“Artichoke on this!” – and many other fine little gems of innuendo filled the Tuesday night trivia air!

“Slant angle,” also a new fav amongst Tuesday night smack talkers :) We had fun all around at tonight’s games and crowned the first set of Tuesday winners of Season 9 here at Pour House Trivia…

Monkey La La – Frederick, Maryland

The surprise snow storm was fun…especially at speaker carrying hour :D

Tonight’s set made for an interesting game of trivia at Monkey La La’s. There was no telling how it all would go down. Many teams blew a bonus chip at some point, which led to some interesting ups and downs; throughout the first 3 rounds especially. Our birthday boy’s (ADAM) team Suck it Trebek, however, managed to eek out a little lead after the 6-4-2 and push it home for the WIN. Congrats Suck it Trebek and Happy Birthday Adam :)  

pub trivia company team event

The rest of our La La leader board went: 2nd Place Flip Flop…and 3rd to Master Debaters. Good stuff tonight everyone! I wish you a warm week..if you get a chance, brush up on some “Billy Madison,” for next week…that’ll be R1 Q1. Til then..be well :) dg

billy madison trivia question

Champions – Frederick, MD

Man, you can never rest easy at Champions… You think you have it in the bag, and then you become the trivia embodiment of crash and burn! Some rough rounds for our teams tonight- the first night of Season 9 put you through your paces.The final flip flopped you all again and it was We Made a Huge Mistake who grabbed a 3rd with a very wise wager. 2nd belonged to W, who had some scribing flubs and paid for it but played a heck of a game over all! . It were our tried and true Thundercats who took 1st though tonight! Always a competitve venue, I can’t wait to see what this new season brings for us. I will see you next week for 70′s classic rock. Stay warm! ~Samantha

Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

In this new season our house champions, Team Freedom,  almost felt what third place was like. But as we have seen time and time again the final question can always be a game changer. They took first place with 154 – great work Freedom! Breakin Winz also came up from behind with 134, and If we only had a brain stole third at 130. Scientific theories was a tough final question! Tune in next week for Friends as our winners choice. – Natalie 

friends pub trivia maryland

Griff’s Landing – Frederick, MD

A furious rally by Second Place fell short, and they wound up taking home the second place prize this evening at Griff’s. 

Beer is Good maintained a steady lead all night to win first place.

Third place went home with You and I. 

First category next week is Jay Gruden, so brush up on his Wikipedia page! – Tripp


Jekyll and Hydes – Frederick, MD

We had a great game tonight at Jekyll & Hyde for our Season 9 opener, and taking first place tonight was Thundercougar Falconbird!  Great game!  Second place went to Brownie Points, and third place went to We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat!  Next week’s first category is Bermuda, so study up and I’ll see you next week! – Brad”

pub trivia about bermuda

Cugini’s – Poolesville, MD

We kicked off Season 9 with a bang at Cugini’s Restaurant, these Poolesville folks know how to party! The Murphs rolled away with the win in a very tight game, with MoMo behind them by only TWO points at the end. Give it up for Belligerent Midgets, who held on to 3rd after a devastating Super Bowl question. Join us here again next week, where our first category will be John Hughes films! ~ Ronnie

 Ramparts Tavern – Alexandria, VA
In what will probably be a season-long trend, it was packed at Ramparts in Alexandria tonight, as 13 teams crammed in to the bar to kick off Season IX.  It was a very tight game early on, but it was the duo of Sorry Folks, Park’s Closed who kept a slight lead after each of the first three rounds.  Bored of Education came back to tie them after being the only team to pick up 6 points on Vancouver, and they snuck into the outright lead during round four.  Every player had some input on the final question, but in the end it was Bored of Education who came up with the correct response to hang on for the win.  Stamp Collectors also gave us the correct response to grab second, with Logjammin’ in third.  Next week’s game starts with a quesion on Scientology!  ~ Matt
Scientology Trivia Alexandria, VA