Anybody got a recipe for squirrel surprise? Monday’s round of pub trivia brings us to culinary places we never thought we’d go at three Pour House venues!

If you’re looking for a Cliff’s Notes version of Monday’s round of Pub Trivia, then look no further!

We had some good company at all three of our venues on this snowy evening, with dozens of teams working their gluteus maximus’ off, vying for sweet prizes and eternal trivia glory.

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Man that first round was a spicy one…like good jambalaya!

Give it up for the No Lo Contenders as they won our game here at DRP quite proficiently.

Del Ray Dummies made a run for it and managed to close some of the gap for 2nd, and 4 Wheel Drive recovered from a couple of early misses to get into 3rd. Good game everyone.

Our first category for next week is the history of Afghanistan.

~ Ronnie

Afghanistan map pub trivia company

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, Maryland

What an enlightening evening at the Greene Turtle!

  1. Cleavage is not found only on the red carpet.
  2. You truly can learn everything you need to know by watching The Simpsons.
  3. Liechtenstein is, in fact, up above the Young Rhine.

Very close finish at the Greene Turtle, with The Hooligans pulling a last-minute victory, winning on the final question!

1 Lonely Wiseacre had an incredibly strong showing as a one-man team, taking home second place.

Third place went to the Inebriati!

Next week’s first question is the New York Mets.

New York Mets pub trivia question

il Forno – Frederick, MD

And rounding out our Monday night of trivia games was a very tight contest at il Forno Pizzeria in Frederick, Maryland. 11 teams braved the snow and ice to come out to il Forno for some trivia,  a few cold bevs and a few slices of Frederick’s Best Pizza (voted #1 in 2013)! Congrats Il Forno!

Fun fact fo the night: New Orleans “cleavage” is much better known than geological cleavage fo sho!

Wish list item of the night: “Someone’s  bar needs to bring back Mead!” 

world of warcraft trivia night

It was a close and highly contested game tonight! And the we had a lot of leader board moves, blown bonus chips, trap doors, secret passages and magical leaps from behind. When the fairy dust came to a halt…it looked like this:

1st Place: Hate and Spite – AS A DUO, no less! Great work H&S

2nd Place: Fresh Ink – defense rocks (just ask the Seahawks)!

3rd Place: One Crow Short of a Murder – (if they’d have won I fear I may be singing the Lichtenstein National Anthem next Monday) :)

But…I am safe, for now :) Next week’s category at Forno will be “The Wheel of Time” literary series. Until then my friends have a wonderful week and I will see you soon :) dg

trivia company does wheel of time trivia