BOOM! World Series of Pub Trivia Season 11 Rocks Hagerstown, MD

What a Season of Pub Trivia; and what a great finish to it! 89 pub trivia teams from the MD-DC-Va region came out to Hager Hall Conference Center this past weekend and threw down for a few hours in what proved to be a very competitive and very close contest! I would like to thank all of you for coming out and playing. We tied our own national record for a FREE pub trivia event and we owe that achievement to all of you and your support of our game! Thanks again everyone…much love to you all!

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The trivia part of the day went awesome! But I do want to let you all know that we had a (unexplainable) camera SD Card meltdown, re-formatting issue and lost the pictures that we took from this event. So that #sucked! When I loaded it up and the computer told me there were no images on the card, I think I slipped into another dimension of space for a second due to the intensity of the blow I just took. Additionally, our photographer, Nick, also had his car totaled in the little runaway truck incident that went down in the parking lot at the end of the game (noone got hurt – but cars did). So it was not a good finish on the photography front for us in any way, shape or form. Incidentally, to those of you who also had you cars hit by that truck, much love and sympathy (hugs all around) – that is not a fun scenario. Luckily no one was hurt by the thing. And sorry about the SD card incident, you all were beautiful 🙂

OK…enough of the SNAFU review. We had a rockin’ game of pub trivia go down Sunday! We were able to add a whole new level to our post-season championships – the video element! We also added an image question (love you Dr. Punnett), and as always, had some fun twists with the other questions! I loved hosting this event and watching it unfold. The twists and turns and strategery and shenanigans that I got to see was a ton of fun!

Round 1 had some monsters right out of the gate. You know it’s going to be a fun day when the two most popular answers to the first question are “50 Shades of Grey” and “Princess and the Pea.” But I gotta say, my favorite from Round 1 was Who Said It: Snoop or Jesus? And this question goes down in Pour House history as the “Most Difficult to Write Question in the History of PHT.” Just go google Snoop’s lyrics and spend a minute or two with them while asking yourself “which of these could Jesus have said?” Fun times though!

snoop dogg trivia night

We debuted our first power point style “what is this a picture of” type question during Round 2. This was an exciting step for us. And the ole’ Punnett Square was the star of Round 2! That’s not to say that The Brick Testament, and its LEGO tableaus were not a strong runner up, however! Go check that stuff out. Apparently the guy does LEGO recreations of historic scenes, war battles, landmarks, etc. It is quite an interesting site.

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And after Round 2 we had ourselves a game! As always, the half-time puzzle was waiting intently in the wings to give the teams something to wrestle for 15 minutes of fun! This was a tough puzzle but one of the most fun I think we have had! And I will say, on record, we had the Part I Instructions (which read: “In honor of Triple Crown winner, American Pharoah, identify these other famous horses”) written BEFORE THE RACE! Our back-up plan was to draw a line through the “Triple Crown Winner” part, LOL. We also got a smidge playful on our homophones – Shy Anne and “Hell in a,” come to mind. Overall this puzzle was rock and roll! And it set the stage for a sick 2nd half…

Remember that time we thought New Jersey was the only state quarter to feature GW on the back? BOOM…South Dakota to the stage please! Indeed, Mt. Rushmore enters the game unexpectedly and this thing was ON!

pub trivia about state quarters

Round 3 delivered us some Blue’s Clues, some ornithology, and our MLB question of the day – Stan Musial might win the “pull of the day” honor! This game was heating up and there were still so many teams eyeballing the top slot! Some chose to play aggro and take some risks and some sniped! Either way, the game was ON! And speaking of “risk” –

The 6-4-2 was an important one as this was such a close game that every point counted and pulling the trigger on 6 was the move for a handful of teams! Only a few nailed the 6 point clue, however, and most chose to wait a second for some more info. So props to the 6 point pullers – the “RISK” paid off 😉

And around the clubhouse turn we went. Round 4 opened up with a real “SOB” of a question! And the difficult question of the day goes to…Civil Disobedience and our boy H.D.T.!

And then… the video game question happened! Different games from different decades made an appearance. Skyrim and the Dragon definitely had the teeth, but it was TAPPER that had the bite! Good ole Tapper – I remember going back and forth from Tapper to Burger Time and just going through bags of quarters on these! Oh, the days of going to the arcade…

arcade game pub trivia night

But I digress – Round 4 wrapped up with some tongue in cheek humor and a fun Gene Simmons question (see what I did there). One more question is all we had left. And the leader board had been shifted around multiple times in multiple ways. With one heck of a day of trivia behind us, this last question was going to decide the whole shabang – as a good final should! And it did!

Toblerone FOR THE WIN BABY!!! After it hit, everything went everywhere! The leader board got shuffled…and we had our winners! (Again, this is where I would love to show some lovely shots of beautiful pub trivia teams, but grrr…technology gave us a KICK to the face!) No less though…Props to our Top 15 teams who grabbed some swag and $$$ and booty from our pile of stuff! Big trophies, cool tee-shirts, sweet Top 5 mugs, swaggy love, and about $4,000 in cash was tossed around…is what the word on the street was!  Good stuff everyone!

Here are the FINAL STANDINGS from the World Series of Pub Trivia, June 7, 2015:

1) High School Prom 174
2) Stink Floyd 170
3) Thundercats (MD) 170
4) Multiple Scoregasms 162
5) One Crow Short of a Murder 162
6) Southpaw Fish 160
7) Quiz In My Pants 158
8) Boom Goes the Dynamite 157
9) Just Good Enough 156
10) D and M 155
11) Ollie Monsters 154
T-12) Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap 153
T-12) Witiots 153
14) Uncle Jack 152
15) Rice Rice Baby 151
16) Slapsgiving 149
T-17) Anderson Cooper? 148
T-17) Eric’s Illegitimate Kids 148
T-19) I Just Quizzed My Pants 146
T-19) Cotton Candy 146
21) Big Fact Hunt 144
22) 2 Live Clue 2 143
23) Silent Titty Deadly Bang 142
T-24) Capital City Goofballs 141
T-24) Capital Hillbillies 141
T-24) Shake Weight 141
T-27) Rocket Surgeons 140
T-27) Sad Fat Dragons 140
29) H. R. Puff and Stuff 139
30) Suck it Frosty 137
31) Sloppy Seconds 136
T-32) Stupid Sexy Flanders 135
T-32) Strangers Have the Best Candy 135
T-34) Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe 134
T-34) MoMo 134
T-36) Big Test Icicles 133
T-36) Gryffindor 133
T-36) Cranius Maximus 133
T-39) Book Club Babes 132
T-39) Moose and Squirrel 132
T-39) Fisted Sister 132
T-42) Bends 131
T-42) Not Quite White 131
T-42) Putting the Sexy in Dyslexic 131
T-42) I’m Here So I Don’t Get Fined 131
T-46) Lowered Expectations 129
T-46) Two Girls and an Idiot 129
T-46) B-58s 129
T-46) Second Place 129
T-50) Your Mom 128
T-50) Power Vacuum 128
T-52) Thundercats (VA) 127
T-52) MC 127
T-52) Fries Before Guys 127
55) American Outlaws 126
T-56) Welcome to Your Doom 125
T-56) That’s a Hard One 125
T-56) Just the Tip 125
T-56) I’m With Sara 125
60) Piggy Doodles 124
T-61) Trashbag Bobby 123
T-61) Vitrifiers 123
T-61) Crystal Methodists 123
T-61) My Favorite Team 123
T-61) My Trivia Team Plays Half Fast 123
T-66) Experienced Virgins 122
T-66) Triple Threat 122
T-66) Cobras 122
T-66) Smarty Pants 122
T-66) Simple Minds 122
T-71) Bazinga 120
T-71) Black Steel 120
T-71) Blue Collar 120
74) Hi Low 2 Way Yo 119
75) Half a Brain 118
76) Axl’s Doghouse 2.0 117
77) Capt. Awesome & the Wonder Friends 116
78) We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity 113
T-79) Screw Prozac, I’m a Unicorn 110
T-79) Stormy Bongo Adventure 110
T-79) E = MC Hammer 110
T-82) Jaguars 108
T-82) FnQ 108
84) Rent-a-Swag 105
85) Dalek Dance Party 102
86) Dufresne, Party of Four 96
87) Menace to Sobriety 89
88) Thinkers and Dreamers 83
89) Alpha Sigma Sigma 68


Congrats also to the winners of all of our drawings, our Bull$%#! trophy, and the beer prizes! That was some good fun! Look forward to more of that in Season 12!

And that my friends was one stellar day! The most rewarding part of this job is when we all get together and play games! I truly enjoyed being there with all of you. So thank you all so very much for coming out to the weekly events and playing our game of pub trivia! And thank you for taking a Sunday and making a trip to Hagerstown, MD to play even more! We hope you enjoyed playing this event as much as we did putting it on for you.

i love pub trivia


Before I go, I would also like to thank our Season 11 sponsors: DuClaw, Peggy Patschak of Coldwell Banker and Ronald Reagan, Jr. of State Farm Insurance. And also many thanks to the staff and management of Hager Hall Conference Center – they rocked! All of these folks helped make this event possible! Much love to all of them.

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Have a great summer everyone! Join us for the Summer Fling 2015 Pub Trivia Series (which starts this week). See you soon. DG 🙂

summer pub trivia competition