Candy Corn and a cadre of live trivia on Wednesday from Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday quizzed you about Candy Corn, which is, in this writer’s opinion, the WORST of all the sugary items.

But no matter! Read on to see how the games went down.

Applebees – Frederick, MD

Tonight we all managed to brave the insane downpour going on outside, all for a game of trivia. I was glad everybody did it though, as tonight’s game was a good one. We started out with one of the more random winner’s choice categories, this time being about the National Speleological Society, which apparently is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama. After that was beer logos, where we described a few logos and asked teams to name them. The flower question that came next asked about daylilies, which bloom and die in a 24-hour period.

The NBA question asked about the team that won six championships in the 1990’s, which is of course the Chicago Bulls, who were coached by Phil Jackson. Ending the first round was a question about the Tribeca Film Festival, which was created by Robert De Niro. We started the next round with an interesting audio question, which had songs which needed to be identified by the first four notes of the song. Most teams knew Sweet Home Alabama and Lose Yourself, but not everybody got The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies/Nutcracker Suite. Word origins talked about the word sabbatical, which is almost like an extended sabbath, where workers were supposed to suspend work in the fields every seventh year.

We next asked about foreign government, which focused on the British Parliament. I was glad most teams knew they split Parliament into the House of Lords and House of Commons. The animal kingdom question we went to next asked about animals being warm-blooded, which does not apply to reptiles, among other things. We ended the first round with a cartoon villains question, talking about Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale, who are the villains in the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons. Only one team knew that Jason Alexander and Rene Russo played them in a live-action film that came out in 2000.

Halftime asked teams to identify restaurants by cropped images of their logos, as well as identifying the missing sibling in a number of TV families. After that we moved onto a question about movies with a particular month in the title, which this time was October. We asked about The Hunt for the Red October, October Sky, and The Houses October Built on this one. The change a letter question that came next ended up being a tough one, asking teams to identify the term for a Muslim Priest, as well as the stage name of David Bowie’s wife (Imam/Iman). The next question was the three clues/one word question of the day, which asked about the word cigar. Board games was next, which asked about one of the classic board games we all know, which is Sorry!. We ended the round with a question about men of science, asking about the man who invented the Visual Speech System for the Boston School for Deaf Mutes. Most teams guessed Braille or Morse, but it was actually Alexander Graham Bell.

The 6-4-2 talking about a city in the world was extra tough today, as nobody got Washington D.C. on the six point clue OR the four point clue. We then moved into round four, and started out with a children’s literature question talking about the book Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which was subtitled The Magical Car. Most teams didn’t know that the book was written by Ian Fleming (yes, THAT Ian Fleming) which is honestly a bit of a surprise. The next question about shared names ended up sweeping the venue, as nobody got to Balthazar on this one. The next question on TV shows was about a short-lived comedy called Undeclared, which was created by Judd Apatow, and starred Jay Baruchel. The human body question asked about the body part that is separated into multiple lobes and is in the abdomen, which is your liver! We ended the round asking about Halloween candy, which talked about Candy Corn, which is the most bought item when calculated by the amount bought. Apparently there’s also a Valentine’s Day version called Cupid Corn, which only a few teams knew.

Tonight’s final question was in the category of North American Geography, and asked about the only Canadian Province which is separated from the mainland. About half the teams knew that we were looking for Prince Edward Island, proving they know their Canadian geography pretty well. Ending in third place was We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity, nice job! Second place went to BTF, who were in a constant battle for the lead up until the end. Winning tonight’s game, congrats goes out to Suck It Trebek! Nice work! Next week we start with “Chad sings The Little Mermaid” which should be a fun one. I’ll see you all then!

Until next time,


Any time you start off with a beer trivia question and follow it with an AUDIO clip of Sweet Home Alabama, you’re in for a stomp! And at Bernies in Hagerstown Wednesday night it was nothing less than that!

It was pouring outside and we had a storm on the inside as well, navigating through the likes of Rocky & Bullwinkle, The House of Lords and of course, Candy Corn! It was a pretty “sweet” night of trivia at our favorite Hagerstown bar!

candy corn

This whole week has been an exciting one to watch. Final question leap-frog was the theme this week for sure! Slide it in the 2-Hole earned the top spot going into the final but couldn’t pull the Prince Edward Island answer FTW! The door was open and Thinkers & Dreamers ran through it! Congrats T&D! Good win! 🙂

20151028_221020.1 20151028_220859.2 20151028_220927.3

Great time Wednesday everyone! Thank you for coming out and playing. I hope to see you next Wednesday – hopefully out of your sugar stupor from all the Halloween candy you’ll snipe from your kids (I know my daughter better put her candy bag on lockdown).

Until then, have a wonderful weekend and Halloween! Next week we kick off with The Chemistry of Carbon Dioxide. Have fun brushing up on that jazz 🙂


Happy Halloween! DG

happy halloween


Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

So that’s a big no to Nickelback but a huge yes to Disney? Can’t say that I am surprised about the Nickelback, but the huge yes to the Disney medley took me by surprise!

I love the dancing, the singing and general good times. I was rather glad that no one got washed away on their way in tonight, I know I wasn’t the only one who was wet up to their knees by the time you got here. Your dedication is inspiring!

I loved our multiple choice question tonight, although I was a little sad that there were not references to Ex’s as being cold blooded answers 😉 Balthazar sure rocked most of you tonight though, apparently you got so distracted by the 16 bottles of wine bit that you lost your focus. Can’t say that I blame you, wouldn’t mind cracking in to one with a few good friends myself. As long as my liver doesn’t mind- my liver with the difficult named lobes – so clinical. When the heart and mind go to war, it’s the liver who loses.

Speaking of loss. I am so sorry for my little slip tonight, I heard hearts breaking all over the bar when I had to reconfigure those final answers. You’re all winners to me? Hehe. Killin’ me Smalls were the big winners tonight, impressive as they may be with their fancy abbreviations. Just spell it out for God’s sake! 2nd went to Constantly Changing Team Name, who did bring in a parental ringer but missed their ringer’s first category! Impressive none the less. 3rd went to Colonel Angus, for the second week in a row!

You all better keep an eye on them, Just feeling out the weaknesses, I know the way they work. I will see you all next week for a first category of The Walking Dead. Ooooo, spooky!


Walking Dead trivia category Maryland


Tonight was our HALLOWEEN GAME here at Bennigan’s! Last week I mentioned to the teams that you could wear a costume and have a shot at winning a COMICALLY LARGE CANDY BAR! While the offer was tempting, it seemed only 3 players took me up on it. So it was me, dressed as Katy Perry at Hogwarts, two members of Pegging Patschak dressed like the Scarecrow from Batman and Elliot/ET, and a member from Blue Steel as Wednesday Addams (on a Wednesday!). Bummed the costume contest wasn’t as big as it was last year but still fun to see the people come share their costume ideas! And they were given Reese’s Cups!

BUT live trivia was our focus tonight, and trivia was what we had! We had a group of our usuals here, and some old teams making return appearances too! LMNOP came to Bennigan’s tonight after a short hiatus from the game. We also had T&A back after missing two weeks. Great to see them back to join us; hoping they can come back next week.

The game was tight after the first half. Nearly all our teams were within 5 points of each other. The second half would prove a lot about the way the game would end tonight. Specifically, round 4 question 5 would be very crucial. Our candy question, fitting for the halloween season, proved to be the hardest question of the game. Not ONE team came out of round 4 with a perfect 5 for 5 because of this question. The best selling candy and the most-Googled candy is in fact Candy Corn. Lots of different answers but not one team gave me Candy Corn.

Going into the final we had Blue Steel leading with Knock Knock in 2nd and Chuck Rodent in 3rd. Last question would weigh heavy on the game results. What seemed like a pretty straightforward question turned into a crucial finish. 3 teams were able to get a correct response on the final, and those teams finished in the money spots. 3rd place, a bit of a jump for LMNOP! 2nd place went to the Gold Team! And winning tonight, moving from 3rd to 1st is CHUCK RODENT! Great game! We’ll be back in November! Have a good weekend everybody!

1st Place: Chuck Rodent
2nd Place: Gold Team
3rd Place: LMNOP

Next week: Psychedelic Rock

the beatles and muhammed ali

Once again, we welcomed some new faces to Pour House Trivia at Hard Times Cafe in Clarendon.  We’ve had a different winner each of the last three weeks, and that trend would continue once again as Alice Alice took down the win impressive fashion!  Humanta Ray took second on the tiebreaker over Trivia Newton John.  Next week, we’ll begin with a question on the Founders of the University of Virginia.  ~ Matt



Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

We had a packed house for our pre-Halloween game of trivia at Memories Charcoal House!! I even brought some treats for you guys, and I’m happy to say everyone left in a delightful sugar coma. As usual, you guys rocked through the first half with gusto!! You even impressed on the 4 note audio clue! I definitely had to throw you some curveballs on the puzzle page after that, so we had a little shuffling of the ranks. Things started to shake out a little more after the 6-4-2, and the final round was a bit of a doozy for some of my teams, but in the end… here’s how it went down: Stealing the third place prize was our cameo duo, Half A Brain!! In second place, jumping a whopping 3 PLACES were our Polyamorous Virgins! VERY impressive comeback there! And in first place, not to be dethroned was See What Had Happened Was, with one of only 3 correct final answers! Their choice of first category? COLLEGE MASCOTS! See you next Wednesday, and have a safe, happy, and candy-filled Halloween!! – Torie

The Tavern – Olney, MD

What a great game of trivia we had last night at The Tavern! Teams kept changing the leads back and forth, and then the final question had them change one last time!

The 3rd place finisher had one of the weirdest up and down nights I’ve seen in a while, Suck It Trebek! Our next team started out much worse but slowly and surely made their way up to 2nd, Olney the Lonely! I had a visiting team from one of my Frederick venues stop in last night, and all they did was win 1st place their first time here! Mad props to Ollie Monsters!!!

They picked “Nickelodeon Shows of the 90’s” for next weeks winners choice category, so study up and I hope to have another amazing game like this next Wednesday at The Tavern!!

~ Jon J

90s Nickelodeon Pub Trivia Company questions

The Revolution Bar has been a feisty place during this season of Pour
House Trivia, with new teams battling hard and making their presence
felt by the regulars!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Unrelated-But-Awesome-News”: I don’t usually deviate from the
trivia script, but I was delighted to hear and and am delighted to
congratulate two members of Mess and Jegg on their engagement! Party
at the Revolution Bar! Woooo!

In “Eerily-Similar”: When everyone scores a perfect 20 on the puzzle
it’s a close game. When everyone scores a 16 on the puzzle page, I get
a little spooked. How did everyone manage to get 16s? It’s weird! It’s
not like the puzzle page was too easy and everyone got a perfect
score; so how did this happen? Maybe it’s just too close to Halloween.

In “Gross-And-Disgusting-Questions”: Speaking of Halloween,
considering only one team got the Candy Corn question, i think it’s
pretty safe to say that since no one likes that crap, no one was
thinking of it for an answer. Seriously, it’s gross. And who thought
making a Valentines Day variant was a good idea?! Hey lovebirds out
there! Wanna step up Valentines Day this year? Get her a big bag of
disgusting Corn “Candy”!

The final tonight was crucial, and only one team got it correct.

In third place tonight, Mess and Jegg!

In second place tonight, GT80 Sauce!

In first place tonight, the Green Machine!

Great game everyone! Next week we’re gonna kick thigns off with some
Potent Potables! Get your drinks ready, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

potent potables Trivia jeopardy trivia Pour House Pub Trivia maryland

Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Many twists and turns in tonight’s game here at Valley Grill in Middletown, and the team that one certainly earned it!

It was a close game for nearly half of the field into the final, and the strategic wagering was on point, something I love to see at the end of a game rather than everyone “all in.”

Here are the results:

Southpaw Fish in 1st

Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap in 2nd

Simple Minds in 3rd

Our first category for next week is Disney World Attractions.

~ Ronnie

Walt Disney Live Trivia maryland