Beginning to think Pour House Trivia Monday brings good luck for the Caps!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday helped bring home a Washington Capitals win for the second week in a row!

Heck of a series they’ve got going with those New York Rangers, eh?

Check out the pub quiz roundup!

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Both the Caps and Nats in town tonight and STILL the pub trivia faithful flock to DRP here in Alexandria for some Monday PHT action. Thanks for the support!

Here are the results of our game:
High School Prom in 1st
H.R. PuffNStuff in 2nd
Periodic Table Dancers in 3rd

Our first category for next week is TV’s The West Wing.

~ Ronnie

West Wing Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

For yet another week, we had a great Monday night game where we got to watch the Capitals win a game in nail-biting fashion, and boy was it great. In our game we had quite the comeback for one of the trivia teams, who at halftime were in last place and managed to climb back up and into the top three in the final standings. They definitely seemed completely done after the Mercury question, but somehow Danny Glover just went back to work and managed to pull of a surprising turnaround. I also want to give a shout out to Sean from The Bends who went solo for tonight’s game, which can be really tough. Unfortunately we didn’t have any Star Wars questions tonight (May the Fourth be with you!) which seemed to surprise a few of our teams, and myself! Oh well, there’s always next year!

In the end we had Danny Glover jumping up into the final standings after some crafty wagering and maneuvering to leapfrog a few teams. In second place was Horseshoes and Hand Grenades who also landed the final answer and secured a top three finish. Our winners tonight were in a tie for the lead with The Inebriati (Who unfortunately fell out of the top three on the final question) and nailed the final, taking home the victory (and saving us from having to do a tiebreaker!). Congrats to Cotton Candy on tonight’s victory, well done! We start out next week with the opening category The Hunger Games (ONLY the first NOVEL in the series, nothing about J-Law, sorry folks!) So maybe it’s time to go re-read the series? I’ll see you all again next week!

Until next time,

hunger games trivia

il Forno – Frederick, MD

Some were here for the hockey, some for food, but MOST of us were here for the live trivia (and the food, and the hockey, but trivia played a big part in our appearance)! We had 15 teams duking it out for trivia greatness tonight and only one could walk away as the victors!

Our question of the night was our Word Origins question. Perhaps PHT was “conspiring” to make sure this one had some BITE on it, but we did have 3 teams come up with the correct answer of Conspiracy! It’s actually a cute question. Con = with (together) and spire = breathing, therefore “breathing together” = conspiracy. It’s a cool origin story. The connotation has definitively evolved into a negative one but that is where the word was born.

So tonight’s game saw Latrilla & the Mossy Banks attempting to add to their collection of 1st place finishes, and they pretty much dominated the game right from the start! They led at half and didn’t ease up at all the whole game. A difficult final also didn’t hinder their performance, being one of three teams to come up with a correct response, and in doing so, take down the win this evening! Our other top spots went to Chicken Mcthuggets, a 2nd place finish, and well earned as they were one of the few to get the final, and our 3rd place finish goes to a new team named Alcohol was Involved, who got the final, jumped up to tie for 3rd with Piggy Doodles, who led them by 24 points, and they sniped the placement with a win in the tie breaker! Quite a large chunk of ground to cover! Way to go! Hoping to see you guys next week! Playoffs starting very soon so keep practicing, get your teams out to play, and bring everything you’ve got this month! I’ll see you guys next week! Until then, have a good, k? 😉

1st Place: Latrilla & the Mossy Banks
2nd Place: Chicken McThuggets
3rd Place: Alcohol was Involved

Next week’s category: Liquid Sky (movie)

liquid sky trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Market Street Fusion – Frederick, MD

Tonight’s opening night of live trivia at Market St Fusion was kind of unusual – The names I was getting for my teams felt like I was running the late night adult trivia at first!

Finishing in 3rd was the B.A.M.F.’s! The 2nd place finisher was The Clitorati!! Winning the game and $50 bucks CASH was Big Jim!! (see what I mean about the team names?!)

Next weeks winner’s choice category is the film Hudson Hawk, so come downtown and see me at our newest Pour House venue, Market St Fusion next Monday!! 6:30 pm sign-ups/ 7 pm game time!!!

~ Jon J

Bruce Willis Hudson Hawk Trivia pour house live trivia maryland


Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

With the hottest day of the year so far, tonight’s game of pub trivia at the Roast House was just as fiery! With the Roast House staff themselves joining the fray against a house full of regulars and a couple traveling teams, things got interesting very quickly!

Highlight’s of the Night:

In “Listen-Carefully-Children”: There’s only so many times a guy can repeat the phrase “your answers rhyme with languages; I do NOT want the languages themselves.” I had lots of French, Dutch, and German on the answer sheets tonight, which I could not give credit for. Despite saying this over and over, I still get the stink eye! Come on guys!

In “Battered-and-Broken-but-not-Beaten”: Multiple Scorgasms was in a right state tonight, with one team member with a bum arm and another without her voice. Despite the pain and silence though, they fought hard all night against a set that was arguably the toughest we’ve seen at the Roast House in a long time!

In “The-Rules-Are-There-For-A-Reason”: The Roast House staff doesn’t play very often, but when they do they always make things fun, even if it’s because they forget one of the rules. One teammate, who shall remain nameless, got a little over excited by the languages question and gleefully exclaimed “Wrench!” right out of the gate, before
clamping a hand over their mouth as the whole bar groaned. Give em some slack guys, they managed to play along and keep all of you topped off and happy all night! Besides, it gave you all the chance to yell wrench at me whenever you were feeling saucy 😉

The set tonight was, as I said, one of the toughest in a long while, which lead to a pretty devastated leaderboard tonight. But three teams would not be denied!

In third place, the Ollie Monsters! You guys may not be here every week but you know how to make your presence felt; good job!

In second place, Two Fingers Worth! You guys fought hard all night long, way to hang tough! Even if Maria almost left Mike in the Costco parking lot before trivia 😉

In first place, they would not be denied; Multiple Scorgasms! Congratulations guys, a great game of trivia indeed!

Next week’s round one category, courtesy of Multiple Scorgasms, will be African-American Hair Care. If you would like to know why the rest of the bar and I dissolved into a fit of giggles at that announcement, come on out to the Roast House next week!

Until then,

Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

It proved to be quite an interesting finish at Spider Kelly’s at Clarendon, when each of our top two teams missed the final, causing a whole lot of shifting around at the end of the game.  The beneficiary of the shift was Eleven is a Prime Number, who found themselves back in the winner’s circle.  There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand took second, with STP in third.  Next week, we’ll begin with a question on Breakfast Foods!  ~ Matt