Bridges and a bounty of live trivia from Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday took the Verrazanno-Narrows Bridge, but did a whole bunch more, too – check it out!

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

DRP recap:Well it was another fine game on the books here at DRP in Alexandria, and it had plenty of cheers and jeers to boot. I don’t know if it was Star Wars or Backstreet Boys but it was Millennium that got the biggest positive response of the night!

I want to personally wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas!

Here are tonight’s results:
Periodic Table Dancers in 1st
Worst Case Ontario in 2nd
MSC in 3rd

Jurassic Parks and Rec had more than 7 but was our overall points winners, so their choice for next week’s 1st category is Kurt Russell.

~ Ronnie


il Forno – Frederick, MD

For our final live trivia night before the holidays begin, we had an AMAZING TURNOUT! We eclipsed double digits tonight, mostly with a chunk of veteran teams, but we had some new teams join us after a few questions and stayed til the end commenting on how much fun this game is! Well, the teams here and I can vouch for them, yeah, it’s a blast! We do it here every week and we keep coming back! Glad it was a good time for everyone involved!

In a tough game tonight, scores were a tad lower than usual but the best teams were still rising to the top. It felt like 2012 in here tonight as half time saw our top 3 teams as Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap, Quick Pink and the Vine Gang, and Latrilla and the Mossy Banks, teams that used to be il Forno regulars but have only recently returned to the scene! They’ve still got it, it seems!

The 2nd half began to kick a bunch of the teams square in the head as the scores began to separate a bit. I’d say the biggest culprit of that would be the New York City question regarding the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. The famed bridge named for an Italian explorer from the past connects the boroughs of Brooklyn and Staten Island. Lots of teams went big and missed completely, other teams went small and hit a BIT of water. Either way, it did a LOT to the scores which proved to solidify our top places fairly well.

Going into the final Quick Pink moved into the lead with Latrilla not far behind. From there you’d have to jump back about 9 or 10 points to find the 3rd place team BUT with the 12 point swing potential on the final question, it could still be anyone’s game! The Animal Kingdom question took a bite out of most of our teams but the 2 teams that got the final correct would jump up a significant amount. Wrecking Ball moves into 4th with a correct response, Much More Deeper jumps into 3rd by getting it right as well! Our top two tonight were Latrilla and QP, who missed but had a strong enough lead that it didn’t matter!

So Quick Pink takes it down on the last game before Christmas! Great game guys! Hope the holiday treats everyone well! We are BACK for more trivia in 1 week, same time, same place, just as usual! Hope to see you there! Later!

1st Place: Quick Pink and the Vine Gang
2nd Place: Latrilla & the Mossy Banks
3rd Place: Much More Deeper

Next week: Mozart AUDIO

Mozart Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

Phew! I may have been gone a week, but you guys made sure to make it seem like any normal night of live trivia! There was fire under everyone tonight at the Roast House for our game of Pour House Pub Trivia!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Which-Way-Is-West?”: For the P’s on earth question, we had a few teams forget which way West was. Pirates and Phillies answers. *sigh*

In “Well-That’s-Spooky”: Not 20 minutes after the Charles Woodson question, it was announced (and subsequently came up on some phones at halftime) that Charles Woodson had announced his retirement. How serendipitous. And spooky!

In “Oh-That-Was-Uncalled-For”: I stumble over one less-than-obvious pronunciation and the Steve Harvey comparisons are being made? That’s cold people, ice cold.

After lead changes all night, correct answers on the final were crucial.

In third place, 8 Boobs and a Dude!

In second place, Interrobang?!

In first place, Multiple Scorgasms!

Great game everyone! Next week we’re gonna kick things off with the country of Madagascar! Should be interesting! Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanza, and all that jazz 😉

Until then,

Africa trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

Another week at Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon, and yet another win for High School Prom!  They’ve made it six in a row, and are in prime shape for the house championship and an automatic entry into World Series XII.  Kitten Mittens played a great game and took home second despite missing the last question.  Knowers of Stuff took third.  We’ll start next week with (yet another) question on “Hamilton: The Musical”!  ~ Matt