Check your thermometer, because you might have a Pour House Pub Trivia induced SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER!

 The wind made it a little chilly out there today, but as always, things are way hot inside with Pour House Pub trivia!

Oh, Goldeneye. You simultaneously brought me so close to my childhood friends…and also caused all out fist fights!

“You can’t be Oddjob! You cheating a-hole!!”

Goldeneye Pour House Pub Trivia

What a fantastic game! Who’s got an N64 and wants to be my new friend?!

Let’s see how it went at Belles’ with Ronnie!

Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

Thanks again to everyone for coming out to Belles Sports Bar here in Frederick for another edition of Pour House, it was a lot of fun!

STDB accomplished a first place finish as duo, with FNQ taking second behind them by only one point. Cobra Kai showed “no mercy” by finishing in third.

Our first category for next week is the Atlanta Braves.

~ Ronnie

Atlanta Braves Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland