Baseball, dragons and much more on Monday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday featured four games of live trivia in Virginia and Maryland!

We celebrated the World Series and had all sorts of fun – check it out.

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

It was nice to see a packed house once again for some live trivia here at DRP in Alexandria, thanks to you all for making it an entertaining evening!

Tonight’s game was close, and again it was a well done final question that settled the score with a nicesurprise!

Here is how the game went down:

HR PuffNstuff in 1st

Periodic Table Dancers in 2nd

MSC in 3rd

Our first category for next week is Frank Herbert’s epic NOVEL, Dune.

~ Ronnie

dune worm bar trivia

il Forno – Frederick, MD

Season 12 of live trivia from Pour House Trivia continued tonight, giving us a good idea on what teams will be competitive come January and what teams aren’t. A large field of teams tonight as we eclipsed the double digit number; a win tonight would be HUGE for any team here. And I do believe that our entire field was veteran teams, so it definitely was not stingy in the competition tonight.

Proving that they belong among the top, I’m with Sarah led at the half with a perfect 94 points. Trailing not so far behind was Quick Pink and the Vine Gang at 91. The 3rd and 4th round would not be so kind, which brings us to tonight’s Question of the Night: MLB World Series. A good gauge that I personally have on a sports question is that if Chicken McThuggets misses it, it’s pretty difficult. These guys bonus sports every time it comes up, clearly a category they know very well, and, while they got the wager on the sports question tonight, it was a good thing we only needed 2 answers!

The Baseball question was looking for 3 teams that were among the 16 teams around when the World Series began AND only had 2 World Series victories since the beginning. I’m not a baseball guy myself, so I’m not sure which of the 3 was supposed to be “the easy one”, but most teams struggled here. Needing 2 for the wager, I think only 4 teams got even 2 of the answers while NO ONE got all 3 correct. Cubs, Phillies, and Indians were your answers and while I had some combinations of TWO of those three, I did not have a team get them all. Good stuff if you managed your wager.

A crucial round 4 miss for QP set them back quite a ways leading up to the final as Sarah pulled ahead by a strong 10 points. Chicken McThuggets also made up ground, holding 2nd going into the final, and QP had 3rd. Tonight’s final was one of the more difficult ones we’ve had in a long while. We were looking for an object that was called “Purple Frontier” or “Earth Dragon”. I had 12 teams and 12 different guesses. One team did manage to get a correct response, which would prove for a significant finish for them. Here’s our final scores. With a miss, Chicken McThuggets drops to 3rd place. 2nd place went to Piggy Doodles, our only team to snipe the final correct with The Great Wall of China! 1st place would go to I’m with Sarah whose lead was far too large to be competed with. Thanks for coming out tonight guys! We’ll see you back in a week!

First Place: I’m with Sarah
Second Place: Piggy Doodles
3rd Place: Chicken McThuggets

Next week: Obscure 80’s Music

80s music trivia question maryland

Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

Another night of pub trivia in the books at the Roast House, and the competition was
fiercer than ever! My teams have been pulling out all the stops this
season, and tonight was an absolute slugfest from start to finish!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Ian-Makes-A-Fool-of-Himself”: Tonight’s first round category was
Ian sings Kelly Clarkson. *sigh* not my choice but my people ask and I
answer. The round of applause was much appreciate though, even if I’m
no Kelly!

In “Holy-High-Scores-Batman”: When there are seven perfect 20s on the
puzzle page, you know everyone is playing to win. You guys were on
fire tonight!

In “The-Writers-Make-A-Fool-of-Ian-Too”: We’re both going to talk
about and not talk about the 6-4-2. Ugh. Someone needs a good solid

The Final tonight was critical; it made or broke a tight field!

Third place tonight, the always scrappy Ollie Monsters!

Second place tonight, the dynamic duo of Interrobang?!

First place tonight, the ever-present Multiple Scoregasms!
Who will be starting off next week with a hundred point deficit,
because for their Winner’s Choice category they have chosen Ian Raps
Missy Elliott. I don’t even…ugh.

See you next week!

Until then,


Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

At Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon, the perennial powerhouse of High School Prom was making it a habit of rolling through four rounds of trivia, only to hit a speed bump on the last question.  Last night was once again no issue through four rounds, as the team snagged a comfortable lead as we hit the final question.  This time, things worked out better for HSP, as they were one of just three teams to come up with the correct answer, and take down the win.  Knowers of Stuff took second, with Ives Mansion in third.  next week, we’ll start with a question on the band Disturbed.  ~ Matt