Calvin and Hobbes hung out with Pour House Trivia! Wednesday Recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday had 7 awesome games of live trivia !

Anytime we can work Calvin and Hobbes into the set, I LOVE IT!




Gotta love that strip and a little Calvinball!

Check the games!

Applebees – Frederick, MD

Every time it snows, I never know just what to expect in terms of who is going to show up. Today’s crowd was nice, and today’s game was close up until the final round. Opening the game with a max wager and getting the question wrong, today’s winners seemed to be off to a troubling start, but they were able to right the ship and overcome their early blunders to seize victory. The team I am talking about of course is Dalek Dance Party! Nice work tonight!

Our second place team was the only one who got tonight’s final correct, on a question that I personally found very difficult. Nice work to The Masterminds on that and on second place. Third place was That’s What You Get for Thinking, rounding out our third and final podium spot. Next week we will begin with “Famous Youtubers: The Shaytards” as our category courtesy of Dalek Dance Party, so it’s probably time to study on that one.

Until next time,

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Barefoot Bernie’s – Hagerstown, MD

Great times as always in Western MD for pub trivia night! Barefoot Bernies wraps the Season 10 Trivia Series with a great game; and looks forward to hosting World Series of Trivia X next Saturday, the 31st! And we got some serious warm-up in tonight! If tonight’s rally was any indicator of fun-ness to be had over the next couple of weeks, then we are in for a trivia blast (and that sounds like a new Ben&Jerry’s flavor).

I had some “Stroll Down Memory Lane Moments,” inspired by a few answers in tonight’s game:

1. Werewolves of London – was in Color of Money, a film that pretty much made me want to be a pool hustler for my entire 20’s

2. Standard Temperature & Pressure – brought me back to Chem 101 at UMBC and reminded me of how my best memory of that class was when my professor went to take a leak and forgot to turn off his wireless microphone while we were taking an exam, probably about halogens!

3. The Doors – Jim Morrison was a bad ass! And have always loved them!

I have to admit a failure tonight my friends… the only photo I have is for tonight’s winner – Adrian Peterson, Branch Mgr. We were all chatting about playoffs and World Series times, dates and such that I think I forgot to take the rest of them. And then we all jumped into a heated “Minute to Win It” contest of Heads Up and kerplat went my brain!

pour house live trivia maryland

2nd Place went to I Do My Killing After Breakfast
3rd – Slapsgiving

BUT..I also want to congratulate:

I DO MY KILLING AFTER BREAKFAST AS OUR SEASON 10 HOUSE CHAMPION! Bernie’s is a tough venue to achieve this at…so much props y’all! We shall see you at World Series!

Pour House Live Trivia Maryland

Thanks everyone, for a great season of trivia at Bernies. Next week we start off with PRE-SEASON 11 and a category of “2014 Seattle Seahawks.” Play with some new team names, new team comps, etc…we’ll have some fun regardless! Have a great weekend and I wish everyone the best of luck in Playoffs and Pub Crawl Saturday. Til then…be well. DG 🙂

Seahawks trivia Pour House Live Trivia Maryland

That’s a wrap! Tonight ended our 10th season of Pour House Trivia and we crowned our House Champions, Uncle Jack, who’ve won Bennigan’s 2 seasons in a row now!
Tonight’s question set played very hard, as we saw 3 questions in round 4 that each had only 1 team come up with a correct response. 3 things are clear: we don’t know what STP is, so stop asking; the Arch Deluxe’s memorability was measured by its success; the halogen group of elements are a cluster of who-cares! Hopefully this is good prep for the post season, which is now only 3 days away!
Let’s talk about tonight’s game. My Favorite Team, who was riding a 5 game win streak, missed a 7 wager + the 5 point bonus chip on a communication error in the first round, putting them back quite far. They didn’t win 5 games in a row on a fluke though; they recomposed and were able to take the lead by 5 points going into the final question! A hell of a game if I say so myself, to be able to come back after a big hit like that.
Unfortunately for them, the final question played quite difficult. Two teams came up with a correct response on the final, and My Favorite Team was not one of them. MFT took 3rd place tonight. 2nd place went to Trivial Pursuers who jumped up a bit with a correct response, and tonight’s winners are Anderson Cooper? I Hardly Know Her! Great snipes on a very tough final question! We’ll be back for our weekly games next week while we do some World Series prepping! Come join us!1st Place: Anderson Cooper? I Hardly Know Her
2nd Place: Trivial Pursuers
3rd Place: My Favorite Team

Next week’s category: Billy Madison

Billy Madison Trivia company winner's choice

The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

We had a great game tonight full of our regulars and the mood was light – even with all the snow, we still filled the place!

I always love spending time with my teams in the underground, and tonight was no exception. I can’t wait to see you at the playoffs/World Series! It was a fun fight tonight with Team Wednesday walking away with the top spot tonight, and I had the pleasure of crowning them House Champions for this season!! Great job all! Just think how many times Glenn yelled penis during the trek to get the crown. 🙂 Thanks for the postcard too! It was nice to have you all back tonight.

For the 2nd and 3rd places we had a royal rumble on our hands as TNC and Grab a Straw reached deep in to their Gotham royalty grab bag and came up with the Batman bucks number. TNC took the hit and dropped to 3rd while Grab a Straw got themselves a place by the fire, right in the middle at 2nd place, to warm up for playoffs on saturday. Going to be a good one!

I will see you next week for sure when we start off with a question about Dirty Dancing. The movie, not what Glenn was doing. hehe.


dirty dancing trivia jennifer grey trivia patrick swayze trivia Pour House Live Trivia Maryland

The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

Even the snow couldn’t stop my regular teams from showing up at the Tavern in Olney tonight for live trivia night!!

The game was moving along great for everyone, and then the fourth round showed up and kicked some teams butts! That in itself shuffled around my top 3 teams, and after the final question it shuffled one more time, so this is how we ended up tonight: dropping to 3rd tonight and ending their winning streak finally was Olney the Lonely! Dropping to 2nd after the final was Team Gryffindor!! The only team to NOT wager 12 points for the final (which unfortunately no one got correct) and jumping into the 1st place seat for the week was I Just Quizzed in My Pants!!

They chose “The 2014/15 Washington Capitals” for next weeks winners choice category, GOOD LUCK to all my teams in the playoffs this Saturday, and I’ll see everyone back next Wednesday night at the Tavern for trivia!! ~ Jon J

Washington Capitals Trivia


Revolution Bar – Fairfax, Virginia

The last night of Season 10 at the Revolution Bar ended with a bang!

Highlights of the Night:

In “I-Told-You-It-Was-a-Bad-Category”: I said Troll 2 was gonna be a bad question. I said studying for it was a mistake. But did they listen? Noooo.

In “Well-That’s-Weird…”: No one got Hugo Chavez or Venezuela. However, everyone did put the same answer: Ahmedinejad…or however you spell his name from Iran. The whole bar was on the same wavelength, just the wrong one.

In “Finals-That-Make-Me-Smile”: I love Calvin and Hobbes. So whenever we get a question about them it always makes me grin. Especially when teams actually put Calvinball scores down on their answer sheets. With a minute to go in the final, the score was Pinapple to 54 to Pi sliced to Qwerty! If you don’t understand that, you need more Calvin and Hobbes in your life!

When all was said and done, we had a podium.

In third place, Mess and Jegg technically took the spot. However, with too many people on the team, they bowed out and GT80 Sauce took the bronze.

In second place, a new team, Strategery! congrats guys, well done!

In first place tonight, taking an early lead and running with it, Movin on Up! Well done guys, congratulations!

Next week, we’re gonna let Will Smith take the lead, for our round one category of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Should be good!

Until then,

[th_youtube id=’hBe0VCso0qs’ name=’fresh prince of bel air Trivia’]


T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

A great finish to a great season at T.J. Stone’s.  I can’t believe I’ve been hosting trivia here for THREE YEARS now, and it has been a packed house nearly each and every week.  Tonight was no exception, as 13 teams squeezed in for some trivia fun, and a number of you were ‘trying out’ new team names which was a lot of fun to take in.  Tonight, the first three rounds were dominated by My Favorite Team!  They topped 130 points after three rounds, but got a little bold on the 6-4-2, and hit few stumbling blocks to relinquish the lead to We Know More Than Jon Snow heading into the final question.  However, a conservative wager by our leaders swapped the top two in the standings, and gave My Favorite Team another win to close out the season as our House Champions.  Jon Snow took second, with Gone Squatchin’ took third.  I hope to see all of the invited teams at playoffs on Saturday!  Season XI is soon to begin.  Next week, we’ll start with a question on Adult Toys (no picture).  ~ Matt

The snow didn’t stop these folks from making it happen tonight at Valley Grill Sports Bar here in Middletown, thanks again for coming out for pub trivia night!

I would like to congratulate Southpaw Fish as Valley’s Season 10 House Champions as well! Here are the results of tonight’s contest: Southpaw Fish in 1st, Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap in 2nd, and Capt Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters in 3rd.

Join me again next week, where our first category will be the Ocean’s 11,12,13 film trilogy.

~ Ronnie

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