Bismarck! Oh, Bismarck. Pour House Pub Trivia Wednesday recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday rocked the house with ten great games of live trivia!

Sadly, it was the final night for us at The Cellar Door, a long, long-time member of the Pour House Trivia family – we’ll miss you guys.

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Applebees – Frederick, MD

Tonight at Applebee’s we had a great time in our last game before starting out the Summer season (starts next week!). Some of my teams were trying to maybe get some practice in for World Series this Sunday, but others were just there for a good time, which we definitely did not disappoint. I also apparently need to watch this Beyonce Single Ladies/Duck Tales mash-up, because everyone is watching it so it must be good. I can’t imagine how it works though, knowing how those two songs go. I was excited about the Sugar Ray audio clue too, because that part is just way too fun to sing sometimes (as long as you don’t shout out the answer!). I liked the final question and I thought it was definitely a tough one, which it turned out to be. Almost nobody realized that Bismarck is named for Otto von Bismarck, who died much more recently than people seem to think (I had a similar issue with Picasso, I thought he was like 200 years ago, but he died like 20 years ago… Whoops!).

I found it hilarious that Buck Showalter walked Barry Bonds with the bases loaded, but when I found out the game situation, it made perfect sense. Barry was on a tear at the time, and it was bases loaded, two outs, bottom of the ninth, and they had a two run lead. They walked Barry then got the next guy out and won by one. That’s actually pretty smart. And George Halas was not only the owner for the Chicago Bears, but the coach AND a player in the 1920’s? He almost literally did it all, that’s amazing to me.

Anyway, the end of the game went like this. When the smoke cleared following the final question, our third place team ended up being Rent-A-Swag. In second place was We’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat, who made a nice defensive wager. Our winners tonight won with a zero bet, but ended up being the only team to get the final right anyway. Congrats going out to Car Ramrod on tonight’s win! Next week they have chosen to start us out with a question about the Wu-Tang Clan! I’m excited for that one, go study up on that! Good luck at World Series to my teams, I’ll see you all there, and everybody else I’ll see you next week!

Until next time,

Bar Louie – Rockville, MD

With this being our sole off-season game in between Season XI and Summer Fling, our veteran teams must have been resting, in preparation for World Series this Sunday. As a results, the field was light, but filled with Bar Louie’s returning teams, as well as a new wandering PHT veteran team looking for a Wednesday venue to call home.We got right down to it, with a tough game of trivia. A few real headscratchers were trumped by last-minute pulls, such as the stroke of luck that Freudian Slips was on LSD at the time, and watched as a shimmering eagle made of diamonds wrote down “Timothy Leary” on their answer pad. (I’m assuming this is what happened…)

With the scores close, we headed into a final that stumped the crowd, making their wagers critical. Leapfrogging into first was Dumpster Fire, securing their first-ever PHT win! The jumped team, Bazinga, had to settle for second. And due to a cheating scandal DQing the team in third (come on, guys! it’s bar trivia!), Freudian Slips took home third.

Next week’s first category will be “ABC Family dramas”. That’s a lot of material to study!!

See you next week, and good luck to my Bar Louie teams entered into World Series. Go, Fight, Win!!


It was great to see some old faces tonight at Bernies in Hagerstown, MD for a little pub trivia Wednesday style! Haven’t seen the likes of The Bends and Duct Tape in a hot few – thanks for coming out yall!

We had ourselves a little pre-Summer Fling action this evening! And there were some monsters lurking in the question rounds for sure! Maybe we can all go for a boat ride on the Ethan Allen over Lake Champlain – phew that one had teeth! One man and one man only knew that one – props to Andy of Screen Door on slaying this one!

ethan allen

Some other fun ones tonight were the high-top fade

hi top fade

and I thouroughly enjoyed the words of wisdom question, featuring two of the greatest philosophers of our time: Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson – if you haven’t seen the car wash video…well…here it is:

Good times tonight indeed! And in the midst of all our fun we even managed to get some winners in our trivia game! Congrats to our Top 3 tonight!

20150603_223144.1 20150603_223039.2 20150603_223359.3

Next week we kick off our Summer Fling season. So get the team ready and come on out and play some games with us this summer at Barefoot Bernies!

To those playing in the World Series this Sunday, I wish you the best of luck! Next week we kick it off with Game of Thrones! Have a great weekend everyone and i will see you next Wed night for Summer Fling 2015 Opening Night! dg 🙂

game of thrones

We are in the off-season for PHT, just prepping for the WS game we have going down on Sunday! A few of our regulars decided to take the night off to rest for the tournament but the real hardcore players were out here tonight!
Among our WS competing teams we had My Favorite Team and Just the Tip. My Favorite Team won last week, won 7 in a row earlier in the year, and won the House Championship. They are a force to be reckoned with. Tonight was no different as they held the lead for a majority of the night. I don’t normally do this, but I’d like to nominate tonight’s final question as the Question of the Night. Only one team got it right, but I still thought it was an awesome question. Had to dig deep for this one. My Favorite Team able to come up with Bismarck for the win! Congrats guys! Keep the winning ways carrying over into the WS! Hoping for a good finish! 2nd place tonight is Knock Knock, who kept it close (but unfortunately dropped 2 bonus chips in the 2nd half) and 3rd goes to Just the Tip! Good game all! New season starts in a week! Be ready and BRING IT! I’ll be here, hope you will too! Until then 😉
1st Place:     My Favorite Team
2nd Place:    Knock Knock
3rd Place:     Just the Tip
Next week’s category: The Smiths
The Smiths trivia Morrisey trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

So it was our last night in the underground – Cellar Door it’s been a damn good run.

Next week I will be in Market Street Fusion to kick off our Summer Fling session, come see me!! We had a pretty classic night to finish us off with some old time trash talk and some new teams. I was impressed we didn’t see 6 teams of all Tits Mcgee players 😉

I was just glad to see that all the teams didn’t wager 6! In our top 3 were 2 Live Clue 2:We need a bigger Butt in 3rd after Alan’s Bet it all!! 2nd went to 2nd place- fittingly enough. 1st were Constantly Changing Team name with an awesome score of 169 points – I love it.

I’ve also loved being down here every Wednesday night but can’t wait to see what awaits us at Fusion! Good luck at World Series, i will see you there!


Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

Great night in between seasons gearing up for this weekend’s WORLD SERIES!!! We had another singalong and I learned how to pronounce KIM BASINGER’s name!

I call that a successful evening. After a killer final, the scoreboard received a violent shaking that resulted in. The Oscar Wildecats taking third place, knocked down by The Moops with a bold final wager and correct answer!! Our top dogs and house champs, The Experienced Virgins took home the first place prize setting them up for a good game this weekend. Their choice of first category? BRIDGES!! See you next Wednesday!



The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

It’s nice to know there are so many gracious teams that play live trivia here at The Tavern on Wednesdays!

We had a first timer team tonight that finished GREAT, and all my teams applauded them at the end of the game and made them feel really welcome! You guys and gals SUPER ROCK in my book! There was a good battle between 3 teams fighting for king of the mountain, and just when it looked like those teams were a shoo-in for all 3 top spots, the final question slapped ’em around!

Dropping into 3rd was Team Gryffindor! Our newbie team tonight was the only one to answer the final correctly and shot them up from 4th to 2nd (they were 14 points behind 3rd place at the final, and finished only 2 points behind 1st after!), I think we’ll see them again soon, The Terp Twins!! Tonight’s 1st place winner had to fight for it all game, they were this seasons house champs, but changed up their name just for this pre-season Summer Fling game: Team Carter!!!

The winner’s choice category to start off The Fling will be Smithsonian Museums, and GOOD LUCK to all my teams representin’ The Tavern in the World Series on Sunday! I’ll see ya’ll then!!

~ Jon J

Smithsonian museum trivia natural history trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Revolution Bar – Fairfax, Virginia

Tonight’s game of Pour House pub Trivia was quick and dirty at the
Revolution Bar. On this off-night between seasons we had a tough night
all around!

Most of the highlights involved the teams swearing at me, so I think
we’ll skip this part today, with one note: the set was described at
their least favorite game of trivia ever. Such language!! Matt Frost,
I’d keep an eye open, they may be coming for you!
In third place tonight, Left Shark! they started out strong, but lost
some speed halfway through; still a good job!

In second place tonight,Sic Semper Tyrannosaurus! The Boys of Mess and
Jegg split off tonight to take on the girls and nipped at their heels
all night! Good job fellas!

In first place though, the lovely ladies of Mess and Jegg! They were
not about to let the boys beat them, and they did a great job tonight,
Next week’s round one category will be Pi(e). Whether it’s about
actual pie you eat or the ramifications of trying to multiple two
imaginary numbers, they left up to the question writer! Let’s see how
it goes!

Until then,

One last tune-up for the World Series on Sunday, and hopefully we’ll have several of our T.J. Stone’s teams making the (not so long) journey up to Hagerstown.  One team that will be there is the B-58s, who played a great game on Wednesday night and had a nice lead heading into the final.  They were a but worried when I announced that only one team got the final question correctly, but it turned out to be them, and they nailed the win!  Great job!  Second place went to Heavy Metal Parking Lot, with third place going to Jesse and the Rippers.  We’ll be back next week with a question on the Belmont Stakes!  ~ Matt

Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Another great night of pub trivia here at Valley Grill in Middletown, hotly contested, we need a tiebreaker to settle it all at the end! Here are the results of tonight’s game, and G.L. at the World Series!

Southpaw Fish in 1st
Stupid Sexy Flanders in 2nd
Simple Minds in 3rd

Our first category for next week is West Side Story.

~ Ronnie

West Side Story Trivia pour house pub trivia