Bloody Mary + brunch + a bunch of great questions = the perfect Sunday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

I think I speak for everyone when I say that this possible snow activity this week should just go away! But it doesn’t matter what the snow, wind, rain or cold do – there’s always Pour House pub trivia to cheer you up on Sunday night!
Totally untrue facts from our Sunday night set!
  • The scientists of the Manhattan project, in addition to developing the nuclear bomb, also created the Manhattan cocktail!
  • Potter Stewart’s “I know it when I see it,” while widely attributed to obscenity, was actually about how much mayonnaise to add to tuna salad.
  • The majority of cocaine comes into this country pressed into Lik-M-Aid sticks!

Let’s see what happened Sunday night!

Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD

We had a crazy close game tonight at Captain Bender’s! We had ties every other round, resulting in a tiebreaker for the third place spot after the final. The triumphant team? Cranius Maximus!! In the second place spot, we had Boh’s & Hoes!!
The first place spot was reserved for our comeback kings, The Inebriati!! Their choice of first category for next week? MARTIAN GEOGRAPHY!! See you next Sunday!
Martian Geography Pub Trivia Category Maryland

The Raw Bar – Frederick, MD

It was an EXCITING game tonight at the Raw Bar and Grill!! Lead changes throughout most of the game and even two sets of ties going into the final question!! After the final question, there was only one tie to break, and after that, this is how it went down:
Taking third place with the tie-breaker was the Phlitches! Finishing second tonight was T.B.H., and stepping back into the winners circle tonight (and it was close!!) Optimus Prime Rib!! They chose “Meatballs“(the original film) for next weeks winner’s choice category, so study up and I hope to see everyone back at Raw Bar next week!! 6:30 sign-ups, 7:00 gametime!!  
~ Jon J
Meatballs Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland