Belvita, Velveeta and more on Monday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday got a little creamy with Velveeta, then hit you up with some Belvita for breakfast!

Check out the games, gang.

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Thanks again to everyone at DRP for the warm reception back after my vacation, you guys are the best!

This Monday night game was real close, and a new team who played as a duo walked away with first prize. Great job! Here are the results:
Maybe I should Drive in 1st
Del Ray Dummies in 2nd
HR Pu+nStu+ in 3rd

Give it up to Noname, our overall points winners, though they had more than seven on the team. Their pick for 1st category for next week is World War 2 Aviation.

~ Ronnie

WWII Aircraft trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

il Forno – Frederick, MD

Had a rager tonight at il Forno just before the rain started pouring down! Double digit team numbers once again, it was a JAM PACKED house tonight! We got a little visit from a travel team tonight; apparently, 3rd Quarter Nose Dive was taking a break from their home venue this week so they decided to come join us for trivia night!

Most of the teams were welcoming, but quickly regretted that decision when 3QND started to show how strong they could actually be. 3QND held the lead going into the half way point of the game tonight, many teams filled with rage over their home turf being sullied! It would be necessary for the teams to rally and fight back to take down this supposed trivia juggernaut!

Question of the night honors goes out to the Rhyming Foods question. Not because it was difficult, quite the opposite. Most every team got the answer on this one, an answer that I’VE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF! Belvita? Really? I swear you all are playing a prank on me like you made it up – I wasn’t the only one. Quick Pink and I’m with Sarah too hadn’t heard of this supposed “breakfast cookie.” We’re on to the rest of you. We’ll enjoy our Velveeta while you all eat your fake breakfast cookies and continue this ludicrous conspiracy!

Going into the final, 3QND held on to their lead with Much More Deeper and Quick Pink not far behind. The trailing teams would have to hope for a difficult final and a miss from our leaders to even have a shot at taking this one down. Unfortunately for the field, but fortunate for 3QND, they did not miss… So your il Forno Champions for the week are 3rd Quarter Nose Dive! They took no such dive… I’m calling shenanigans on the false advertising! 2nd place tonight was Quick Pink, our dynamic duo. Good game guys. 3rd place tonight is Much More Deeper, who have recently evolved into a trivia threat! We’ll be back in a week with more season 12! Thanks guys, until then!

1st Place: 3rd Quarter Nose Dive
2nd Place: Quick Pink and the Vine Gang
3rd Place: Much More Deeper

Next week: The Sopranos

Sopranos Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia maryland

Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

Tonight was my first night with the fine folks of Roast House Pub, and they were not nearly as scary as Ian lead me to believe 😉 I tell ya, I might have to come out on a Monday and hang out with you all..The teams were just the right level of mischievous, the beer was plentiful and varied, and the kitchen had the place smelling A-Mazing!

We started out a little rough on the African capitals question, and the middle of round 3 stalled a few teams big time. We are not even going to mention cataract surgery. Just don’t. Have a beer instead. Over all though, you guys were solid. Spot on, all the way up to that 800 mile final. I am throwing out a prediction that there will be a plethora of Capt. Underpants Halloween costumes next year- with and without the crazy Day of the Dead makeup!

Once we traversed all the miles of the final and exhausted the possibilities, we had a tie! John Lithgow fan club battled it out with the Boomslang for 3rd and couldn’t quite defeat the reptile- good college try though! 2nd went to Cher’s Zombie Army and in 1st were the oh so vibrant Multiple Scoregasms. It’s worth mentioning that they took the win with the oh so fun, pleasant number of 169. Took some work, but worth it in the end 😉 Next week you will get Ian back (If he ever comes back) and you will start with theoretical physics. God I hope he comes back. hehe.


Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

Quite an interesting game at Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon on Monday night!  High School Prom was gunning for five wins in a row, but little did they know that they would have to battle a team of one down the stretch.  Jimmy’s in Vegas became simply Jimmy for the night, but after a crucial miss by HSP in Round 4, we found ourselves with a tie for first!  But Jimmy’s in Vegas could not come up with the correct response on the final, and so indeed it is now five in a row for High School Prom.  Second place went to PC Principals with Kitten Mittens in third.  Next week, we’ll begin with a question on “Magic: The Gathering”.  ~ Matt