Are You “Losing Your Religion”? Maybe You Can Find It at Tuesday Night Trivia!

Tuesday night is now the busiest night of the week for Pour House Trivia, as teams at 12 different venues threw it down for some bragging rights and (more importantly) some free booze!  Tonight we learned that some people enjoy consuming cocktails made with raw egg whites, and (if you’re old enough to remember) there has been more than one NFL team named the Titans.  One thing we did NOT learn is what the hell “Word to your mother!” means.  With so many teams in action tonight, which ones would stand alone as our nightly champions?

TUESDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (88 teams across 12 venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Poovey Farms (Tilted Kilt) with 173

–> Highest Score after Round 4: And We’re All Out of Bubble Gum (Champion) with 163

–> Highest First Half Score: Suck It Trebek (O’s Nest) with 94

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): MoMo (Cugini’s)

–> Teams scored an average of 15.4 on the Halftime sheet, with only five teams scoring the maximum of 20 points.

–> Seven teams overall scored six points on the 6-4-2 question by knowing that Vanilla Ice was the first hip hop artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

TONIGHT’S FINAL QUESTION (39.2% success rate):

–> With a name stemming from the Italian word meaning ‘almond’, which musical instrument has various types, two of which are the ‘Neapolitan’ and the ‘Milanese’?  (you’ll find the answer later in the blog)


Whole Foods Market in Ashburn, VA

Good to see my regular faces and some new ones at Whole Foods in Ashburn.  All of our teams started off kicking ass in the first after a few struggles in the second half learning about walruses, it was Not So Little Women came out on top!  Here are your final standings.

Frist Place:  Little Women

Second Place: Pi

Third Place: Taco Tuesday

Next week’s first category:  Childbirth (no picture included)

~ Zach


Capitol City Brewing in Arlington, VA

Season XIV is off to a roaring start after another electric night at Cap City Brewing!  Quite a few new teams came to play and make the “regulars” sweat – just what I like to see.  The night began with some softballs about chess and Hillary’s pneumonia – now why can’t she answer basic questions about it?  But things got tough fast, with a particularly challenging halftime sheet.  Only one team (the Valley Girls, playing under the timely name of “Bowl of Skittles”) correctly named the alternate translation of Proust’s In Search of Lost Time; newcomers “Going for Bronze” took the opportunity to submit an exceedingly clever joke answer: “Lost Time?  Not on My Watch!”.  This won them the “Best Wrong Answer” prize, a copy of Batman #1!  (Yes, this is only the most recent “Batman #1” … it’s worth about $3).  A challenging final question flipped the standings at the end of the night, helping one team with a come from behind victory!  Your leaderboard for Tuesday:

First Place:  Valley Girls (a.k.a. Bowl of Skittles)

Second Place:  Show Me on the Doll

Third Place:  Capital Hillbillies (a.k.a. Brad to the Bone)

First category next week:  Oktoberfest – prosit!

Oktoberfest Trivia DC

P.S.  As promised in this space last week – a pic of “Hillary Did Harambe” with their snazzy team badges.  They’ve hinted at something big in the works for next week.  A gorilla mask?  A Hillary mask?  Could it be both?

Hillary Did Harambe


Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD

Tonight had its ups and downs, and miscalculations, but overall it was another good night with some great people! You all kept me on my toes, that’s for sure..  You also had me questioning my math skills, but that’s another story. Season XIV is shaping up nicely!  We had 13 teams enter, but only three would walk out with the coveted Champions gift cards tonight!

We had some kickers for questions, but it all came down to that final tonight.  Musical Instruments indeed!  That final shifted some things around on our podium, as it was Charlie and the Vodka Factory who came out on top! Lookit them, making an impression on the new Tuesday night!  Second went to Comfortably Dum, as they managed to hold their cool and move up a spot.  Third was the tenacious And We’re All Out of Bubblegum, who missed the final but still held on to third after leading for much of the night.

First Place:  Charlie and the Vodka Factory

Second Place: Comfortably Dum

Third Place:  And We’re All Out of Bubblegum

Next week’s first category:  “Daredevil” (Netflix TV Series)

Daredevil TV Trivia


Cugini’s Restaurant in Poolesville, MD

A really close game tonight here at Cugini’s in Poolesville, with our top four teams separated by just eight points heading into the final question.  Our toughest questions of the night seemed to be our “familial leaders” question, as well as a question on animals known as ‘pinnipeds’.  MoMo lead the game wire-to-wire, and held on with a correct answer on the final question.  Here are the results:

First Place:  MoMo

Second Place:  Lightfoot

Third Place:  Drunk and Disorderly

Next week’s first category: Steve McQueen Films

~ Ronnie

Steve McQueen Trivia DC


Orioles Nest #331 in Frederick, MD

Tonight we kicked things off with a question about Oceanic World Capitals, which ended up being a triple 50/50 between capital names and current NFL player last names.  We went with two capitals and (Rey) Maualuga, which I found pretty amusing at least.  We also had a fun halftime page, where we asked about characters from 1990’s cartoons, as well as different answers with the word ‘Things’ in them, such as ‘Stranger Things’, one of the best things on Netflix right now.

In the second half, we had a question about ‘pinnipeds’, which everybody learned are seals, walruses, and sea lions.  We also had a tough final question in the category of musical instruments, which asked about a musical instrument whose name comes from the Italian word for ‘almond’, and comes in varieties such as the Neapolitan and the Milanese.  Only one team got the correct answer, and that proved to be big.  After the final we had to settle a tie between Suck It Trebek and What Else Could It Be!?, which asked for the total number of episodes of the TV show “Veronica Mars”, which ended up being 64.  After settling that, third place ended up going to What Else Could It Be!?, and second went to Suck It Trebek, who held the lead for the whole game.  Tonight’s winners, the only team to hit the final, congrats to His and Her Peas!  They took down the win by jumping from fourth place to first place on the final.  Great game everyone!

First Place:  His and Her Peas

Second Place:  Suck It Trebek

Third Place:  What Else Could It Be!?

Next week’s first category: “Labyrinth”

See you all next week!

~ Chad

Labyrinth Movie Trivia


Tilted Kilt in Frederick, MD

After the initial barrage of questions asking if Colin would come back, teams finally settled down and delved into this week’s set of questions.  Scores were high, and tensions were even higher as everyone battled back and forth. Who would take it down?  About half of our teams were able to snag the correct answer on tonight’s final question, which led to these final results:

First Place:  Poovey Farms

Second Place:  Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe

Third Place:  Manichevitz and His Grapes of Wrath

Poovey opens the season 2-0!

Next week’s first category: 1990s Electronic Dance Music (I think they are hoping for an audio clue, too…)

See you next week!

~ Nick

Electronic Dance Music Trivia


Senor Tequila’s in Germantown, MD

After a much needed week off, I am back in action, and clearly taking a week off has scrambled my brains because I was a mess tonight hosting our game of Pour House Trivia at Senor Tequila’s.  It may have been all the booze I drank at the beach, I can’t tell, but regardless, the rust needed to be shaken off!  For some of you guys too it seems!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Unwanted-Competition”: We love a good amount of competition here at Senor Tequila’s.  But maybe not when it’s competition against a pressure washer.  The host was easily distracted, but then so were most of the teams.

In “Ian-Can’t-Words”: Seriously though, I was only gone a week, and somehow my brain turned to mush!  I was having so many problems with words tonight guys, I’m sorry!  Next week I’ll make sure I chug a Red Bull before I get here, I promise!

In “Y’all-Will-Complain-About-Anything”: So, apparently, tonight’s WC category was not requested to be Audio, so when it was, I somehow got heat for it.  Guys, it was a choice, that I think turned out very nicely!  So what if it was a Steve Irwin category, it was a good question!  It doesn’t need to be a music or movie question to be a good audio question!

With some pretty large gaps between the point totals, the final was largely irrelevant tonight, with lots of low wagers.  This turned out to be important because almost no one got it right!  Here are the final standings…

First Place:  Axl’s Doghouse

Second Place:  The Fan Club

Third Place:  Beer Pressure

Next week’s first category: Feminine Hygiene Products

Great game everyone, and thanks for bearing with me.  See you next week!

Until then,

~ Ian



FireFlies in Alexandria, VA

On Tuesday night, a nearly-full house at Fireflies in Alexandria welcomed two new teams to Pour House Trivia, both playing very well.  One of our veteran teams, however, periodically offered awkward dance moves, throwing almost everyone else off their game.  That being said, the audio question of the night was universally answered correctly, suggesting a previously-unrecognized and perhaps even disturbing appreciation for Scott Bakula.  In the end, though, perennial favorites the Milwaukee Beers triumphed, closely followed by Idiocracy and the B-58s.  I look forward to an even more challenging event next week! Until then, don’t forget to find us at, or at, and me @pourhouseChief on Twitter.

First Place:  Milwaukee Beers

Second Place:  Idiocracy

Third Place:  B-58s

Next week’s first category:  “Back to School”

Fair Winds!

~ Chief

Back to School Movie Trivia


Blue Parrott in St. Petersburg, FL

Five teams, but only three prizes!  What a night…  We were off to a competitive start with Romeo’s Revenge (and the Birthday Boy) tied in first with the Quizknows!  The Hot Chicks and their old Geezers were close behind.  It was a fighting match to the end.  After the halftime picture round, the Team popped up to tie third place with the Hot Chicks, but started to drift away towards the end of the final round.  Luckily, the Team was close enough at the end to get a correct answer and pull out the Third Place Prize!  Congratulations!  Romeo’s Revenge and Quizknows had a nasty fight flip flopping between first and second place all night long, and having a tie going into the final round!  Final results…Quizknows and Romeo’s Revenge tied!  We had to break out the tiebreaker, and the Quizknows took the first place prize with an impressive guess of 15,000 career rushing yards for Barry Sanders (actual =15,269). Congratulations to both teams for an exciting finish!

First Place:  Quizknows

Second Place:  Romeo’s Revenge

Third Place:  The Team

Next week’s first category:  1950s Music (AUDIO CLUE)

~ Brittany

1950s Music Trivia St. Petersburg


Zepheira in Hagerstown, MD

We had a great game of trivia at Zepheira Sports Bar on Tuesday!  There was a good turnout of teams and a good battle for the top spots all night, but grabbing the lead after round 2 and never letting go was the Avengers!!  That’s two in a row for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!  Here are you final standings:

First Place:  Avengers

Second Place:  Blank Space

Third Place:  Team Meritus

Next week’s first category: Abbott and Costello

I hope to see everyone back next Tuesday at Zepheira Sports Bar!!

~ Jon J

Abbott and Costello Trivia


Monkey La La in Frederick, MD

On a hot gorgeous Tuesday night – one that many a folks stayed home and fired up the BBQ and some cold ones – we threw down a pub trivia event in Frederick, MD for the books baby! It was indeed awesome outside, so I thank all of you who popped on out to La La for some games! Season XIV is brewing up to be a fun one (and a competitive one as well at La La).  The scores were within one question pretty much all night for all of the teams. Sick!

Some fun questions laid the land for us to travel on: “Twilight Zone”, Colonel Mustard, and Pink Lady were some of my personal fav’s! I seriously need to try a Pink Lady!

Image result for pink lady drink

Yum! And an egg to go with it! I’m in!

Congrats to our Top 3 tonight on a game well played.

bar trivia company in mdbar trivia company in md bar trivia company in md

Bada bing! And that my friends is another great night of pub trivia at its finest in the books for Season XIV! I hope you all have a great week out there in the world. Let’s hang out next Thursday for some more fun. And courtesy of Stink Floyd, we shall kick that one off with a question in the category of: “Stranger Things” – a pretty awesome TV Show. I binged it in 2 sittings. See you soon. DG :0

Image result for stranger things


Quincy’s South in Rockville, MD

I need to amend a mistake I made last week on the blog, giving Uncle Jack credit for winning the House Championship, as I believe it was If We Lose the Terrorists Win.  With that, we can start off this post with If We Lose the Terrorists Win, trying on a new team name for the season. This season they are Sofa King Smart!  And tonight, they set out to prove just that!

Sofa King was crushing early, leading the pack with a 92 score going into the second half. Round 3 saw a hard question, as most of the teams could not identify pinnipeds as aquatic mammals, and it cost them.  Sofa King still led after the 6-4-2 but missed a big wager in round 4 on Garnier which dropped them back.  Uncle Jack was able to sneak into the lead before the final!

Only three teams got the final correct tonight.  Those teams would fill in our top finishers for the night!  3rd place went to Sofa King, who led for a majority of the night but a few crucial mistakes net them back a bit.  I’m sure they bounce back next time!  2nd place to newcomers I Thought This was Speed Dating (a new team using the same name as every other new team).  Winning tonight, Uncle Jack.  That’s the Week 2 breakdown.  Back in a week for more Season XIV!  Cya then!

First Place:  Uncle Jack

Second Place:  I Thought This Was Speed Dating

Third Place:  Sofa King Smart

Next week’s first category:  “Goodfellas”

GoodFellas Movie Trivia Maryland