Catch Pac-Man Fever with Pour House Trivia! Tuesday Recap

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday was the source of the Pac-Man fever that’s been going around, as well as the trivia fever we serve up every week! Check out the recaps of all SEVEN games of live trivia we threw your way!

Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

Another great night in Shirlington Village at Capitol City Brewing Company!  the first half went don very smoothly, but we had our share of bumps in round three.  There were a few teams that confused “Stand by Me” for “Lean on Me”, which certainly caused some face-palming.  Fortunately, a few of them caught the error in time!  The final provided a ton of drama, as Ramparting Ways was so close to a runaway, but was still forced to wager on the final.  They could not get it, allowing the Capitol City Goofballs to hop into first place for the win!  Ramparting Ways did take second, with Stamp Collectors in third.  Next week, we’ll start with a question on “A Charlie Brown Christmas”!  ~ Matt


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Man, Oh Man champions! We haven’t had a final like that in many moons! BTI was leading the whole game, not even worried about the rest of the teams who were nipping at their heels, and then Everest happened. Let those flags wave proudly, they won a first place spot for the 3 gentlemen of Wiseacres tonight! Welcome back to the top spot! 2nd went to BTI and 3rd would have been Jungle Fever but they had too many players on the field so it opened up the last spot to Cranius Maximus! Nice game tonight all, if you’re looking to track down a holiday win and maybe some holiday cash, check out our theme night on Friday. All the details are on the website. I will see you next week for A Christmas Story to start, that’s if you don’t shoot your eye out 😉 Sam A Christmas Story Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

So I am still waiting to find out what the French words are for Iron Oxide! Thanks again to all the players at Cugini’s in Poolesville for making it another great night of Pour House Pub Trivia! This game was REALLY close, and MoMo came out on top for the win! Serenity Now were right on their heels and took 2nd place, and Drunk N Disorderly was our 3rd place finishers. Join me here again next week, where our first category will be the hit film Stand by Me! ~ Ronnie Stand By Me Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Dilligad Pub – Frederick, MD

We had another awesome night tonight at Dilligad’s Pub!  Our third place team was Tennessee Bender!!  Ahead of them taking home the second place prize was Beer is Good!  But ultimately, our grand champs were the dedicated members of Black Steel! Their choice of first category was HORSE BREEDS!  See you next Tuesday! ~Torie

Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

With some returning regulars mixing it up, we had a close game and an amazing finish this week at Hollywood Casino. The difference between first place and last was never larger than 12 points, meaning it was anyone’s game for four quarters!

We really discovered everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, especially in that crucial fourth round, where every point gained made a huge difference. But, as always, everything came down to the final, and boy did it turn the scoreboard upside down! Listening to the whole question seemed to be the key, as fortune favored the deliberation teams this week.
In third, falling from first, was the team from IWOHAB. Second place went to a rising American Outlaws team that snagged a podium spot from the depths. And in first, the current leaders in the race for House Champion, the Pomeranians! They chose the U.S. Postal Service as next week’s first category, and just in time for holiday shipping season, too.

Markham’s – Bethesda, MD

The dreary weather is never enough to stop the good time at Markham’s in Bethesda! Tonight saw a record number of teams crowd into the bar and duke it out for trivia supremacy! Just how would the night turn out? Highlights of the Night: Clearly, there is NOT a fever at Markham’s, to our shame! Clearly, we need to roll out the coin-ops and get our Pac-Man on, because not NEARLY enough teams got the Pac-Man Fever question! Tsk tsk! In “Best-Coin-Flip-of-the-Night” the classic TV question saw a split down the middle of the pack, as one half chose the Batmobile and the other chose KiT for their famous automobile. Ahh the sweet sound of equal cheers and groans…it’s glorious! In “Honorable-Mention-Wrong-Answer-of-the-Night”, While Evil Kenivel was not correct in the entertainers question, kudos to you guys for being the only team, other than those who got it right, to not put a singer. I NEVER said singer people! So way to think outside the box guys! The top spot was handily run away with tonight, so it would be a battle for silver and the moral victory. How would things turn out? In third place, wagering defensively, came the Chronic Underachievers! Tough game guys, way to hang tough! In second place, leaping up the leaderboard with a correct answer on the final, came the Blue Barracudas! I’m still disappointed that you didn’t get the Nickelodeon question, even if your name isn’t from that show. But still a good games, well done! Leading all night and running away with it at the end though, was the K-Town Kids! they were on fire tonight, and could not be stopped! Congratulations guys, great game! For their first round category next week, the K-Town Kids have chosen Funk Songs! Let’s get funky together next week! Until then, Ian Funk Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

Well Santa certainly was able to keep an eye on some “naughy listers” at Tuesday’s trivia bash at Monkey La La. But not to worry, Santa actually indulged for a hot minute himself, and took a break from all the toy making he has been up to to snap some shots with us! I think even Santa knows the ‘what happens at La La…’ rule 😉


After I told Santa what I wanted this year, we all threw down a 12 team trivia stomp! Stink Floyd put on a stellar display of bonus chipping and managed to get our first “walk” this season at La La! GG Stink. 2nd and 3rd were taken down with some strategic wagery one crazy leap from 9th to 2nd! Great work y’all! Here is some smiley mugs on the winners podium:




Great game tonight everyone! Thanks for coming out and La-La-ing for a bit with us. Remember, NEXT WEEK IS WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE WEEK! Bring a $10-$15 gift and we will have some White Elephant fun. I need a new Justin Bieber calendar anyhow 😉 Lotsa love y’all! See you next Tuesday…and we kickoff with “Elephants!” – See you then! dg