

So have an amazing holiday and Ian will be back for you next time at Revolution!!

~ Jon J

Rudolph Trivia Pour House Live Trivia Maryland

Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Things got a little rowdy up here in Middletown here at the Valley Grill, there was some Xmas celebrating happening on multiple levels amongst these fine folks!

Valley Grill offered up a $20 Gift Card for the Most Festive team, and we had a number of them work diligently for the prize.

Here are the results of tonight’s game:
Drunk Savants in 1st
Richard Tickler in 2nd
Southpaw Fish in 3rd – they also won tonight’s Most Festive Prize

Our first (and last for 2015) category for next week’s game is Festivus!

~ Ronnie


Wolfie’s – Smyrna, DE

First category next week will be Cuisine.

Italian Cuisine Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland Cajun Cuisine Trivia Pub quiz Mayland