Bringin’ in 2014 with style – New Years Day Trivia Night!

There was saurkraut, there was black eyed peas and even some Black Beauty at tonight’s pub trivia games. And great company! Thanks for playing tonight everyone…

Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

For this trivia hostess, there is no better place to spend the very first night of 2014 than in the underground with all of you… Thanks for coming out to the Cellar Door  and making that first night of 2014 something to remember 😉 And for proving that my advil brings all the boys to the yard!

We had 11 teams who hung up their hangovers long enough for a game at Cellar Door. In 3rd we had a great game put forth by a duo! It was We made a huge mistake to start our our leaderboard. Witiots played a heck of a game in a “I’m not hungover, not even tired, bring it on” sort of style but it was that juggernaut of a Stink Floyd team who came in and took it all tonight. Our very first winners in the new year! Nice job! Next week we will be back with a triple 50-50 question, Warren or Jimmy Buffet. Happy New year! ~Samantha

warren buffet and jimmy buffett trivia

Valley Gril – Middletown, MD

The first 2014 game of Pour House Trivia on the books at the Valley Grill Sports Bar, and it was a flip flopping, tight scoring game! Southpaw Fish rang in the New Year with a win, while Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap held on to 2nd after a devastating 3rd round for them. Xavier Onassis played a strong game as well and finished in 3rd. Get out your black frames, for our first category for next week will be “famous men wearing glasses.” ~ Ronnie

black glasses trivia night