Be very careful when you Google “Prince Albert!” Pour House Pub Trivia Monday Roundup!

Pour House pub trivia is getting oh-so-close to that WORLD SERIES! I can’t wait.

Seriously though…you should probably specify PRINCE ALBERT TOBACCO when you do a Google Image search. I did NOT need to see that.


  • Dirty Dancing was originally intended to be a 16-act Broadway Musical!
  • In addition to finding land mines, the National Center for Physical Acoustics also helps acoustically adjust home theater systems!
  • A quarter horse is also the way you order lunch in several countries!

Since you only got a snippet, here’s a little more Bette Davis Eyes! Listen to that SYNTH!

[th_youtube id=’wyRosnwO_mg’ name=’Bette Davis Eyes Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland’]

On to the games!

Dan’s Restaurant – Boonsboro, MD

One last game in Boonsboro before the World series, and it was Southpaw Fish making a guest appearance to take down first place.  OSwin OSwald sniped the final question and moved up two spots to take second, with Borneo Baby in third.  Next week starts our Summer Fling season with a question on 20th Century Personalities!  ~ Matt

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

We had a special night of live trivia and a great giveaway on behalf of the fine folks here at DRP in Alexandria!

Congrats to Witch Ducks for winning the raffle! It was Eric and the Pie Tasters that won our bar trivia game, with We Roll 20’s in 2nd and MSC in 3rd.

Good luck at the World Series, and join me here next week where our first category will be U.S. Medical Schools.

~ Ronnie


Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

A fun game of pub trivia tonight at the Greene Turtle! As always, we continue to add new faces to the game, which is always fun for me. Glad to have you guys out!

My favorite answers tonight:

The “Man” battle was NOT the Battle of Manhood!

The US Defense Dept. does NOT seek out Big Bird!

After a hard fought game, and some clever wagering, it shook out like this. 

In third, the always-steady Chances Aren’t!

In second, newcomers Cotton Candy!

And your winners, the ever-present on the winner’s podium, Inebriati!

Next week is DC Cab! This trailer is absolutely amazing.

[th_youtube id=’YxlsO0jpxG0′ name=’DC Cab Trailer Pub Quiz Maryland’]


il Forno – Frederick, MD


Remember that time the winner’s choice category was “Famous Chickens” and we wrote a “Famous Flowers” trivia question? Hehe…I’ll never forgot that!
And yeah that was tonight at il Forno! For the record I owe Quick Pink and the Vine Gang a “Famous Chickens” question. QP came out of the gates and whiffed said flower question…BUT…no matter! They went on to make some final question wager strategery and earned themselves a W this fine Monday evening!
Quick Pink Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland
2nd Place came down to a Nobel Prize tie breaker between Latrilla and the Mossy Banks and Pay Your Bills. 
Pay Your Bills Pub Quiz Maryland
Latrilla Live Trivia Maryland
Congrats everyone. I wish you all great luck and fun this Sunday at the Season 9 World Series of Trivia! 
AND REMEMBER…NEXT MONDAY NIGHT IS OPENING NIGHT FOR SUMMER FLING 2014! And QP has chosen “Infamous Beards” to kick off the summer season! I won’t “fowl” this one up like I did the chicken one (see what I did there?).
Beards Live Trivia Maryland