Anytime you can put Miss Cleo and Theo Huxtable in a set of Pour House Trivia Questions, you’ve gotta do it! Wednesday recap

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday nights have been rainy days for quite a few weeks now…but the damp outside hasn’t stopped the action from getting heavy inside!

This week’s game covered that old adage: If you can put Theo Huxtable

[th_youtube id=’WLKb_OA4Xn8′ name=’Theo Huxtable Live Trivia Maryland’]

and Miss Cleo

[th_youtube id=’pWyHiV3l3MA’ name=’Miss Cleo Live Trivia Maryland’]

in the same game, well, you’ve gotta do it!

I like to give you a little music for your game perusal pleasure, so enjoy a little TLC action!

[th_youtube id=’8WEtxJ4-sh4′ name=’TLC Live Trivia Maryland’]

Onto the games!


Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

A great kickoff to Summer Fling ’14 with live trivia at Atlantic Grille in Urbana!
I wonder what the hippie-dippie weatherman would’ve had to say about the storm raging outside while we joked about dead celebrities inside!
Baby Got Pratt secured a respectable third while Momzilla and Strangers Have the Best Candy battled it out for first.
In the end, it was Strangers who pulled ahead and took first by a one-point lead! Break out your loud sweaters and Jell-O Puddin’ Pops cuz next week’s winners’ choice category is Eric is THE COS!! I have a week to practice my Bill Cosby impression 😛 See ya next week!
– Eric 😛
[th_youtube id=’Lu-NvLU5XHo’ name=’Bill Cosby Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland’]
Fresh off of what was an amazing World Series of Trivia this past weekend, my friends from Hagerstown threw down a pretty awesome hump day game of live trivia tonight at Barefoot Bernies! Nine crews came out to battle wits in our opening night of Summer Fling, Bernies style! Gotta say…I had some fun answers tonight – right and wrong! Team Marty is becoming masterful at the wrong answer funny (“we’re up to date on our shots” just should get credit regardless of the question right?)- 

My favorite answers of the night though:
1. Definitely Ms. Cleo!!!
2. Pop tarts
3. Osso Bucco
Miss Cleo Pour House Trivia Maryland
Congrats to our Top Three! It was a nail biter finish as we had a tie going into the final. But the Suez Canal mixed it up a bit and the WIN goes to
1st: Who the Hell is John F Kennedy?
2nd: Thinkers and Dreamers
3rd: Slapsgiving
Good time tonight my friends! See you next Wednesday for Summer Fling Week 2 – we will start it off with a trivia question about the film, “Predator!” Until then…don’t forget about Game of Thrones Trivia night this Friday at Belles in Frederick! See you soon 🙂 dg
Predator Live Trivia Maryland

Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland

Great opening of the summer season at Bennigan’s!
After a win last week Hot Dog Stigmata took it down again!
Second went to Uncle Jack who beat Team Janet in a tie breaker! Good game all!
I’ll see you next week.
Also, congrats to Mark and his Dr Seuss knowledge who became our 4th Post Mini Game champion!
Next week’s category: The War of Jenkins’s Ear

The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

Oh Cellar, as it heats up outside- you just keep getting hotter…. Adonis like even! It was a helluva finish to our round of pub quiz tonight- much like last week actually with only a couple teams getting the final and shaking up our final three.
We even had a tie breaker! In third was Neverending Motorboat! Nice job holding in there!
Second went to Wednesday who apparently has spent a good bit of time in Macy’s… and it was Grab a Straw, our top 10 WS team who took the lead tonight and just never looked back.. awesome game tonight!
Thanks guys. I’ll see you next week with a first category of World Cup. Hopefully no refs die in Brazil before then…
World Cup Live Trivia Maryland


Fast Eddie’s – Fairfax, Virginia

No game at Fast Eddie’s on June 11.  We hope to see to you back with Ian on June 18.  Please check the website for details.  Thanks!


The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

Oh Olney Tavern, you’re my friends on these seemingly always-rainy Wednesdays. 

We had a special training session in Last Words, First Words after our game ended for our friends at #Dumbasses. You’re getting there folks! It’s coming soon!

Training sessions aside, we had a fun game of live trivia with a few back-and-forth lead changes. In the end, it looked like this:

  1. I Just Quizzed in My Pants
  2. Only the Lonely
  3. #Dumbasses

Next week’s first category is New York Yankees Hodgepodge!

See you then!


Yankees Live Trivia Maryland

A few new faces braved the rain and joined us for the first night of Pour House Trivia in our Summer Fling season.  It was a tight race all night, but Wee Baby Seamus snuck into the lead on the infamous TLC question, and held on with the final correct answer for the win.  The B-58s played a great game to finish second, with Reverse Polarity in third.  Many thanks to all the teams that were up in Hagerstown last weekend, and hopefully we’ll see everybody again next week when we’ll start with a question on the Hatfields and the McCoys.  ~ Matt

Hatfield and McCoy Trivia


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

We kicked off the Summer Fling with a round of bar trivia here at the Valley Grill Sports Bar with a final that twisted everything around!

It was Fat Fish who made a stellar come from behind performance to take down first, with Scott’s Tots securing second with a strategic wager!

Team LaQueefa pulled a correct final to leap into third.

Join me next week, where our first category will be The Big Lebowski!

~ Ronnie

[th_youtube id=’od_6M8cFdUA’ name=’The Big Lebowski Bar Trivia Maryland’]