Sundays we don’t work…but that don’t mean we aint about business! – Sunday Trivia is Intense!

December 16, 2013

Hinode It put me in the mood for a roller coaster ride. I had ups and downs and lead changes over and OVER again!! But after the ride was over, this is how it broke down tonight….  In 3rd place tonight was the newly resurgent Wesley Crushers, in 2nd was the always competitive team I…

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3 out of 2 people have Trouble with Fractions!

December 8, 2013

Belles’ was like the Fonz tonight, smooth and too cool for words. Thanks for joining me for a laid back, prewinter weather adversary game- you still kept it hot with some serious competition! It all came down to an english speaking tiebreaker and it was W for the win! If it’s not Scottish it’s Crap…

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A little Tryptophan can not keep us from trivia night!

December 2, 2013

“We gobbled  down our turkey and potatoes and cranberry sauce and stuffing and all that jazz Thursday; shopped and/ or slept it off on Friday, and then hauled our familes out to our weekend trivia night Sat and Sunday…” – Team Rope-a-Dope.   And that was pretty much the story for this weekend’s games… Belles Sports…

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When I was young we played pub trivia in the cold, barefoot, uphill…

November 25, 2013

Captain Benders Sunday Trivia Yep it was cold outside but a HOT one inside Captain Benders tonight. First place went to the Army of Dorkness camp tonight, the only ones to get the final question!! And that is an official 2 for 2 at Benders for them. Good Job AoD. Second place: Cranius Maximus, staying…

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Saturday Night Trivia Sass!

November 24, 2013

Belles Sports Bar Ohhh Belles, as always- thanks for having me! You were entertaining as all get out, and quite sassy this evening- Leave my Orioles alone! The wit wasn’t nearly as sharp as our ending though, with a double tiebreaker (really, what are the odds on your both giving me the same wrong answer..) deciding…

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