Can we get a Friday the 13th/Chorus Line Crossover? Pour House Pub Trivia Wednesday recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday packed 10 awesome venues with all the live trivia that would fit – from Friday the 13th (Jason Takes Manhattan is a personal favorite of mine!) to A Chorus Line!

Check out how all the games went down!

Applebees – Frederick, MD

It’s always nice whenever I get some new teams making an appearance at my venues, and tonight at Applebee’s featured a considerable number of teams either playing PHT for the first time, or teams trying out a new venue for some Summer Fling fun. Tonight’s game turned out to be a good one, if perhaps a bit tougher than the usual games. That Broadway question turned out to be quite the killer, with only one team pulling A Chorus Line as the correct answer. The “gun” question ended up being really tough too, with Shogun and Gunga Din being tough answers for teams to pull. Also, who knew Tom Petty had a solo album? That showed up on the halftime page, and the name of it eluded everybody, including me.

I also had at least one team argue with me about when Daylight Savings Time starts, trying to claim that it starts in the spring, not the winter (that’s a pretty tough argument to make, but they definitely tried!) In the end, a rather tough final question created some movement in the top three, and some strategic wagering definitely proved fruitful for a few teams. Coming in third was Rent-A-Swag, who was one of two teams to get Led Zeppelin as a correct answer on the final. Second place went to Thundercats, who couldn’t quite come up with the answer but still secured second with some strategic wagering. Winning tonight’s game with some strategy of their own was The Nation of Quizlam, betting defensively and getting the question right anyway, nice job!

Next week we start out with Strategic Air Command, and TNOQ has stated that the question can be as broad as our writers want it to be, so that should be fun, as well as (somewhat) difficult to truly prepare for. In the meantime, have a great rest of your week everyone, and I will see you all next week!

Until next time,


Bar Louie – Rockville, MD

Bar Louie was the place to be last night, as nine teams signed up to play our game!! Must have been the fresh tunes and my sparkling personality, of course. New and veteran teams mixed it up to see who would be crowned this week’s trivia masters.

We learned all about Eagle-Eye Cherry: The Man, The Band, The One Hit Wonder. We also discovered the different regional meanings of the phrase “sawing logs”, and who am I to argue with what your parents taught you as a kid?!?
As the questions became more difficult, our field of player stayed within a few points of each other, really bringing the drama for what would end up to be a photo finish. The top three going into the final were completely different than the end results!
Taking down third tonight was a brand new team, Sin Nombre, who leaped up into that spot with a great pull on the final! Second tonight was Team Cuttlefish, outwagered by our first-place team Asian Brian and Those White People!! Congrats, guys!
ABaTWP have chosen the “Hartford Whalers” as next week’s first category. Time to do some research!
Inline image 1
See you next week,

Bada Bing! Rockin’ night of trivia at our favorite Hagerstown bar – Barefoot Bernies! 10 trivia teams came out and went at it for a bit. It was good to see some of the Summer Fling combos, new line-ups and free agents coming out to hang with us at Bernies to play a while! And how about the grapefruit ale! DuClaw Moregasm was apparently a hit! I will make a point to sample some of this next Wednesday night!


Props and hats off and congrats and love to The Bends, who went wire to wire for the W Wednesday night! And that, my friends, is not an easy thing to do anywhere! And close behind them the whole was a pack of teams all eye balling the top prize! Round 4 hit…and it hit hard for sure! Between the Iberiean Peninsula, Gunga Din and A Chorus Line I saw some hair pulling. No worries though…that’s what the beer is for 🙂

Great game everyone! Our Top 3 Wednesday Winners Board looked like this:

20150624_222100.1 20150624_221930.2 20150624_222007.3

The Summer Fling is certainly heating up all over the place. Have a great weekend everyone and I will see you next Wednesday night. The Bends have asked us all to brush up on our “Grammar” for the first question next week. So hopefully you don’t not forget to that 🙂 See ya soon. DG


Trivia tonight at Bennigan’s was JAM PACKED! I think every single team we had was a 7-man squad, or so it seemed. Big teams means big competition, lots of bodies out there competing tonight for the prize money! It was nice to see Knock Knock return after missing last week (they blame it on work obligations, which I then told them that their priorities were out of line…).
A quick shout-out to my beautiful girlfriend who came in tonight to visit. Tonight was her birthday as well! I was stuck hosting trivia (not a terrible place to be stuck, but I did miss her) so she came out so I’d get a chance to see her. That was awesome. Now, to the game! Question of the night was the “GUN” question.
The questions with quotes tend to be an attractive bonus choice in our games, which was no different with this category. It tended to be a difficult one though. About half the teams missed their bonus category on that one, including Knock Knock who actually maintained the lead going into the final, despite that miss.
Final question WIPED THE FIELD, except for one team, who actually won the game. A little jump up from 5th up to the top spot for Stray Cats! 2nd place to Knock Knock, 3rd went to Can’t Read Good! Great game tonight guys, I’ll see you again in a week!1st Place: Stray Cats
2nd Place: Knock Knock
3rd Place: Can’t Read Good

Next week’s category: Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin Trivia Alexadnria

Fusion! Drum rolls, singing and some fantastic non tits Mcgee answers! Thank you for coming out tonight everyone, there were 11 teams who were full of ruckus behavior, that may have been partially influenced by the amount of beers consumed 😉 Had some traveling teams, always nice to see new faces- some of you had so many faces that you couldn’t qualify for the prizes- Better late than pregnant and Brideshead revisited, you would have been in the money! When we weeded out the legal vs illegal teams it was Constantly changing team name who slid on in to 3rd yet again! You guys are like the ninja strike team for 3rd… 2nd went to their nemesis of Team Wednesday. That was fun. heheh . For 1st we had to welcome 2 Live Clue 2 back in to the fold, they played a hellva game tonight and top our podium. I give you all a solid 10 for the drum roll tonight- well done! I will see you next week when we start with the Three Stooges… I like it. 🙂 ~Samantha

3 stooges


Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

We had a roaring good time tonight at Memories Charcoal House in Mt. Airy! Our regulars were out in full force, with a few visiting team cameos to boot. The scoreboard definitely saw some shifts throughout the game, but it was the final question that really shook things up, with a tie for first place going into it! In third place, being knocked out of first was Cash Cab!! In second, just ahead of them, also taken down a notch into second place were Men & Pausers!! But our top dogs tonight, DE-THRONING our two teams that were tied for the top prize… the 3-Way Virgins!! What an impressive comeback!! That was a game-changer for sure!! Their choice of first category next week? MINECRAFT!! See you next Wednesday!! – Torie


The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

Another great night tagging in for Jon at the Olney Tavern! I always have a blast with you lot, and I can’t wait to come back! Tonight we discussed Gilda Radner’s love of pasta primavera, Eagle-Eye Cherry playing Baccarat with Lennox Lewis, and Led Zeppelin rewriting the score to “A Chorus Line” (come on, who WOULDN’T want to hear the song “What I Did For a Whole Lotta Love?” 😛 ).

John Lithgow’s Fan Club again led the pack all night taking the top spot with Team Gryffindor in second and Olney the Lonely rounding out third. Next week’s winners’ choice category is Long Haul Bombers Softball Stadium Tour. OK, I understood softball, but I’m completely lost on the rest of it. Good thing it’s not my job to know it!

Thanks for having me back, and I hope to see y’all again soon!

– Eric 😀


It was great to be back in action tonight at the Revolution Bar! I
could definitely feel the love 🙂

And then a minute later it went away. You guys know how to give a guy
a hard time!

Highlights of the night:

In “Spring-Forward-My-Ass”: Can some one explain to me why we say
Spring Forward, Fall Back, when Daylight’s Saving Time starts in the

In “Points!-Points-For-Everyone!”: What colors are Cyan and Magenta?
And we give multiple choice options? That’s gotta be the easiest
question ever. Come on now!

In “Best-Wrong-Answer”: They may not be Eagle Eye Cherry, but I love
the musical stylings of Zebra Butt Lime! So good!

The final didn’t really change much, so the podium was set going in.

In third place, an old team making a comeback under a new name: Mike
Hunt Loves the HARD Questions!

In second place, Mess and Jegg!

In first place, E=MC Hammer!

Congrats on a good game everyone, and thank you for the warm welcome
back 🙂 next week’s round one question one will be Famous Canadians
NOT Named Justin Bieber! Should be fun! Study up and we’ll see you
next time!

Until then,

Canadian Studies Pub trivia category Maryland

What a finish tonight at T.J. Stone’s.  The leaderboard was packed tightly, but when it was revealed that no one came up with the correct answer, some teams really had to be worried about their standing.  One of those teams was Gone Squatchin’, but they were SHOCKED when they heard that they had hung on for the win, by just one point no less.  Second and third place went to two teams who gave me Strategic wagers: Two Girls and an Idiot, and Trivia Newton John.  The summer season rolls on next week!  ~ Matt


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Gorgeous night to be out on the patio! Thanks again to everyone at Valley Grill in Middletown for coming out to play some PHT! Here are the results of tonight’s game:

Stupid Sexy Flanders in 1st
Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap in 2nd
Scared Money Don’t Make no Money in 3rd

First category for next week is the Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary!

~ Ronnie

Grateful Dead Trivia pour house pub trivia maryland