Battle of the Decades Recap!

Hey folks, thank you all once again for attending our Pour House theme game “Battle of the Decades” at Belles in Frederick, Maryland.  This game was a ton of fun as we reminisced and worked our way through four generations of history, science, and most importantly, pop culture.  So here are the generations that met on the “battlefield”!

Baby Boomers Trivia

Generation X Trivia

Generation Y Trivia

21st Century Trivia

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so this recap of the game is going to be a bit different.  The first round contested focused in on the baby boomers, and the round went well for most of the teams. I think the film Forrest Gump threw off a number of teams with the integration of southern schools after Brown vs. the Board of Education, due to this scene.

Forrest Gump

This caused a number of the younger teams to answer incorrectly with Montgomery, Alabama, while the first integration was Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas.  The question that proved the toughest for all the teams in the Baby Boomer round was the brand of cigarettes shown here endorsed by a future Governor of California and later President of the United States:

Chesterfield Reagan

The second round moved into the the years covering Generation X, and again the younger teams found it to be a tough round as well.  There were many cheers for our boy bands audio, featuring Menudo, New Edition, and The New Kids on the Block.  Yes, that is Donnie Wahlberg furthest to the left:

New Kids on the Block Boy Band

What proved to be daunting was the recollection of Fawn Hall in the Iran-Contra Affair of the 1980’s. A s many teams answered with a different affair entirely involving this 1988 Presidential hopeful.

That lead us to one of the most popular shows of the 1980’s which witnessed the movement of much of the Baby Boomer generation into the demographic that was eventually nicknamed “Yuppies”:


The third round of our game rolled into the years encompassing the beginnings of Generation Y, the 1990’s.  The audio clue proved to be a great scoring opportunity for all with commercials for Cheetos, Wendy’s, and the Super Soaker fad.  However teams missed some points by mistaking a Seattle Mariner/Cincinnati Reds slugger for this seven-time MVP slugger of the National League pictured here:

Bonds Baseball

We capped off the Generation Y with the phenomenon which is Dave Chappelle, which made a huge impact on Comedy going into the 21st Century.


The final round of this epic game took us from the beginnings of our new century up to today, and the younger teams began to do a little catch up as we dived into some “Millennial specific” subjects such as the YouTube millionaire video blogger PewDiePie, and the Netflix versions of some Marvel superheroes.  We had a sports interview audio clue that threw a few teams with the likes of Stephen Curry, Alex Ovechkin, and this over the top interview with NFL cornerback Richard Sherman:

One team got a little confused between “Hacksaw Ridge”, which was directed by Clint Eastwood, and “Heartbreak Ridge” which starred Clint Eastwood, though in this host’s opinion, I think Andrew Garfield is going to have a prolific career, and dare I say be the next Leo DiCaprio?

Andrew Garfield

Lastly, we finished up the current generation with some Billboard #1 hits featuring prominent artists such as Charlie Puth and Calvin Harris.  However, who can forget this FEATURED artist, who is really more recognized than the song’s writer (and lead performer), Mark Ronson.  Cue Bruno…

Bruno Mars

There we are, all of the generation for the last 60+ years in one game of Pour House Trivia! The final question was a doozy, pulling all of these generations together into one two word title and a nice bit of advice as we all move forward into the future.

Thanks again for joining me here at Belles for our “Battle of the Decades” theme game, thanks to all of the teams that participated and I hope you had a great time reminiscing. Congrats to our top three prize winners!

In first place, Comfortably Dumb!

In second place, Satan’s School For Girls!

In third place, Power Vacuum!

I hope you all enjoyed a great game, and I’ll see you next time!

~ Ronnie