Anybody for hot cross buns? No? Pour House Pub trivia instead?

Monday’s post-Easter round of Pour House pub trivia dabbled in television, movies, and of course, the Easter holiday!

While we learned perhaps a LITTLE TOO much about the holiday’s traditions, and their history (they can be a scary if you look them up!), it was a heck of a round.

Let’s see how the games went down!

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

 What a gorgeous night for some PHT here in Alexandria, here is how this game went down!

TBD came in from behind with a correct final answer for first, NoLo Contenders nailed the final as well for second, and Erick’s & the Pie Tasters wagered well for third.

Folks, our first category for next week is Game of Thrones.

~ Ronnie

Game of Thrones Pub Trivia Category

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

 It’s nice to keep seeing so many new faces joining in with us at The Greene Turtle!

As always, we got some good laughs out of the creative answers to our questions!

My favorite were the guesses for the “colorful” album title of a certain country group. My favorites:

  • Blue
  • Rainbow
  • Kaleidoscope!

The game had some tough competition, and our final question shook things up, like it usually does!

In third, we had Chances Aren’t – nice work making the leaderboard in consecutive weeks!

In second, we had the Knights, who moved up from fourth thanks to a correct final answer.

Your winners, for the secon week in a row, were the Inebriati! In keeping with their tradition, they’ve chosed a lovely bad movie for you: The Adventure of Ford Fairlane! OH!

[th_youtube id=’j-vUpXEWpUs’ name=’The adventures of Ford Fairlane Pour House Trivia’]

See you next week!


il Forno – Frederick, MD


il Forno Trivia GAME OF THE SEASON went down tonight! We sometimes throw out phrases like “it was anyone’s game.” Tonight that was the stone truth! The Monday night il Forno trivia teams come out for a lil’ pub quiz action and they mean business! Even the special wheel was on point tonight with great food and beverage specials! Great time all around everyone! 
There were 10 teams total. Going into the final, Latrilla and the Mossy Banks were seventh! However, being one of only three teams to snag Canada, launched them into first PLACE FTW! Sick Sick Win Latrilla! Very impressive. Highway Unicorn took second after playing a bit of defense on the “Agriculture” final category. And third Place went to One Crow Short of a Murder, who took the ZERO wager route and it paid off tonight! That game was a fantastic one to watch everyone…thanks much 🙂
I think everyone at il Forno tonight should co-author a book. We shall it call it: 
“101 Ways to Use the Phrase ‘Hot Cross Buns’ Inappropriately!” 🙂 
Fun fun night everyone. Thanks much for playing. Latrilla has chosen “Rilo Kiley” for next week’s opening question category. I don’t know much about them at this point but I have heard good things…so this will be a great opportunity to spend some time with their music. Have a great week yall..see ya Monday.. dg 🙂
Rilo Kiley Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland