Celebrating Thanksgiving Eve Eve with All of Our Trivia Peeps…

We appreciate you taking your time to come out to different places and play our game of bar trivia. I believe I can speak for all of the Pour House Trivia hosts here in saying that we very much enjoy what we do and a large part of that is because of the friends we have made and people we get to hang out with six nights a week!  So sincerely, thank you so very much for playing…and from all of us here at Pour House Trivia, we wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving… :)  – Denny

So how about Tuesday’s games…

Monkey La La

Goodness what ride tonight at La La! We started out smooth but after the cereal box half-time sheet we had a score board of well…”all-over-the-place-ness.” Round 3, however, WOW! Things went wacky and by the end of Rd 3 we had a 3 way tie going into the 6-4-2. Thanks to the Phlitches buying that Welcome Back Kotter DVD set, they were able to pull ahead and grind on through for the WIN. Excellent Game ladies and Gent. 2nd Place props to Hump and Dump, who came from across town and earned themselves a little La La cash! And to round out our leader board tonight, Flip Flop played a great 1st half (with the Guinness to prove it!), missed a pair of 1 wagers and ended up in a resepctable 3rd by a point. 

Always a blast yall! Next week, we are gonna start off our game with a question in the category of “Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” This is good…I have plans to see it this weekend so our question will be hot and fresh, like a Thanksgiving turkey :) HAPPY THANKSGIVING YALL! See ya next Tuesday…dg

hunger games catching fire

Champion Billiards

Champions! Happy Thanksgiving eve, eve! Had a good crowd tonight with everyone getting their fix before the family time… We had a great game and it was I’ve made a Huge Mistake in 3rd! Way to hang in there guys! In 2nd it was Jungle Fever and 1st were our very excited Thundercats (They don’t have to work tomorrow!) Have a happy and safe thanksgiving- remember…deep fry a turkey book Never deep fry a frozen turkey. Don’t do it.  See you next week for Cell Biology. ~Samantha


It was definitely a playoff atmosphere tonight at Ramparts as 14 teams packed the house for trivia night.  Nearly all of our best Virginia teams were in attendance, and I don’t think there was an empty chair in the entire bar.  We even welcomed a team or two visiting from other venues!  The story of the night was Title One Forever.  We see them about once every two months at Ramparts, but every time they show up, they make it interesting.  At the end of round three, they were lodged in a 3-way…… tie for first that is.  But, they were the only team to pull 6 points on the James Buchanan question, and they were on cruise control from there.  They held on to the lead with the correct answer on the final, and took down the win.  High Five to the Face also played a great game for second, with Bored of Education in third.  Next week starts with STDs!  Not literally, although I guess that’s up to the rest of you.  ~ Matt

Hollywood Casino – Perryville

It was neck in neck the whole game between Team Freedom and If we only had a Brain, almost tying in the end. But the final question proved to be a decisive factor. In the end, Pomeranians took 1st place with 141 points, after an aggressive bet on the final! Freedom slid into second place with 137, and If we only had a brain came in 3rd with 130.
Happy Thanksgiving! Next week be ready for STRING Theory! simpsons string theory

Griff’s Landing

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome and a great game of trivia downtown tonight at Griff’s. Cranius Maximus came out on top in tonight’s game, with Beer is Good making a strong comeback for 2nd. The Know Nothings also rallied late in the game to finish in 3rd. Happy Thanksgiving! Tripp will be back next week, and your first category of the game will be WW2 Military History. ~ Ronnie

Jekyll and Hydes

We had a great time tonight at Jekyll & Hyde, with new and old teams duking it out for all the marbles.  First place tonight went to Brownie Points!  Second went to We Call Caboose, and third went to Dalek Dance Party!  Great game to all my teams tonight!  Next week’s first category is gonna be the 80s Transformers cartoon!transformer logo    Autobots, roll out! – Happy Thanksgiving – Brad